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Monday, 28 November 2011

No Budget Closet- Balenciaga City Bag

I know what you guys are thinking 'another handbag?' but handbags are my weakness, if I had limitless amounts of money that is what I would spend it on! I feel handbags really make an outfit, they can make a basic and plain outfit instantly look more put together. Also I see handbags as an investment, they can last you years and travel through the various seasons with you that is if you invest in the correct ones! Anyway in my No Budget Closet this week is the Balenciaga city bag in silver.  This is a colour you don't see often which is probably why I am drawn to it, although it isn't your classic black this is still a versatile colour and can be worn with so many pieces.

This will set you back £945, but it is such beautiful soft leather . I would love to own this bag, maybe I need to start buying a lottery ticket...


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Whats in my bag

I know this is very old but it is still flying around the blogging world and I really enjoy reading these posts! I love seeing what people have in their bags if only you could ask people on the street who lug these gigantic bags around :P I did take these pictures last weekend which is why the stylist discount is in it but as my internet has been down I haven't been able to post it, and whats in my bag hasn't changed. So here it is!

Left to right

Umbrella- Lulu Guiness • Pink Oyster card holder- H&M • MAC bronzing compact ( I just use it for the mirror!) • The Other Boleyn Girl book, this is such a good read I recommend it • Shambella bracelet • Ipad case- Ted Baker • Monte Carlo- Chanel lipstick • Mac- Milan Mode lipstick • Keys • Stylist discount • Purse- Ted Baker, I just love the colour :) • Paracetamol always useful ;) • Retro ipod classic • Blackberry

I hope you guys actually found that interesting, and if you have done it on your blog leave a link in the comments as I love these posts :)


Saturday, 26 November 2011


Hi Guys, sorry I haven't blogged all week my internet has been down but it is all sorted now and I am back :)

Here is the outfit I wore today to go shopping on Oxford street which was absolutely packed ! I am wearing the jumper I recently bought from Topshop with my stylist discount, I love this jumper is it so soft and comfortable and can be worn so many ways. I also bought this lipstick yesterday and wore it for the first time today, and I am impressed with it so far I think it looks nice in this photo anyway!!

Jumper- Topshop

Jeans- New Look

Boots- River Island ( last season)

Lipstick- Max factor Elixir 'Dusky Rose'

Did any of you venture onto Oxford Street today?


Monday, 21 November 2011

No Budget Closet- Carter Love Pink Gold Bracelet

The new item to enter my No Budget Closet is the Carter Love Bracelet in Pink gold. I have always loved these bracelets first seeing it years ago when Kourtney Kardashian was rocking it, but more recently while watching Tamara Ecclestone's new show I noticed she has three stacked on her wrist and they look so nice!

These bracelets are such classic, chic pieces to have but they will cost you a lot especially if you want diamond ones like Tamara, but a girl can dream :) There are so many variations of this bracelet which one would you want?


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Topshop Jumper with Stylist discount

This is just a quick post to show you guys what I bought in Topshop with my 20% Stylist discount.I really need to stop treating myself I do it far to often but, with 20% discount burning in my pocket I couldn't resist!

This jumper really caught my eye as it has two of my favourite things incorporated in it, knitwear and leopard print! It is quite a loose fit which I really like at the moment as it is great for layering and the back of it is longer .The original price for this is £46 but with my 20% discount I got it for £36.80 :) So if you still have your Stylist discount I really recommend heading to your nearest Topshop they have some great things in at the moment but you only have til November 22nd to use it so hurry! I'm sure an outfit of the day post will follow soon ;)


Monday, 14 November 2011

No Budget Closet - Louis Vuitton Scarf

As it is such a cold Monday today I thought I would pick something pratical for this weeks No Budget Closet piece. This being the leopard print Louis Vuitton scarf in the colour navy. I have seen a few people wearing this, and because it is such a big thick scarf it looks so warm perfect for this weather, and on trend with the animal print ;) Now this will cost you £505 which is a lot for a scarf but hey if money was no object I’d snap this up! I’m drawn to these colours they seem perfect for winter and I feel you could even carry this through into early spring. If you had the money would you buy this scarf?


Thursday, 10 November 2011


Hello Ladies,

I thought I would do my first NOTD post! I love nail designs and nail art however working in a corporate environment means I can't be too out there. So this is what I ended up with when trying to be creative, doing a half and half design on my ring finger. It is so easy to do, just pick any two colours making sure the lightest one is your base colour, then with a steady hand paint half your nail with the darker colour. The colours I used was Chanel Quartz ( I told you I wore it a lot!) and Mac little girl type which was limited addition and a lilac colour.

