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Friday, 18 May 2012

Product of the week: Essie Absolutely Shore

Hi Lovelies,

This weeks product of the week is my new Essie polish- Absolutely Shore. I'm sure you have heard a lot about it from the lovely Anna as that is how I heard about and decided I needed it in my life! It is unlike any other colour I personally have in my nail polish collection, and every time I saw it on other people I admired it. It is a gorgeous pastel grey /turquoise colour, which is less bright and in your face compared to the famous Mint Candy Apple. For me this polish is the perfect combination of a pop of fun colour but still being subtle enough to wear on week days as I'm sure you have heard me saying this many times but I really can't get away with neon colours on my nails Monday-Friday. I got mine from beautybay for £8.50 which means it does have the thinner brushed compared to the ones realised in the Superdrug/Boots line which is one of its down falls. The thinner brush does make application more fiddly and means it takes about 3-4 coats to be opaque. With this polish you need time and patience to achieve a polished look as due to the thinner brush if you try to rush it can look streaky which is never good! Saying that it is totally worth it and I think this nail polish would look so good with Deborah Lippmann's Shake Your Groove Thang, I really want this polish but the price stops me me every time. Sorry the first photo doesn't represent the colour as well as the last but it is one of those colours which is hard to photograph!

What do you think of Absolutely Shore? Do you think it is worth the time?


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