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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Benefit's They're real! review

So as Benefit have teamed up with Coke at the moment to offer money off an online purchase I thought now would be a good time to talk about ‘ they’re real!’ benefit mascara. Let me just start by saying this is 10x better than the Bad gal mascara that Benefit have, I find that one too thick and gloopy and it cakes my eyelashes so they look short and clumpy eurgh. I don’t normally buy high end mascara’s as I have never found one worth the price tag it gets lumbered with, but after hearing some great things about this one I asked for it for Christmas, ( can you believe Christmas was only a month ago!! It seems longer than that).

I do love Benefit’s packaging with its retro and different feel and this mascara is no exception, I love the silver, and the shape of it is quite different. Now the wand is plastic, which I find for my eyelashes plastic wands are better than brush ones ( I have short eyelashes ) as brush wands just seem to cake my eyelashes rather than curl and lengthen, and makes them clumpy. This mascara is sold as eyelash lengthening which is designed with a mixture of long and short bristles to coat your eyelashes to achieve extra length.

The wand itself has small bristles on the end of it so it helps reach the shorter eyelashes in the corner of your eyes and I like to use them on my bottom eyelashes. I do really like this mascara, I haven’t used any others since Christmas day as this volumes’ and lengthens my eyelashes just how I like them! One negative though, it is a byatch to get off, even though it isn’t waterproof it is quite hard to budge off at the end of the day, so if you have sensitive eyes there is quite a bit of rubbing with make up remover involved!

Now this mascara has the price tag of £18.50, and I would buy it again! Not something I have ever said about a high end mascara before. Have any of you tried this mascara? If so what do you use to remove it?


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  1. I LOVE they're real! was going to do a review about it myself - totally agree with you about how its better than badgal - a serious beauty buy for me! x

  2. Its such a good mascara they should had bought it out sooner! What do you remove yours with? Xo

  3. I was thinking about getting this as I got the £5 off code too :) Never usually buy High End Mascaras though as I normally find a good high street alternative, but might splash out! xx

  4. I know I don't normally either as there are great ones on the high street but this one is worth it :) xo