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Thursday, 25 May 2017

48 Hours in Florence Outfits

It has taken me til I hit a quarter of a century to finally manage to pack light! If you follow me on instagram I'm sure you know I got whisked away for 48 hours in the majestic Florence for my birthday. This obviously means hand luggage only, which means careful consideration and packing on the outfit side of things. I was brutal (for me anyway) and packed one bag and only 2 pairs of shoe. I usually bring a pair of heels with me but 99.99% of the time I never wear them as really my feet ache already from all the exploring!!
So here are my outfits from Florence, lightly packed and without blowing my own horn I loved all my outfits and felt so comfortable and chic in them all!
Florence outfit travel
Outfit 1.
I truly believe there are two types of travellers the 'casual traveller' who are in comfortable trousers/ loungewear and the 'travelling outfit' traveller and I am the latter. I love nothing more than wearing something new to travel in to start my holiday and this outfit was no exception and I promise matching the suitcase was a complete accident!

Top- Red Herring// Jacket- Bershka // Jeans- Ridley Asos // Shoes- Vans // Bag- Asos

Florence sporty outfit
Outfit 2.
The 'Italian Soccer Mom' look as my boyfriend described it! I also wore this to travel home in and paired my denim jacket with it for when I got cold!

Jumper- Asos// Jeans- Levi// Sandals- Primark// Hat- random shop in Florence.

Florence floral outfit
Outfit 3.
Top- Berksha// Jeans- Asos Ridley // Bag- Asos // Sandals- Primark//

Florence dress outfit
Outfit 4.
Dress- Topshop // Jacket- Next // Shoes- Vans // Bag- Asos// Sunglasses- Rayban Rb3647n //

I also treated myself as a pre birthday gift to these rose gold sunglasses from ray ban and I am so glad I did, they are not my normal style but I am totally in love with them! Have you been to Florence? What sort of traveller are you the Traveller outfit or a comfortable one?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Ostrich in Brighton

Ostrich-Grey-Gilet Ellie-Grey-Ostrich-2 Gucci-Vintage-Bag Is it a bird? Is it an elephant? Nope it is just me dressed as an Ostrich in Brighton!

If only I had the legs of an Ostrich as well as the speed I might not miss trains so often. Darrr-ling this outfit made me feel like I was an extra out of Made in Chelsea Season 2 you know when Millie Mackintosh was it in & they dressed like real sloany’s rather than edgy Shoreditch folk like they do now.

I naively bought this gilet with the intention of wearing it for ‘apres ski’ in Chamonix, forgetting the minor detail of the temperate being in the minus and this being the furthest thing from warm! However I had to ditch this last minute because I came to the sudden realisation that wearing this with any form of jumper underneath made me look like I was 8 months pregnant with triplets due to its extremely box like shape. I saw something similar to this sold in Topshop for about £70 but I just bought this on ebay for £18 hooray, and it comes in a variety of colours! Personally I can only wear this with thin tops underneath due to my already broad shoulders & short torso body making me look extremely square at the best of times but if you were the body shape of a Kendall Jenner this would look amazing with a chunky grey roll neck underneath.

 Yay or Nay to dressing like an Ostrich?

//Top-Primark/ Gilet- Ebay (I'm a UK 10 and ordered a XL)/ Jeans- Zara/ Shoes- Topshop old (similar)/ Bracelets- Links of London & HRH Collection//

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Where have I been?

 photo Sorrento Polaroid Edit_zpsgyx4h13b.jpg  photo Chamonix collage BIGGER_zps9qoxyrvu.jpg 

 Where have you been? Four words that can sometimes be surprisingly tricky to answer.

I took some time off partially to take a step back from the blog because I lost my mojo and partly because I was being lazy and uncreative.  In that time I have been on two incredible trips one to Sorrento and another to Chamonix to snowboard for the first time. My passion for taking photos never stopped in this time and I finally realised rather than storing them in the deepest depths of my laptop archives I would share some of them!

First off Sorrento. The beauty of this place left me of all people speechless (practically unheard of) it was one of those *pinch me is this real life moments* everything was so picturesque. We stayed at the Hotel Mediterraneo where we wined & dined like Kings for the week whispering the special 3 digit code (our room number) so we could take our glasses of wine for a night cap while listening to the live Jazz band without fiddling about with our Euros. It was honestly wonderful until reality sunk in and we had the bill to pay as we left... eek I guess it isn't cheap to live like a king! It was a great hotel though and would highly recommend if anyone is thinking of visiting Sorrento.

