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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Mac Quad

Just like the title says I thought I would show you guys the colours I have in my Mac quad. I have only recently rediscovered this quad that I made up myself and started using it again, and I had forgotten how great and easy to wear these shades are.  Quite a few people recently have asked me what are the best eyeshadows from Mac if you are a 'beginner' in make up. I'm not a professional but I am always open to giving my opinion on products to others who are unsure and want some friendly advice :) Anyway onto the quad....

Back Left - Satin Taupe ♥

Satin Taupe on me  is a gorgeous brown with purple undertones in it. The pigmentation of this eyeshadow is really great, I find it looks best on me in my crease all though I know some people wear it as an all over lid colour. I would recommend trying this one on in the shop as on some people it can do nothing to their eyes but others it looks great. I usually pair this with the colour on the right of it Vex.

Back Right- Vex

I love Vex to me it is such a unique colour and I have nothing else that comes close to it. Vex is a pearly grey colour and looks better on the lid than it does in the pan! Like I said I pair this with Satin Taupe so I put this all over my lid and Satin Taupe in my crease, and together they create a cool toned smokey eye. I also like to wear Vex in the corner of my eyes, to try and make my usual tired eyes pop a bit more!

Bottom Left - All that Glitters ♥ 

Now All that Glitters is just a classic MAC colour, like your LBD this colour  is reliable and seems to go with everything. I can wear this throughout the day by its self and then smoke it up for the evening. To me I would say this is a warm light honey colour with tiny gold shimmer in it, and it really compliments my eyes. This is the colour I will slap on when I am in a rush to get ready for work, as I know it will do its job properly, have no fall out and last the day. I will put this out there and say that if there is one Mac eyeshadow you should own it is All that Glitters, you just can't go wrong with it its so easy to wear!

Bottom Right- Mulch ♥ 

Mulch is a warm bronzy brown with tiny gold shimmer running through it. This like All that Glitters is a highly pigmented colour, and so easy to blend. I pair this with All that Glitters all the time, the two colours go really nicely together. I wear this mostly through my crease, and because it is so easy to blend it looks really soft, perfect for work/day. This colour also looks good  paired with Woodwinked.

Overall you can see that my quad has a cool toned duo and warm toned duo. If you are starting out and want some easy to wear eyeshadows most defiantly buy All that Glitters, and Mulch as to start out with it is always useful to have one lighter shadow and one darker, so you can have more versatile looks! I hope this is helpful to some of you, but these are just my opinions I am not a professional by any means!


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