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Friday, 6 January 2012

Baby, if I’ve got you , I don’t need a parachute…

I know the title has little to do with this new lipstick I am going to show you besides the fact it is Cheryl Cole’s song and the lipstick is by Cheryl Cole! Now I am trying to be good this month but when I heard Cheryl Cole had released a lipstick with L’oreal I thought I would go and check it out, and couldn’t resist buying it as I don’t own a bright red like it, also £1 of each sale goes towards the Cheryl Cole Foundation which is in aid of the Prince’s Trust, which is a great charity.

The lipstick is called 297 Red Passion which is hardly an original name I think it would have been better if they did a play on words with something to do with Cheryl like the Kardashian collection for OPI. The packaging for this lipstick looks quite luxurious even though Cheryl Cole’s name is just a sticker on it, I like the colour of it, it doesn’t look cheap or garish. Now onto the lipstick itself, I think this colour is a gorgeous shade of ruby red, and has tiny silver sparkles running through it. It glides on easily all though when applied it does feel like a matte lipstick when really I’d say it has a slight gloss finish to it. It lasts well on your lips and it isn’t something I would say often but when you wipe it off at the end of the day it does leave a nice staining to your lips. The one down side to this lipstick is how strongly scented it is. I think it really is one of those smells that you will either like it/can live with or you really hate it as it is really perfumed so I suggest giving it a sniff ( odd thing to say when buying a lipstick) before you buy it!

I got my lipstick in Superdrug as at the moment they have £2 off so it is only £6.12! What do you guys think of Cheryl’s lipstick is it one you will buy?


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  1. Oooo this is really nice! Lovely blog new follower :) xxx

  2. It is a really nice colour red :) Thank you for following! Xxx