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Monday, 26 March 2012

Finally Found the Revlon Lip Butters!

(L-R) Lollipop, Peach Parfait, Sweet Tart

As the name says I have finally got my hands on some of the much hyped about Revlon Lip Butters. Now these things seem to be hard to get hold off they don't seem to have been rolled out in all Boots stores,  I have been searching in London and found none, but when I popped into a Boots in Sussex I found loads! So it is worth searching around :)  These are the infamous new lip products a moisturising balm with the pigmentation of a lipstick, and I can honestly say I see what all the hype is about with them they are real gems! Due to Boots currently having a 3 for 2 deal across all of make up lines it would of been rude not to pick up 3 ;) ha ha!

Peach Parfait - This one is the sheerest of the three lip butters I picked up and is the most natural one. It is a gorgeous light peach colour with quite a bit of gold shimmer running through it but it looks so lovely on the lips, for a touch of colour. As with the other two it is smooth and creamy to apply just like a balm and this one lasts about 2 hours on my lips.

Sweet Tart-  This shade is a gorgeous baby pink colour and it really pigmentated. This is a shade I can see me wearing every day as shade wise it is on the same lines as my favourite lipstick of all time Mac Lovelorn all though it is not an exact dupe. This really does glide on so easily on my lips and is very comfortable and easy to wear. I get around 2-3 hours wear out of this colour.

Lollipop -  Last but by no means least is Lollipop. Now this one has quickly become my favourite and is the most pigmentated out of the three I picked up. This is a gorgeous fushica pink with tiny silver shimmer running through it, it is perfect to wear in this lovely weather we are currently having! This shade really reminds me of Mac's Girl About Town all though not as fushica and more wearable. Again the colour lasts around 2-3 hours on me but it does leave a nice stain to the lips.

Over all I am hooked! I love the quilted pattern on the packaging, the sleekness of them and how they apply. I have jumped onto the lip butter bandwagon, and love wearing them so much so I hope to pick up a few other colours! The only thing I will say is be careful how you store these lip butter's as they do melt, Lollipop must have got hot in my bag and has become very soft! They are currently available at boots and are £7.99 each.  Have any of you been able to get any of the Lip butters?


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