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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Outfit of the weekend - Denim & Neon

Just a quick outfit of the Weekend, as the weekend is really the only time I get to wear home clothes! I love this necklace from H&M so much it is the perfect way to incorporate neon into an outfit and is the way I am most comfortable wearing Neon,  as I'm not one of those people that can rock neon yellow jeans! I'm not cool enough to rock those! haha. This is my new denim shirt from Topshop, I have searched a long time to find the perfect denim shirt and have finally found it! I love the lighter wash of it, the poppers and that it is not a thin material. I hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend, have you got much plan? I am taking full advantage of having three days off and getting lots of blogging done, and relaxing :) I'm now off to Brighton and going to the best chinese restaurant ever called China Garden if you haven't been I really recommend it the food is amazing!

P.s I have only just noticed the man in red in he first photo haha it is like a Where's Whally photo as he looks so small! Props to you if you see it too ;)


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  1. Hey! Nice outfit! I've been trying to find this necklace on the H&M website but no luck :( how long ago did you buy this necklace? I want one so badly! :) xx

  2. I got this necklace about 2 weeks ago but I went into h&m today and it was still there! It might be worth going into your nearest h&m store, I hope you find it :) xo

  3. Hello! Your blog is just amazing, and I love tour outfits! I have been waiting for this H&M necklace for months but I never saw it in my h&m... :( I'm desesperately looking for it :/ so I wanted to ask you if you see it in your h&m, please could you take one for me? Send me an e-mail if you're okay! Of course, I would pay it to you and the shipping cost too.

  4. Of course I will keep a look out for one as I know they weren't on the website!

  5. Thank you a lot :) that's so nice!