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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Traffic Stopping Scarf

I am not even joking with the title, some cars did slow down to stare (probably in shock) at the brightness of my scarf on Sunday, least there is no denying seeing me on the dark January days! Following on from my resolutions post here I decided to shop my wardrobe and recreated a look using a scarf which is much loved but pretty tricky to style. What you think? It is quite a marmite piece! I also took my new bag out for its blog debut, I am so in love with it ( you can love bags right?!) my boyfriend picked it all by himself for my Christmas present and now I feel slightly worried that he might have better taste than me haha!

I also have decided to resize my photos on this post, you know new year new things and all that jazz. What do you think? or am I taking up way to much of your computer screen? How is keeping to your new years resolution going? I'm not doing too badly I spontaneously booked a trip to Madrid in March with my boyfriend which I am sooo looking forward to it makes such a difference to your January having something to look forward to! Have you been before? If so please share your tips and things to see :)

Scarf- Topshop (old)
Jumper- Asos
Jeans- Topshop Jamie
Shoes- Russell & Bromley
Bag- Mulberry Medium Lily

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Throwback to the 90s lip- Mac Faux

Unless you have been living under a rock I am sure you are aware of the Kylie Jenner lip phenomenon which has hit the beauty world and made the 90s brown lip have a major comeback! Now I love a trend but now as I am a bit older *ahem 22* I feel I have become a little wiser with my money and won't buy something which does not suit me. I tried Teddy and Honey Love on at the Mac counter as I know these have been really popular but sadly because I have pink lips and a red undone to my skin they did not suit me. If this sounds like you than I may just have found you the shade that will suit you!

Max Faux is a Satin finish lipstick and drags slightly so a lip scrub on those lips is essential ladies! On me this comes up as pinky brown and is the closest to a nude brown I will ever be able to rock and I find it lasts on me around 3 hours before the colour starts to fade. I personally think it is such a lovely colour for the day time and is the only lipstick I have been reaching for recently, even to work, to try and help with my January blues! 

As bizarre as it sounds this lipstick makes me feel like I have got my 'business together,' and that I should be heading to work on Wall Street. Wolf of Wall Street anyone?! haha.

Have you tried this lipstick? Any of you given in to the Kylie Jenner tidal wave?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

My 2015 Changes

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you've had a lovely Christmas, can you believe it is over already? Makes me so sad! I thought I'd share with you a few of the changes I'll be making in 2015 ( I would rather call them that than resolutions as when they are called that I never stick to them haha) as I really enjoy these posts partly because I am nosey and they also give me some inspiration.

1. I will be changing my reliance on public transport and other people!! If I one day want to own that range rover I need to finally get my licence and quit always being the passenger. It will nice to be a bit more independent as well. 

2. I plan on blogging twice a week, one beauty post and the other a fashion related post. My blog has always been a creative outlet for me and I have really missed it over 2014! 

3. To say YES more!! I am carefree very little and sometimes a bit boring considering I am 22! Now don't get me wrong you aren't going to suddenly see me on the mail online for my delinquent drunk behaviour in my town centre with my skirt up round my neck BUT I do want to live in the moment a bit more and have some stories to tell my future children.... or dogs.

4. Travel! I spend about 85 % of my time, mostly when I am stuck on a delayed southern train, dreaming of being somewhere else and exploring. I LOVE exploring and I have a few places I am dying to see this year and start to enjoy and experience the world we live in. This year Michael I will be Ellie the Explorer ( done in the voice of stars in their eyes)

5. Finally semi linking with point 4 I want to stop wasting my money on clothes that I really do no need, wear what I have got and spend my money more wisely either being going away or buying the one high end piece I have been lusting after for god knows how long. Looking at my finances it seems that Topshop and Wasabi see more of my wages than I do!!

I hope you didn't find that too boring :) I obviously plan on eating better in 2015 but doesn't everyone?! What changes are you making in 2015? If you have done a similar post than link it below as I love reading them.

Speak soon ( fingers crossed, point 2 haha)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Purple Hue

*Fun Fact Alert* - Ronnie Woods owns these sunglasses which is what prompted me to wear them this weekend, I mean obviously he has excellent taste or do I have the taste of an old man?!

This really is a quick OOTD due to these photos being the best of a very bad bunch. On Saturday we decided to pop into Brighton/ get blown along the seafront and make the most of the sunshine in November. The one time I actually have on an outfit I felt really good in and the lighting is pretty good my camera decides to play up and focus on everything but myself!! Highly frustrating but after spending most of my Sunday researching why this has happened fingers crossed I can get some good photos next week.

I bought this Jacket a couple of months ago but typically forgotten about it until now, because I have set myself the challenge of not buying anything unessential in November! I am going to make a determined effort to wear what I already had, as lets be honest it is a a lot and save some pennies along the way. I teamed it with my new scarf ( bought at the end of October so technically I haven't broken my rules :P) which can you believe is from Marks and Spencer's! They have seriously upped their game recently and I know I will wear this a ton as grey goes with basically everything I own. 

What do you think of my sunglasses? They are a marmite piece but I do love them even if Ronnie Woods owns them haha! Anyone else on a spending ban for November?

Hat- Topshop
Sunglasses- Rayban
Jacket- Next
Jeans- Topshop (ripped by myself)
Boots- Topshop
Bag- Vintage Gucci

Monday, 3 November 2014

A game changer - Illamasqua Multi Facets Palette: Aura

Are any of you constantly looking for ways to travel lighter and streamline the amount of products you lug around day in and day out? If yes then keep reading as not only is this palette practical it is utterly gorgeous!

The real stand out of this palette for me has to be the face products there is no denying that what takes up the most room in my makeup bag is my blusher, highlighter and bronzer/contour. So with this palette housing the ever so popular Gleam cream highlighter which adds the prettiest pop of shimmer to your cheekbones and the peachy pink powder blush of Tremble you have the perfect every day combo for a fresh and flawless look. Now I don't know about you but day to day I don't contour my face but for the weekend or an evening out I like the option which this palette has with the cream pigment in Hollow.

Now onto the eye's, again the palette has one of Illamasqua's must haves, the Eyebrow Cake in Thunder, which is a nice colour for my brows and fair skin tone. There are also four pretty eyeshadows in Vision, Servant, Feint and Machine. In the photo above I went for how I would typically wear the eyeshadows on a day to day basis with the white in my inner corner, the peach all over the lid and the plum colour in my crease. I have also got the Gleam cream highlighter which I love and can't believe I haven't tried sooner! I think it could become a new favourite for Autumn/Winter and I have Tremble on my cheeks.

This is a limited edition palette which comes in two shades, Aura being the one for light/fair skintones and it costs £45 which is reasonable for the amount of products you get. If you think it will solve your travelling needs be sure to pick one up quickly or add it to your christmas list as this is sure to be a sell-out!

What do you think? Have you ever tried the Gleam highlighter before?

*This was a PR sample but all opinions are my own

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