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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bloggin' in the rain

In true British style the rain did not stop me from blogging!You know how it is the UK you always have to carry an umbrella and pair of sunglasses with you so that you are prepared for any occasion! 

A casual outfit this weekend for mooching around Brighton I would have rather worn my ankle boots with this outfit to glam it up a bit but sadly I only had my trainers on me so they had to do and I used this massive fedora hat for my accent of 'glam.' 

I think this shade of of berry/oxblood is my favourite colour of all time so I love it when Autumn comes around and I can wear it until my heart is content. The bralet is so pretty and dainty but being on the more busty side of life I wouldn't dare wear it on its own, so layered with a grey t shirt I feel it still has the desired affect. Also this weekend I got back into these jeans which I call my 'skinny girl' jeans, I know you all have a pair where if you put on a couple of pounds they get super tight haha, I always know if I am eating well if I actually manage to fit in them!

How was your weekend? Anyone else got this bralet? If so leave a link to your outfit post wearing it so I can be a nosey parker!

Hat- Topshop
Leather Jacket- Zara (last season)
T-shirt- Topshop
Bralet- Topshop

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Illamasqua Once Collection: Exquisite Lipgloss

So I thought it was about time I shared a lipgloss which has been gracing my lips fairly frequently in the last couple of weeks. Illamasqua have launched a gorgeous range called 'Once' for Autumn which includes this gloss called Exquistie which slots in perfectly with the faded romance theme of this collection. This is a sheer lipgloss and is described as a 'pink oyster' shade which has a strong milky undertone. I have no idea how they have done it but al though this is a sheer  and kind of opaque it still has great colour pay off and the fine glitter in it really gives your natural lips a real pop. This gloss can be worn alone like above or layered, I have worn it with Mac's Milan Mode and they make a gorgeous pair. 

When initially applied this gloss is very thick but not sticky and it has a very strong fruity smell as soon as you open the lipgloss but disappears fairly quickly. The nib of the lipgloss is very small with short bristles which I'm not used to however it does make applying in a rush very quick and easy.

This is available at the moment for £16, and if you are a nude lip lover then one more lip product won't hurt! Any of you got a favourite nude lipgloss/lipstick at the moment?

*This was a PR sample but all opinions are my own

Monday, 13 October 2014

Out there Autumn Accessories

Hi Lovelies,

As my boyfriend so kindly pointed out I decided to dress like a present at the weekend ( he is referring to the hat... i hope) men aye fashion is wasted on them ;). Personally I love this hat some may view it as ridiculous but I personally love that it glams up a fairly bland beanie. Mixed with my faux fur scarf all I can say is that I'm glad I live near Brighton where these accessories are viewed as plain and boring haha!

This jacket was a total bargain at £19.99 from H&M it is in my favourite colour and I can tell I will be wearing this a lot in Autumn it goes with so much! I was after a bomber jacket recently but I couldn't part with £70 on something that is essentially a fashion item, if you fancy yourself one of these jackets I advise you run to your nearest H&M and snap one up asap. I'm not sure what has got into me recently but I have really been quite wild and risk-taking in my accessories, are my plain monochrome days finally behind me?! Watch this space.....

What do you think about faux fur for this autumn? Anyone else taking a fashion risk with their accessories this season? 

Hat- Missguided
Jacket- H&M
Leggings- Zara
Faux Fur- Asos
Trainers- Nike

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

South Kensington Gypsy

A quick OOTD from the weekend, where I went to the Science Museum ( call me Super Ellie Scientist now) then headed off for dinner with the boyfriend. It was a lovely warm day on Sunday but I could not resist wearing my new jumper, I mean who can resist not wearing something new? It actually was the perfect in-between piece and I love the frill at the bottom. There is something about Khaki pants which always make me think of Cheryl Cole, I think every woman wants to be Cheryl a little bit! Obviously I wore my converse whilst round the museum as I am not crazy but I changed shoes for dinner and I really love the leopard against the khaki and the autumnal tones! I also dragged out (literally) this vintage Louis Vuitton bag from my closet much to the dismay of the BF due to him having no where to put his keys,wallet, phone etc anyone else have to tote their other halves stuff around?! I always tell him the more I have to do the more he should buy me a lovely bag to carry both our stuff in ;) This Balenciaga maybe?

I am so pleased Autumn is here are you? Also the gypsy from the title is because of my necklace which I have finally got round to wearing its pretty coins all together and my bf told me it reminded him of a gypsy necklace!

Top- Topshop
Necklace- H&M
Trousers- Next (similar here)
Shoes- Topshop (love these)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Blue Autumn

I know what you're thinking Autumn Blue?! Hardly the first colour that springs to mind when the season of Autumn is mentioned but hear me out....

Hopefully you can see from the above photos just how gorgeous this nail varnish is and how much it does scream Autumn! Can we just take a moment to imagine this nail polish wrapped around a pumpkin spice latte or against chunky grey knit wear *sigh* I really do love Autumn I am so glad it is finally here!
I just had to share this colour it really is a gorgeous blue/purple shade which is extremely wearable and not in your face which I find some blue's are. The formula is genius, a 7 day mani? Yes please thank you sir I'm sold, that is me sorted for the working week! If you are quick Superdrug currently have this type of polish as buy one get one half price, which obviously I could not resist.
What do you think of this the polish called Surreal? Is it something that you would let grace your nails this Autumn?

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