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Thursday, 10 November 2011


Hello Ladies,

I thought I would do my first NOTD post! I love nail designs and nail art however working in a corporate environment means I can't be too out there. So this is what I ended up with when trying to be creative, doing a half and half design on my ring finger. It is so easy to do, just pick any two colours making sure the lightest one is your base colour, then with a steady hand paint half your nail with the darker colour. The colours I used was Chanel Quartz ( I told you I wore it a lot!) and Mac little girl type which was limited addition and a lilac colour.

Whats your feelings on this nail design?


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  1. Hey!

    I really like your blog, I will def follow :)

    Check out mine if you get a chance


  2. Thank you :) i checked out yours i really like it i will follow :)

  3. Matching as its always been. Love you longtime tweedle dee <3