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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sent from the Hair Gods: Kerastase Elixir Ultime

My names Ellie and up until two weeks ago I neglected my hair. There i've said it, I admit I have always been rubbish with hair and 'maintaining it' as such I would abuse my hair on a daily bases with heat and would only occassionally use heat protection if I remember. Oh the shame. But fear not this has now all changed since Kerastase Elixir Ultime has come into my life!

Since I have started blogging I have started to have serious hair envy, I want smooth glossy locks which don't look lifeless! So my first step on the path of beautiful hair was to book a haircut with a good hairdresser and actually spend some money on my hair. While there he used this oil on my hair, and said he preferred it to the morroccan oil, which I can't comment on as I have never tried it. There are two ways I used this oil, one is when my hair is damp I squeeze a bit of the Kerastase Nectar Thermique (another new find) into my hand and then squeeze a pea size drop of the oil into it, mix them together and rub into my damp hair. Normally that is enough but sometimes afterwards I will squirt a small amount into my hand and lightly run it through my dry hair. The thing with this product is less is more! You need the smallest amount for the best results. I am so impressed as well with how light this oil feels, as with anything that has oil in the name I automatically expect it to be thick and greasy. The results you are wondering? My hair is smooth, with less fly aways, feels healthier and smells so good!

Kerastase Elixir Ultime is pricey, but in my opinion completely worth the money and it will last you a long time. You wear your hair every day so it is worth investing in :) I have been converted and will from now on look after my hair better! Have any of you tried this?


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nails Inc Event and New Releases!

As I mentioned in my NOTD post I was kindly invited to the Nails Inc Event* on Thursday, where I got to drool over the new collections and meet lots of lovely bloggers :) Nails Inc have really hit the ball out of the park with their 2012 collections it isn't often I find a Nail polish company where collection after collection there are nail polishes that I want and that are different enough to justify getting them all!

The Juicy Collection which is displayed in the photo above consists of two colours, Chelsea Flower Show which is the orange shade and Henley Regatta the juicy pink colour. These nail varnishes are designed to be a high gloss sheer pop of colour with one layer but also build able to achieve a bright pop of colour.

Now I love a glitter nail polish so I was like a magpie when I saw these polishes! These are from the New Nail Jewellery collection which will be available in shops by the end of April.  These have a 'revolutionary formula' as they have been created by hand cut particles, giving the same effect as a precious stone. These polishes are an instant nail statement, the above glitters are layered over Black Taxi, I personally think the Diamond one looks like cut ice on your nails which is such an unusal and cool effect. The colours available are Piccadilly Arcade- Emerald, Burlington Arcade- Diamond, Royal Arcade - Sapphire and Princes Arcade - Pink Diamond. If you own Baker Street or the 'Beyonce Blue' that it has been nick named then Royal Arcade would look amazing layered over the top of it to give the perfect effect of having sapphires on your finger nails.

I'm sorry this photo is not the greatest but this is the Metallic range, consisting of three colours Gold,Silver and Bronze. This will come in a set on a little podium giving reference to London presenting the Olympics and will cost £25. This will be released in June so plenty of time for you to snap it and start wearing before the Olympics take place. The colour that I'm most excited about in this collection is Horseguard's parade which is the bronze and in real life looks like the most perfect and gorgeous rose gold colour *swoon*. The gold colour is called Wembley and the full coverage metallic silver colour is called Greenwich Park.

The Sprinkle Collection is the collection which excited me the most. I want all four of these colours when they are released the formula of these is great, you have opaque nails in two coats due to these 'mattified' glitter polishes having an opaque base coat. These nail polishes are like nothing else I have seen before, they give the most stunning effect it makes it seem as if you have hundred and thousands sprinkled on your nails :) . Also they don't feel rough on your nails like most glitter polishes do as it seems like the glitter is set inside the polish, giving a jelly like effect. The shades from (L-R) Pudding Lane - Teal with navy and gold glitter, Sweets Way - pale blue with pink and white glitter, Topping Lane - pink with fuchsia, silver and blue glitter and Sugarhouse Lane - pastel grey with monochrome glitter. This collection will be released in June and I will be first in line to buy them all!

One final collection that Nails Inc are releasing is a Neon range, which I will get swatches up of soon,  as I have been playing around with a few of these colours. Phew this is a long post I told you Nails Inc had been busy there are lots of collections and I think there is something for everyone. Has anything have caught your eye? What is your favourite collection?


