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Monday, 28 November 2011

No Budget Closet- Balenciaga City Bag

I know what you guys are thinking 'another handbag?' but handbags are my weakness, if I had limitless amounts of money that is what I would spend it on! I feel handbags really make an outfit, they can make a basic and plain outfit instantly look more put together. Also I see handbags as an investment, they can last you years and travel through the various seasons with you that is if you invest in the correct ones! Anyway in my No Budget Closet this week is the Balenciaga city bag in silver.  This is a colour you don't see often which is probably why I am drawn to it, although it isn't your classic black this is still a versatile colour and can be worn with so many pieces.

This will set you back £945, but it is such beautiful soft leather . I would love to own this bag, maybe I need to start buying a lottery ticket...


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