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Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Hint of Rose Gold in my Life

If you follow me on twitter you might of seen me tweet that I finally got a Michael Kors watch yesterday and I am so excited about it I wanted to blog about it right away! I have wanted a Michael Kors watch for well over a year now they seem to be quite the kult watch with bloggers and 'fashionable' people but there are just so many to choose from! I mean do you want rose gold, plain gold, silver, white with gold, white with rose gold I mean the list goes on and on! After eyeing them up online for ages and picking a different one each time I never took the plunge until I saw this watch and just knew it was the one for me ( that sounds like some sort of love affair haha.) Anyway I got a bit of birthday money and my boyfriend put the rest in so this is really my birthday present from him and I absolutely love it :) I went for the MK-5128 which is rose gold with a rose gold face. It is the perfect size for my wrist as I do love big watches but I do have fairly small wrists so some just look silly on me, and this tone of rose gold is gorgeous, I was looking at other rose gold watches from different brands and a few looked more brassy than rose gold. I know I will wear this watch so much as it is smart enough to wear to work but also cool and fashionable enough to wear at the weekend even if it is a casual outfit as it instantly smartens it up. My watch had its first day out today and I will be showing you in an OOTD which will be soon, it looks so good teamed with this pastel colour topshop skull bracelet, this will be my go to combo!

I got my watch from John Lewis on Oxford Street and they were so helpful there as they went off to the stock room to check it and took the links out so it fitted me better very quickly so I would highly recommend going to John Lewis if you are looking to buy a watch. :) I hope this is helpful for some as I know there are a lot of MK watches on the market if you have any questions just ask :)


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  1. I'm so jealous Ellie! I was thinking about getting one for my 21st, but I can't decide on the colour! Also I have a tendency to lose things so I don't know if I can trust myself with one! Haha :) It's gorgeous - bet you'll be wearing it all the time! xx

  2. Thank you Robyn! :) It is so hard to decide as there are so many gorgeous ones I was close to getting just a gold one as they're so nice too! Haha i'm the same I'm going to try and keep it in its box! I say get one :) xx

  3. I am sickeningly jealous now, this was on my lust list last month. Its bloody gorgeous you lucky thing although I am eyeing up the leather strap one just for versatility wearing to work etc.


    Beckys Makeup

  4. It looks lovely, I'm so so jealous! I'm currently trying to persuade my boyfriend to buy me one for a graduation present...but I dot think its working haha! I love your bracelet as well, where is it from if you don't mind me asking? Xx

  5. Aww thank you! It took me ages to take the plunge! Omg I have not seen the leather strap one but am tempted to look it up now as I can imagine its gorgeous x

  6. Thank you! Haha keep the hinting i'm sure you can persuade him! Of course not it is from Topshop I got it about 3 weeks ago but I have seen it recently :) xo

  7. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx

  8. I love it you lucky thing! I think the colour is so different - you made the right choice :) xox

  9. Thank you :) I'm really pleased with it! xox