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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mac Force of Love Lipglass

Hi Dolls,

I know what you're thinking ANOTHER mac lip product review Ellie, really?? Yes really! I can't help it it is a sick addiction I went into Mac with the full intentions to buy something completely different then got swept up in the whole excitement of new collections and swatching all the lovely new colours that I came out with this lipgloss and a new lipstick ( it will follow in another post.) Oh *sigh*  my bank balance hates me and Mac loves me. Don't even get my started on the Tour De Fabulous lipgloss collection I didn't even bother looking at those it would of been to much to handle haha, I think I'm sounding like a mad woman now so I'll get started with this review!

Force of Love is from the Chenman Love and Water collection. This collection is a collaboration with Begijing- born fashion photographer Chen Man and is inspired by her infatuation of love and water. First off I love the packaging/sleeve of this lipgloss, I think it such a nice touch when Mac does this it always makes the product seem more exciting and different when it is packaged nice. This lipglass is a lovely medium pinky leaning towards coral colour. When I initially saw this lipgloss I though of Mac's pink poodle but this is yellow based and Pink Poodle is blue based so Force of Love is less in your face and I think personally more wearable. This lipgloss is semi opaque so it is really build able,  in the above picture I have just used one layer as that is how I would wear it on a day to day basis. It also has really subtle white shimmer running through it, but it isn't in your face so is very wearable for the day time.

This lipgloss is available online and in Mac stores . Have any of you bought anything from this collection? :)


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