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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Laura Mercier Lingerie Palette

Natural daylight

With Flash

Hi Girls,

I stumbled across this palette on the Space NK website about a week before pay day and instantly fell in love with it. I had to patiently wait until pay day then I raced out and got it. It was pretty hard to track down, I had to go to three stores and I finally got the last one, so I'm not sure if it was just limited edition and there were only a few left floating around. Anyway It seemed to be everything you needed in one palette, it had natural eyeshadows, smokey shadows and two lovely natural blushers. There is a great mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows in this palette so there is something for every occasion. Isn't African Violet so pretty and different?! this was the eyeshadow I was most excited about in this palette, it is a lovely purple colour that has gold shimmer running through it and the pigmentation is fantastic! With African Violet it is one of those eyeshadow's that depending on the light, the colour of the shimmer somewhat changes, which why it is so unique to anything else I own. The packaging itself it very sleek, simple and lightweight so would be perfect for travelling. This post will be photo heavy so I apologise now!

(Top-Bottom) Buff Pearl - This is as the name suggests a gorgeous shimmery pearl shadow, pigmentation is good it feels and goes on smoothly. This makes a nice highlight colour.

Tawny Apricot-  This along with African Violet is my favourite eyeshadow in this palette. It is a gorgeous versatile pinky champagne colour with slight shimmer. I have worn this by itself on my lids as a wash of colour and also used it along with Black Plum which you can see below.

Rich Cocoa-  What palette wouldn't be complete without a rich dark brown colour?! This eyeshadow is a matte shade different to the other two above and I think would look good with Tawny Apricot and pale pink. I would also pair this colour with my Mac Woodwinked as I don't actually own a matte brown shade for a nice smokey eye.

The top photo is taken with flash and the below one is in natural daylight.

Rose Desire- Rosey pink colour, perfect for a natural look and flush of colour.

Fresh Peach - I was more interested in this shade than Rose desire, purely as I am trying to wear less pink blushers and wear more peachy shades. This is really exactly as the name suggests a peach shade with fine shimmer in it. This is great if you are heavy handed as there is no way you can go OTT and have orange cheeks!

Pale Pink - This is a matte creamy pink shade, again would make a nice highlight or is nice as a light wash of colour over your lids.

African Violet - I have already talked about this eyeshadow above so I will keep it short it is a gorgeous purple with gold shimmer running through it. I feel it is very different to anything else I have seen and owned.

Black Plum - This is a matte very dark grey/ navy shade again another shade I don't have in my collection. It is really great for a smokey eye, and is a lot less harsh than using a black eyeshadow.

In the below picture I have used Black Plum in my crease and tawny apricot all over my lid and I really like the look and combination. I normally only wear very natural bronze's and gold's so this is a nice change for me :) I also have fresh peach on my cheeks.

Sorry that this is such a long post but there was a lot to cover! What do you guys think of the Laura Mercier eye and cheek palette? Do you think you would get your money worth out of it? I found it on the John Lewis website but it was sold out and I can't find it on the Space NK website. I think it is limited edition but if you are interested in the palette it is probably worth popping into your local store that stock Laura Mercier, it is £41.50 and for me worth every penny :)


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  1. Wow, such a lovely palette. I am starting to really like Laura Mercier products. x

  2. Me too :) Laura Mercier products are really starting to stand out for me! X