* PR Event

Monday, 23 April 2012

OOTW: Preppy stripes

Jumper- Topshop(Old)    Shirt- Topshop  •   Shorts- Hollister    Pumps- Next    Peace Ring- Topshop    Skull Bracelet- Topshop    Triangle Bangle- H&M    Bodywarmer- Hollister   Nail Varnish- Nails Inc Sweets Way  

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend! I had such a nice relaxing weekend doing my usual Sunday routine of going to China Town yum yum, no chicken feet this week though! haha. I wore this outfit on Saturday, as I have had this jumper for a good 6 months now and never actually worn it out (hides face). I have just used it to wear round the house on my lazy days as I find it just that too short to wear with jeans it cuts me off in the wrong place. But I layered it over my trusty Topshop blouse and decided to rock the shorts and tights look after loving in it my other OOTD. Once I put my bodywarmer on which again I hadn't worn in so long I realised just how preppy the whole look seemed! But on the plus side I was very warm which is what you need with the unpredictable weather we are having!


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nails Inc New Sprinkles Collection

On Thursday I was kindly invited to see a preview of Nails Inc up coming collections. The first collection which really stood out to me was the 'sprinkles collection' shown in the photo above. This collection has quite a unique formula, where you have full coverage with just two strokes! Underneath the glitter there is a really great base colour, which makes achieving glitter nails so much easier and quicker. Also once dried they don't have the usual rough texture that a glitter nail polish does and the polish seems jelly like as the glitter sits in the polish rather than on top. My favourite polish from this collection was Sweets Way which Im sure you saw lots of pictures of on twitter and I chose to have it my nails, it is so pretty it looks like I actually have hundreds and thousands on my nails :) I will definitely be buying this nail polish when it is released in June and even though £11 does seem a lot it I think it is worth it as it means you get glitter nails in half the time! Haha. There are three other polishes in this collection as always they are named after London roads they are:

Sugarhouse Lane - pastel grey with monochrome glitter.

Pudding Lane - teal with navy and gold glitter.

Topping Lane - pink with fuschia, silver and blue glitter

What do you think of Sweets Way?


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bargain Vanilla Candle

Just a quick post today as I couldn't not say anything about this Candle! I bought this candle last weekend from wait for it... Sainsbury's! While doing some food shopping I came across this candle and loved the smell of and it was only £4, bargain! The smell of this candle is so nice its a sweet vanilla smell but not at all over powering, I left it burning in my room for an hour and already it left a lovely smell. In an odd way it leaves your room with  smell that feels warm and homely :) Next time you are doing your weekly shop I highly recommend checking this candle out I will be buying another when I am next there. I think the smell pay off ( that sounds odd) is better than some more expensive candles I have tried, and is a steal at £4.


Friday, 20 April 2012

Product of the week: Dior Bronzer in Honey 002

I thought I would start doing a post every Friday called ‘Product of the week’, and I would tell you lovely readers about something I have been really enjoying using throughout the week. Now this can either be a new product or re kindling a love for an old one :)

This week’s product of the week  is my new Dior Matte Sunshine Bronzer in Honey. I bought this bronzer about two weeks ago, because as you can see in my picture above my Bourjois Paris one has died… well been ruined!  I’m not a major bronzer girl due to the fear of looking like I have smeared mud across my face, so the Bourjois Paris one was a good place for me to start due to it not being very pigmented but just enough for a slight glow.  I’m not sure how but it seems water has got on this bronzer and made it disgusting so it was time to upgrade! I knew that I wanted a matte bronzer and while doing my research I know a lot of people love the Nars Laguna one but I wanted something different, and I can't get boots points either with Nars (im obsessed!). Then after falling in love with my Dior Amber Diamonds I thought I would try one of their bronzers.  This bronzer has SPF 20 in it, not that it’s really needed at the moment with this horrendous weather we are having but it is will be good when it is sunny. One thing I love is that the packaging is brown rather than the traditional blue due to it being part of their Dior Bronze line, it makes it stand out more especially if you have a few Dior products.  In the pan it is not scary or orange looking, the first picture is in artificial light and the second is in natural daylight, I think the second photo is a much better representation of what it looks like in the pan. This is a really lovely natural bronzer, that I can wear every day as it gives me a nice bronzed glow but not so much so that I am feeling paranoid that I’m orange! Haha. As with all Dior products it feels very soft and pigmentation is great. I am really pleased with this bronzer and who knows this could convert me into a bronze-a-holic ;) Have any of you got this Bronzer? If so what do you think?


