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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Laura Mercier Vs Benefit Porefessional

Up until about 2 months ago I did not use a foundation primer. After realising my days were becoming longer (boo) I thought my foundation really needed some more staying power, and also there was a lot of talk about the benefit porefessional primer at the time so I thought I would give it ago.  The main thing I’m sure like many others that drew me to Benefit’s porefessional was the fact it said it can reduce pores and I think everyone wants help with that! Now my pores are by no means crater size but the pores on my cheeks around that time had got more noticeable so I thought this could really help. The porefessional is tinted as you can see in the photo above which I wasn’t expecting and is a liquid but when you apply it to your face and rub it is it feels really odd a bit like rubber (eraser) pieces are all over your face.  Saying that when used with a foundation that works for my skin such as the Bourjois Paris healthy mix and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua it does make my foundation last a bit longer. Also one thing I will just put out there is, that I can’t help but think the claim to reduce your pores is actually a mental thing. When you think something is doing a certain job you notice a change/ realise it isn’t as bad as you first think. I didn’t notice any change in reducing the size of my pores, yes it did slightly cover them but my foundation did a better job at it.

About 2 weeks after purchasing the porefessional I then bought the Laura Mercier primer as it was 100% sold to me by the nice sales assistant in Space NK, who made me believe that I needed this primer! First off this one smells amazing, it smells a bit like sweets but in a perfumey way not a candy shop kind of way. This is a more watery based primer and you can see above it is not tinted. When applying this primer it just feels like you are rubbing a light moisturiser onto your face but I have noticed that It is easy to get carried away with this primer and apply way too much ending up with my face looking drenched haha! This primer makes my Bourjois Paris healthy mix foundation (FYI favourite foundation at the moment) last a good 12 hours, it stays in place and does not separate at all. Even though the Laura Mercier primer is £28 and the porefessional £23.50 which are both very expensive for a primer you get a lot more in the LM (50ml) than the Benefit one (22ml).

I do love both of these primers and can’t believe I didn’t used to use a primer but if I was to repurchase one it would be the Laura Mercier one as I found this primer to work better with my skin, and slightly better value for money.Have you tried either of these primers? What do you think?


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