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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Leopard Blush

Ellie maydoll blush leopard Ellie maydoll leopard jumper ellie maydoll leopard jumper
Ellie maydoll leopard blush details

Jumper- Warehouse / / Coat-Zara (old) / / Jeans- Topshop Jamie / / Flats- Russell & Bromley / / Bag-Mulberry Lily / / Hat- Topshop / /

You have no idea how long and how hard it is to find a nice leopard print jumper! Just as I was about to pull the trigger on this topshop one which I kind of liked I saw this beauty and quite literally raced to the check out ( I now see its in the sale). As far as my wardrobe goes I mainly stick to monochrome or grey and leopard is the only pattern I really switch it up with so I know I will get lots of wear out of this!

I have really been struggling with blogging recently I feel it has changed so much since I started 4 years ago and I'm not sure if for me personally it has changed for the better. I feel these days it is so competitive and very much look at me, I have the latest accessory and look how many followers I have. I have noticed recently people are mass following you just to get their stats up and have no real interest in what you post or wanting to interact. I know it isn't about followers but sometimes it is hard not to feel slightly disheartened when you have put so much time and effort into creating a post and it feels like you and your mum are the only ones who reads it! Please tell me I am not the only one who feels like this at the moment? It could be myself detaching myself slightly from all of this but I feel the community is not as close as it once was when I first started blogging.

I would love to hear your view on this and so this post doesn't seem like negative Nancy wrote it I truly do appreciate everyone who comments,reads, follows my blog and all the lovely support I get on Instagram.

I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentines Power Lip

ellie maydoll good kisser
When I am at a loss of what to wear I feel like a strong power lip is always my saving grace ( along with an all black outfit.) I recently rediscovered Mac's Good Kisser in my collection and if you are like me and forget what you have this post might be a gentle reminder to get it out!

I remember I bought this when Cheryl Cole made her big comeback to the X factor and I was completely besotted with her glam big hair and fuchsia pink lip.  This one is a mid toned fuchsia with a blue cool base, and a matte finish. The colour pay off is incredible but you really need to exfoliate your lips before hand, and its staying power is amazing 4-5 hours while eating/stuffing my face, so perfect if you have a valentines meal planned or will be sipping those cocktails with the girls! I also team it with Mac's More to Love lip liner of an evening just to increase it's staying power and make the edges sharper and really pop, and it is a perfect match! 

Sadly this one was limited edition but I know that Impassioned is pretty similar and a real favourite of Cheryl's is Girl about town. Will you be rocking a bold lip this Valentines? Anyone else own Good Kisser?

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Leopard Print Cape

Ellie Maydoll Leopard Cape side
Ellie maydoll leopard warehouse cape 2
Ellie Maydoll mulberry and leopard cape

Say hello to what is practically my new home! It is roomy, warm and cosy all you could possibly want in winter time AND it is in my favourite print ever leopard. I can not believe the amount of use I have got out of this shawl/cape it is perfect for around this time of year when covering up the post xmas tum and something I always throw on when shopping so I don't have the dreaded coat on and off situation. One of my family members so kindly pointed out that it looked like a dog blanket and if that is the case then I think that is one lucky chic dog!! I decided on Friday to belt it so I had a waist and it made me hands free when hitting the shops, I have also lost 2 pounds in weight last week which to me feels like 2 stone and I can't quite believe that Closer magazine doesn't want my weight loss story yet :P haha!

Have you jumped on the cape bandwagon? I also highly recommend these chelsea boots they are so comfortable and have saved my feet many times from a world of pain!

Cape- Warehouse
Belt- Gucci
Jeans- Topshop Jamie Jeans
Boots- Jack Wills
Sunglasses- Rayban

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Traffic Stopping Scarf

I am not even joking with the title, some cars did slow down to stare (probably in shock) at the brightness of my scarf on Sunday, least there is no denying seeing me on the dark January days! Following on from my resolutions post here I decided to shop my wardrobe and recreated a look using a scarf which is much loved but pretty tricky to style. What you think? It is quite a marmite piece! I also took my new bag out for its blog debut, I am so in love with it ( you can love bags right?!) my boyfriend picked it all by himself for my Christmas present and now I feel slightly worried that he might have better taste than me haha!

I also have decided to resize my photos on this post, you know new year new things and all that jazz. What do you think? or am I taking up way to much of your computer screen? How is keeping to your new years resolution going? I'm not doing too badly I spontaneously booked a trip to Madrid in March with my boyfriend which I am sooo looking forward to it makes such a difference to your January having something to look forward to! Have you been before? If so please share your tips and things to see :)

Scarf- Topshop (old)
Jumper- Asos
Jeans- Topshop Jamie
Shoes- Russell & Bromley
Bag- Mulberry Medium Lily

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Throwback to the 90s lip- Mac Faux

Unless you have been living under a rock I am sure you are aware of the Kylie Jenner lip phenomenon which has hit the beauty world and made the 90s brown lip have a major comeback! Now I love a trend but now as I am a bit older *ahem 22* I feel I have become a little wiser with my money and won't buy something which does not suit me. I tried Teddy and Honey Love on at the Mac counter as I know these have been really popular but sadly because I have pink lips and a red undone to my skin they did not suit me. If this sounds like you than I may just have found you the shade that will suit you!

Max Faux is a Satin finish lipstick and drags slightly so a lip scrub on those lips is essential ladies! On me this comes up as pinky brown and is the closest to a nude brown I will ever be able to rock and I find it lasts on me around 3 hours before the colour starts to fade. I personally think it is such a lovely colour for the day time and is the only lipstick I have been reaching for recently, even to work, to try and help with my January blues! 

As bizarre as it sounds this lipstick makes me feel like I have got my 'business together,' and that I should be heading to work on Wall Street. Wolf of Wall Street anyone?! haha.

Have you tried this lipstick? Any of you given in to the Kylie Jenner tidal wave?

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