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Friday, 20 April 2012

Product of the week: Dior Bronzer in Honey 002

I thought I would start doing a post every Friday called ‘Product of the week’, and I would tell you lovely readers about something I have been really enjoying using throughout the week. Now this can either be a new product or re kindling a love for an old one :)

This week’s product of the week  is my new Dior Matte Sunshine Bronzer in Honey. I bought this bronzer about two weeks ago, because as you can see in my picture above my Bourjois Paris one has died… well been ruined!  I’m not a major bronzer girl due to the fear of looking like I have smeared mud across my face, so the Bourjois Paris one was a good place for me to start due to it not being very pigmented but just enough for a slight glow.  I’m not sure how but it seems water has got on this bronzer and made it disgusting so it was time to upgrade! I knew that I wanted a matte bronzer and while doing my research I know a lot of people love the Nars Laguna one but I wanted something different, and I can't get boots points either with Nars (im obsessed!). Then after falling in love with my Dior Amber Diamonds I thought I would try one of their bronzers.  This bronzer has SPF 20 in it, not that it’s really needed at the moment with this horrendous weather we are having but it is will be good when it is sunny. One thing I love is that the packaging is brown rather than the traditional blue due to it being part of their Dior Bronze line, it makes it stand out more especially if you have a few Dior products.  In the pan it is not scary or orange looking, the first picture is in artificial light and the second is in natural daylight, I think the second photo is a much better representation of what it looks like in the pan. This is a really lovely natural bronzer, that I can wear every day as it gives me a nice bronzed glow but not so much so that I am feeling paranoid that I’m orange! Haha. As with all Dior products it feels very soft and pigmentation is great. I am really pleased with this bronzer and who knows this could convert me into a bronze-a-holic ;) Have any of you got this Bronzer? If so what do you think?


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  1. hi, ellie, good review! i wish i could see the photo of how you applied this on your face, and how it does look.

    anyway, ill check this bronzer out today & maybe get it..i was looking for bronzer like this for contouring..


  2. Ah thank you :) This is really nice I have done a FOTD using it and would be nice for contouring :)