Thursday, 19 April 2012

15 Questions Video

Just a quick one today to let you know I have uploaded a new video.  I have really enjoyed filming a few videos recently and editing them, I have had to blow the dust off my media studies skills and put what I learnt for 2 years to the test! haha. If anyone has done this video or has a youtube channel, then leave your links in the comment section as I love finding new blogs and youtubers :) I hope you have a good and slightly soggy Thursday!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Revlon Lip Butter - Red Velvet

So this is yet another Revlon Lip Butter post, however this is a colour which is only in the states and wasn't released over here! I got this lip butter about a week before they were released in the UK as my cousin was in the states and I had heard so much about Red Velvet and knew it wasn't going to be in the UK release, so she kindly picked it up for me. I didn't see any point in posting about this lip butter while the UK 'hype' of them was happening until now  when it has all calmed down a bit as as you wouldn't be able to get it from the UK collection. Pigmentation wise it is really great as you can see in the photos above, it is a deep berry red colour and looks very glossy on the lips personally I think this would be perfect for Autumn/winter time. I must admit when I first put this on it was a lot darker than I thought it would be I thought it was going to be a brighter red but after a few hours getting used to it I did really like the shade. Personally I feel if there wasn't so much hype around this lip butter in particular from the US and it was released in the UK I probably wouldn't have bought it due to it being so dark, but it does show that stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing :)

If you are interested in this shade you may be best looking on ebay for it as I know a lot of people have been able to get hold of them there or if you know someone going to the states i'm sure if you ask them nicely they would get you one! So what do you think, are you disappointed this wasn't in the UK release?


Monday, 16 April 2012

New Video: What's in my bag?

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you all had a nice weekend :) I had a lazy weekend really no plans just doing some blog posts and catching up with other bits and pieces. I went to China Town yesterday as it is part of my sunday routine that my boyfriend and I go for dim sum, yum yum, but this time he tricked me into eating chicken feet :( Fear not he will pay for that trick! haha. I hope you like the new video and don't find me boring but I always love having a snoop in other peoples bags!


Friday, 13 April 2012

Polka Dot Mani

A really quick post to show you what I am currently wearing on my nails. I know polka dots are not ground breaking or original but I had some spare time on my hands last night, and wanted to wear this lilac ( Little Girl Type LE) but not all over my nail so I decided to pair it with Essie Chinchilly and I love how the colours look together! I was only going to do polka dots on my ring finger but I loved how it looked so much I went wild and did it on all of them haha! I just used the end of a cuticle stick to make the polka dots as I don't own a nail dotting tool. Also sorry that the photos aren't the greatest but I had to take the photos last night even though the lighting was poor as I was worried I would chip them today, it is Friday 13th after all! haha. What do you think?


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

No Budget Closet - See by Chloe shoes

Floral dress - Topshop ♥ Shoes- See By Chloe ♥ Bag- Rebecca Minkoff ♥ Watch- Mark Jacobs ♥

It has been so long since I have done a 'no budget closet' post mainly because there hasn't been to much that has excited me. But this all changed while I was doing my weekly stroll on net a porter and came across these beauts. Aren't they beautiful! I believe it is possible to fall in love with shoes as I have with these shoes. I know Asos have done a very good copy of these shoes but sadly they don't have my size in stock and also there is something they lack compared to these. If I could own these shoes this is one way I would wear them, I love this dress and think the nude leather looks great with floral :) I was looking for a cropped denim jacket to put with this outfit but couldn't find a nice one. What do you think of these shoes?


Monday, 9 April 2012

OOTD- Floral and Studs

Floral Top- Topshop  ♥ Jeans- Topshop  ♥ Stud Shoes- Topshop  ♥ Necklace- Forever 21  ♥ Bangle- H&M  ♥ Sunglasses - H&M  ♥

Hey lovelies,

I hope you have all had a lovely easter break and eaten lots of chocolate! I finally could eat chocolate as I gave it up for lent but once I could eat it again it just didn't taste as good as it used to, boo! Maybe that habit has finally been kicked haha!