Next Chamonix. Sun, snow and serious bruising. At the grand old age of 23 I finally went on a skiing holiday, well snowboarding and I had the time of my life! It was both mentally and psychically tough,  I'm not someone who gives up easily but on day two I had an almighty temper tantrum at the bottom of the baby slops, in front of a lot of bewildered children & french skiers, and I made my very reluctant burning thighs take me to the cafe for some 'me time' ( the cafe is 10metres from my melt down). Thinking about it now it sounds ridiculous and hilarious but when you are being taunted by the button lift all day & miss your mars bar break a girl is going to crack!! As long as you stick with it and are fine with falling on your bum a lot by day 4 it will all fall into place & you will be turning down the mountain, enjoying the breeze on your face and mastering/falling off the dreaded chair lift in no time. Seriously why are those chair lifts so hard to master especially with a snowboard attached!! I can't wait for the season to start again so I can go back, who would of thought that I was quite the outdoorsy girl?

I hope at least one person managed to read my rambles It could take a few goes to get back into this blogging malarky. Have you been skiing or snowboarding this year? Where should I go next?

Friday, 9 October 2015

Insta Outfit #2 - Suede skirts are sent from the Gods

As always I have got a sudden splurge of motivation to blog again, the biggest question now is how long I will stick to it! Having recently got back from a week stay in Sorrento I was inspired by the beauty everywhere I looked, and thought I would document what I saw etc and start sharing my day to day life.


This was an outfit I wore just before heading away, I was rushing around getting last minute holiday bits and I can hand on heart say I have no idea how I lived without a suede skirt before in my life, they are sent from the Gods!! It goes with absolutely everything, the buttons make you look put together and the suede fools everyone into thinking you generally planned what you wore 5 minutes before you rushed out the door.

I urge everyone to purchase one! Heck I am already eyeing up another suede skirt in a different colour, and this little beauty was a total bargain at £17.99 ( ok so really it is suede-ette but thats our secret!) I can't wait to style this more through out Autumn, it is going to look so nice with black tights and long boots.

Have you got a suede skirt? If you find me remotely interesting I would love it if you came and said hi on instagram!

//Skirt-New Look// Top- Zara // Necklace- Asos // Shoes- Topshop//

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Beach Bag Essentials

IMG_2956 IMG_2945
As I have previously mentioned I am an over packer when it comes to going on holiday. One thing I was determined to stream line this year was my beach bag, nothing worse than having to lug a suitcase size bag down to the beach with everything from knitwear to an umbrella in tow. These are my essentials, hopefully it may help some of you guys pack a bit lighter and not have a mangled back by the end of your holiday!

1. Reading material!! You have hours to past and what's better than feeling the sun on your skin and being immersed in a good book. I have my kindle and a magazine just incase I'm still a bit sleepy and just want pretty pictures to look at.

2.  Yes I know this is a sun visor something I sure you are likely to see your grandmother in but this one has a bow and I convinced myself that it makes it cool haha. Really its more practical for me as I always have my hair up in a bun so I can have my pineapple poking up while keeping my face and shoulders protected.

3. If I do ever venture into the sea and a miracle/accident happens and my face and hair go under ( I have an irrational fear of the sea) then a tangle teezer and this Charles Worthington sunshine protector  spray is essential. Bye bye knots and salty locks and hello L'oreal worthy hair..... well not quite but it is a vast improvement on my Hagrid like hair!

4. Sun protection! Now I am older I'm far more aware of how important it is to protect your skin from the sun and slather up escpecially on your face. I have sensitive skin so sunscream on my face is a no go and I come up with red like boils. I know I know boiled skin and Hagrid hair what a catch! haha. I could not recommend this Dermalogica SPF 30 Super sensitive shield enough, it is amazing and worth every penny.

5. These little Dermalogica pouches actually came free with my sunscream and a moisturiser I bought and they are perfect for storing my phone, headphones and some cash in they also can be attached to the inside of your bag or on yourself!

What are your beach bag essentials? Do you ever bring make up to the beach? I actually wear nothing on holiday in the day and I am sure my eyelashes have grown from the sunshine! Is that possible?

//Bag-Topshop// Sandals- Primark//

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