Whats your feelings on this nail design?


Monday, 7 November 2011

No Budget Closet- Mulberry Evelina Hobo

Is it really Monday already? Oh well at least it means I get to add a new piece to my new budget closet :)  This week’s item is the new gorgeous Mulberry Evelina hobo bag. I know... it is another bag but from when I first laid eyes on this bag on Thursday I have been thinking about it and mentally working out in my head where I can cut back so I can own this beauty!( does anyone else do this?)  I love Mulberry bags, the quality is excellent, the leather is so soft and one key thing I love about Mulberry bags is they are understated. In my eyes Mulberry always gets it right by not plastering their logo everywhere, I love the small discreet Mulberry logo at the bottom of the bag, which makes the bag look even more chic and effortless.  I seriously love this bag I will start saving for it now, what do you guys think of the Evelina bag?

(Price £795)


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mac Holiday 2011 - Glitter and Ice Collection

I have been so excited for the release of the Mac’s holiday collection Glitter and Ice as there were so many products from the promotion photos that I wanted. So today on my lunch break I raced to my local MAC counter and boy was I not disappointed! For one of the first times with a collection I could have bought it all, well not all but the majority of it! There is very little not to love about this collection; it is glittery, has great wearable colours and limited edition packaging. Limited edition packaging seems to make anything more desirable to me. Does anyone else feel the same?! The SA was most helpful in selling every single product to me and making me feel like it is something I needed rather than wanted! These are the few pieces I walked away with, but I get the feeling they won’t be the last I buy from the collection :)  Once I have had a proper chance to wear and use these products I will give you guys a review, but for now these are my first thoughts on them so enjoy!

  • Mac Snow Season is a gorgeous gold and pinky mineralized eye shadow. From the few swatches I have done of this eyeshadow the pigmentation seems really good and it has lovely flecks of glitter in it.

  • Mac Spanking Rich Dazzleglass is a stunning berry colour with fuchsia glitter in it. This one was a real impulsive buy as I barely ever wear lipgloss let alone glittery ones! But I fell in love with the colour of this dazzleglass and thought 'hey christmas is coming up i'm sure I can whip it out at some point ;) ' I can't wait to try this out, and this dazzleglass has the lovely vanilla scent to it.

  • Make It perfect brush kit I don't think I need to say too much about this brush kit, I mean they have glittery handles who wouldn't want it!! This kit was £39.50 which is such great value considering the great quality of the brushes, I love that they are smaller so when travelling they will be easier to pack. With this brush kit you get a small 187 and 130 which are face brushes, then you also get a 286 and 282 which are eye brushes. One thing I am not sure about is the random silver circle on the make up bag I have no idea why they have added it there but I doubt I will use the bag much.

If you want to look at the rest of the collection then click here.


Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Hi Dolls,
Can you believe it is November already?! This year is going so fast! I thought I would share with you this OOTD, everything I'm wearing I have bought recently from the great british high street!

  • Cream Shirt with animal print strip - River Island

  • Leather Jacket- Zara

  • Jodhpurs with suede inside panelling- Zara

  • Boots- Dune

  • Black ring- Maydoll - Visit the shop

Now I do not for one minute think I am a fashion guru but I find it interesting seeing what other people buy and how they pair certain pieces so I hope you enjoy this post :)


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Chanel Rouge coco shines - Monte Carlo

I have been meaning to try one of the Chanel Rouge coco shines for quite some time now and although I know a lot of people love the colour Boy it was Monte Carlo which caught my eye. I would describe the colour as a raspberry red, applied once it is a light almost pinky red colour applied with two layers it is a lovely subtle red which is not garish and in your face. I have wanted a red lipstick for quite some time now however have not found one I’m brave enough to wear due to being a dedicated pink lipstick wearer! I feel one reason I love this red lipstick so much is due to the fact its sheer which means I can build it up to the colour I want.  I love that this lipstick has a glossy finish to it, it applies lovely and is so lightweight it feels as if you are just wearing a balm. I have read that some find this dries their lips but I find it does the opposite and leaves my lips nice and hydrated. Monte Carlo comes in Chanel’s chic black and gold packaging which looks lovely and makes it feel even more luxurious. One little thing that does bug me about this lipstick is it only lasts 2 hours, so I can imagine these lipsticks wouldn’t last you very long!

Overall I am very happy with my choice of Monte Carlo and if any of you are looking for a subtle red colour then you should definitely check this lipstick out :)

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