Anyway this is an outfit I wore to go shopping with my friend to sunny Brighton on Friday. It is such a shame that the weather has turned so horrible as Friday was lovely, which made me choose to wear a floral top to embrace spring :) Nearly everything I am wearing are new purchases which I did show in my haul video. I love the sunglasses which are only £4.99 from h&m I just thought they were a fun shape and add that little touch to an outfit, I know quite a few people have them in black but I decided on tortoiseshell as it always looks softer on my face :) Finally I am also wearing my trusty Revlon Lip butter in Macaroon, I told you it was my favourite!


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Another Revlon Lip Butter- Macaroon

I know you guys are probably sick of hearing about the revlon lip butters, as they are the product of the moment but I can't not talk about the Lip butter in Macaroon. This one is an exclusive colour to the UK, I mean they had to make it up to us somehow what with not releasing the full collection over here, but boy does this make up for it all!

As soon as I laid eyes on this colour on thesundaygirl blog I just had to have it, that blog is such an enabler in most purchases! I have worn this colour nearly every day since I bought it 10 days ago, every other lip product has been pushed aside I'm thinking I will need to buy a back up asap. It is the most lovely dusty pink colour with small shimmer running through it and is very wearable for the day. I find this colour really lifts my face, and goes with so much. Now that spring has arrived I really like wearing brighter colours compared to my usual favourite which is Mac Lovelorn a pale pink. The pigmentation of Macaroon is amazing it is one of the better ones a long with Lollipop, and very moisturising. I find this lasts about 3 hours on my lips, but is still leaves a slight stain. Have any of you got Macaroon?


OOTD- Leather & Pink Lace

Lace Top- Topshop ♥ Leather Panel Leggings- Topshop ♥ Coral Shoes- Steven Madden at TK Maxx ♥ Bangle- H&M ♥

*Server issues so having to repost this post*

A rare post from me in the form of an OOTD, well evening! These are pieces I got this weekend, and I fell in love with the top and shoes so wanted to wear them straight away! The shoes are not the most pratical but you always seem to fall in love with the highest and brightest don't you. These shoes were an absolute steal at £34.99 they are by Steven Madden and I found them in TK Maxx near my office. I thought they would be a great and easy way to incorporate some colour into my wardrobe and bring me into spring/summer :) Let me know if you do like outfit posts from me and I will try and do some more now that there is more daylight I can take some of my outfits I wear in the evening after work :) Also a massive thank you for all your lovely comments and feedback on my youtube video it really means a lot :)


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My First Ever Youtube Video!

Hi Dolls,

This is my first ever youtube video, I thought I would ease myself in with doing a Haul with my recent spring purchases :) I hope you like it, I know it may sound odd but I always find it interesting hearing what bloggers sound like in real life and think it is a good way to get to know someone's personality. I know it is very long but once the camera was rolling I couldn't stop talking! I hope some of you do enjoy it and find it interesting and it would be great to have some of your feedback!



Monday, 2 April 2012

Maybelline 24 hour tattoo cream eyeshadows

Hey Girlies,

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the sunshine? I know I probably say this every Monday but where did the weekend go?! I was having so much fun,  boo Monday. Anyway I bought these Maybelline 24 hour tattoo eyeshadows over two weeks ago, if you follow me on instragram (elliemaydoll) then you would have seen a photo but I wanted to use them for a while to give a real review on them. I bought these three in Superdrug when they did 3 for 2, but individually they are £4.99.

Packaging wise these come in a sturdy jar very similar to the Mac paint pots, I'm not sure if the pot is glass or sturdy plastic but either way they look nice and feel good quality. My favourite out of the three has to be On and on Bronze ( on the left) this is a lovely bronzed taupe (depending on the light)  with small gold shimmer running through it and one that looks really nice on the lids.

Eternal Gold is a pure gold colour, all though in the pot it looks like a very yellow gold on the lids it isn't but this eyeshadow is very shimmery.

Turquoise Forever is a dark turquoise nearer to a blue colour again with a small amount of shimmer. This is the poorest pigmentation wise compared to the others, you have to build it up a lot to get its true colour. I honestly only bought this one as it was 3 for 2 in superdrug and I liked the colour, but I wouldn't personally wear this as a shadow I would wear it as an eyeliner.

I never wore these eyeshadows for 24 hours as well that is disgusting! But I wore them by themselves for a good 8 hours and they did last well, there was a little creasing and fading especially with On and On Bronze. I think if you wore an eyeshadow over the top and used these as a base they would last longer. Over all they are good value for money and a very good alternative and much cheaper than the Mac paint pots! Have you got any of the Maybelline 24 hour tattoo's?


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