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Monday, 9 January 2012

Daisy Love ✿

This will just be a quick post about the perfume I am loving at the moment which is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I bought this perfume before christmas as a present to myself, (does anyone else do that? ) as Debenham's had £10 off it so it made it £40. This is such a girly flowery scent, perfect for summer but I love wearing it at the moment. I must admit what really caught my attention is this black limited addition bottle, which is the Eau de perfume deluxe. I think the bottle is gorgeous, it looks so chic in black and gold and if I use it up I will be keeping the bottle just because i'm sad like that!

If you haven't smelt this perfume when you are at your next counter I recommend you do it will be the perfect summer fragrance! It is a lot more floral than the original Daisy perfume as they have made the jasmine petals and violent petals more dominant but to me this just makes it feel more luxurious, and makes me feel good wearing it. The deal is no longer on so it is £50 for the 50ml, which is the size I have, but if you want to treat yourself then I say go a head ;)


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  1. I love this perfume - I got this for my birthday and just adore the bottle too. Didn't realise the bottle was limited edition xx

  2. It is lovely isn't it! Have you had it before? Yeah that is what the sales man told me, if not it was a good sales pitch as it made me buy it! Haha xx

  3. I have this version of Daisy too. My brother gave it to me for Christmas, around 4 years ago now I think! I used to wear it non stop, and I still love it, but my brother then bought me Lola by Marc Jacobs the year after I got Daisy, and at first I only wore it as an evening perfume, and Daisy for the daytime. However Lola smelt soo good, that I now wear it constantly, and whenever I wear Daisy now, I feel like I don't smell right. Weird huh. I think Lola became my signature scent by accident. My friends used to associate with me with Daisy, and now I'm a Lola.

  4. I LOVE Daisy I have a couple of bottles lined up so i dont run out lol!xx

  5. Yeah it's amazing how something new can become your favourite! I'll have to check Lola put now :)