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Friday, 23 December 2011

Pamper your feet

Now I know feet are not glamorous or sexy, but if you are like me and neglect them than this product from the body shop is great. When you think about it our feet get pretty battered, they lug our bodies around town, get shoved in uncomfortable shoes and more often than liked get stomped on. To pamper my feet and make them more presentable I use this Hemp foot protector from the body shop, it is really thick and moisturising, but from my own personal experience avoid tile floors when you have this on your feet! Now the smell is not great, there is no fragrance to it, it is just hemp but as it is on my feet and far away from my nose I can cope with it.

This product really does improve my feet and keeps them nice and smooth especially my heels. One downside is that I wish this was packaged in a tube as to me it seems unhygienic putting this on my feet and then having to put my hand back into the pot.

For 100ml of this it is £10 which I think is really reasonable considering that it lasts you so long! You can check it out here


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