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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lunch at Bill's

Today's post is different to my usual but I just thought I really can't not mention Bill's and  this may actually be my first proper lifestyle post! On Sunday after a night out me and my best friend went off to Brighton for some retail therapy and more importantly some Lunch. We went straight to Bill's in the lanes for a full on 3 course meal we had no shame, and really were Ladies at lunch ;).  We had actually just missed the breakfast menu (FYI it does end at 1pm) but never mind there was still lots to choose from.  I went for the Halloumi and Hummus burger with rocket and chilli in it with some cheeky french fries, and it was quite literally to die for! My mouth is watering as I type this and this burger has been on my mind since, and I'm not one for burgers as I find them too messy and a pain but this is amazing.

Yummy cinnamon doughtnuts with chocolate dipping sauce and some kiddie Ice-cream with chocolate sauce in the background to go with it ;)

Hannah's chargrilled chicken skewers with lemon cous cous, tatziki and pitta bread I tried this for research purposes obviously and I can confirm it is delicious as well!

Hannah enjoying a lovely raspberry,peach and mango juice this drink was so nice if I wasn't so lazy I would try making this myself! I really am not sure why I haven't been to Bill's more but after Sunday I have been planning a trip to the Covent Garden one as that is the nearest to my home in London, I may try something else but that Halloumi burger was too die for so probably not! You can check out the locations here and I hope for your sake there is one near you! haha Have you been to Bill's before? If so what did you order?


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  1. I love bills! one of the many things I miss not living in Brighton. xx

  2. Aww it is so good! You not got one near you anymore? Xo

  3. just found your blog through hellocotton, it's great! LV x

  4. Thank you! I just found yours through hellocotten as well! x