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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Insta Outfit #1

Topshop snake skin pumps Ellie Maydoll Insta outfit pink jacket


Can a pair of pumps get anymore perfect?! A birthday treat from my boyfriend and they are me all over, I know I will get so much wear out of them! A very good dupe for the Aquazzura pumps that everyone has been converting after but a fraction of the price, and I must say they might not look it but these are soo comfortable! First wear, no socks and no blisters, that is a winner in my book! Teamed with my trusty pink leather jacket this is my go to look for the awful supposed summer we are having.

Anyone else got a pair of Aquazzura look a like pumps this season?

//Jacket- River Island (last season but similar here) // Top- Topshop // Jeans- Zara // Shoes- Topshop // Bag- Mulberry Medium Lily//

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Checkin' In

IMG_9362 IMG_9369 IMG_9424 May doll rayban sunglasses IMG_9387

Long time no speak! As always I have left it too long but life really has been a complete world wind and as always blogging is the first thing which is neglected.

Where to start? I am now 23! I turned 23 on the 23rd May and you know what I am okay with it, another year older just means another year wiser and closer to a Chanel bag right?! I have also finally got a new job, and for the first time in a very long time I feel really excited about my career and my future, my enthusiasm light has well and truly been switched on and I can't wait to get stuck in and of course buy new clothes for my new opportunity!

All though 23 may just be a number I feel really content with my life and in myself. It is very true when people tell you the older you become the more comfortable you become in your skin and you learn to accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all. Obviously I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds ( 4 would be great in the next 4 weeks before my holiday) but I won't stop enjoying my life and stressing about it like I once would. I have also come to realise that my dress sense isn't the most fashionable and up to date trendy as I do not have the model-esq height and body for crop tops galore and crochet shorts but that is what is so great about the internet and fashion, someone out there may dress like me also and hopefully can gain some small inspiration? Failing that maybe there is one other out there who loves this bumble bee pom pom eye catching bag like I do, but I appreciate it is a marmite piece haha!

I have recently stopped buying pieces just because I think it will look cool on my blog and I have embraced the bulging wardrobe of clothes I already have or I have bought versatile pieces you will likely see a lot in the upcoming posts, such as this suede-ette tassel jacket. It is soo soft and has been hugging my back dearly these past 4 weeks.

Speech over load but if for no one else least I can look back in years to come and see where I once was and what I was thinking. :)

//Top- Zara// Jeans- Topshop // Sandals- Karen Millen (old) // Bag- Topshop // Bracelets- HRH Collection // Fringe Jacket - Zara //

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Military Crochet

  I don't know about yourselves but when I am unsure of a current trend I like to just dip my little toe into the pool of the trend to see if it suits me, which is exactly what I did with the crochet trend! I absolutely love the crochet maxi dresses which float around Tumblr but I know I do not have the figure or golden tan to pull one off!
                                                         Maydoll IMG_9011 Military Crochet Maydoll dreamcatcher

Lord knows what I did with these jeans I got a bit snap happy and ended up with a hole on my thigh, but for this outfit I feel it kind of works. Simple and casual way to style crochet, what do you think of the crochet trend? Dipping your toe into it this summer? If you fancy it this top is great and a total bargain!

Top- New Look // Jeans- Topshop // Shoes- Dune // Shirt- H&M // Bracelet- Asos //

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Madrid Outfits

Cookie monster

Cookie Doughnut Monster?! Everything really is different when you go away!

I am back with a very heavy heart from 4 glorious days in Madrid, the weather was wonderful, the company was out of this world and I did not stop smiling & laughing for the whole trip. For this trip as I could only take hand luggage I left my DSLR at home and got snap happy with my iPhone and it was really nice not feeling anchored down by a camera around my neck. So here are a few iPhone photos of outfits I wore while in Madrid and as I only had hand luggage I had to pack versatile pieces.  I always think the key to city breaks is to bring comfortable shoes so gone were my glitzy flats and in came my converse which I totally forgot how comfortable they were! If you would like a separate Madrid post let me know as I did not stop snapping!

Stripey green madrid
Jumper- Zara // Jeans- Zara // Shoes- Converse // Sunglasses- Rayban //

Leopard print jumper
Jumper- Warehouse (on sale now) // Collar- River Island // Jeans- Zara // Sunglasses- Rayban // Bag- Mulberry Lily Medium //
red heels madrid
Top- Topshop // Jeans- Zara (same as the green cropped) // Shoes- Zara // Cheesy Grin- Bloggers own //

Sorry the quality isn't up to my usual standard but thought it made a different post. How gorgeous are these Zara heels, they were love at first sight when I saw them in the UK but when in Madrid they were a lot cheaper so I really had no excuse not to buy them!

Have any of you been to Madrid? What did you think?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 13 - Pink in Paris


IMG_1406 IMG_8860

How gorgeous is the YSL packaging? Swoon! I went through my lipstick collection a couple of weeks ago and noticed that most of my everyday pink lipsticks I had actually run out of so with my John Lewis voucher in hand I bobbed on down to the YSL account as for some reason I just had it in my mind I wanted another and fancied a bit of luxury.

This is the second lipstick I tried on and it was love at first swipe, then I found out the name afterwards and knew it was meant to be! This is a gorgeous rose pink colour which doesn't have a lot of red in it nor blue so would suit quite a lot of people. I would personally wear this to work as it makes me feel really put together and it is not to in your face. I absolutely love the formula of the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine it is the in-between of a lipstick and balm, smells amazing and doesn't cling to all your cracks and I find very durable on my lips. Only thing I will say it is a lipstick you need to apply with a mirror in toe due to it being so balmy I find it does easily slide off your lips so you defo need to touch up the corners.

I think this lipstick range could be my new obsession and I am already itching to add a couple more. Have you ever tried them? What is your favourite YSL lips?

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