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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The bargain Primark Dress!

Hey Lovelies,

I know you're probably thinking 'not another outfit post Ellie' and I am sorry I promise I do have some beauty posts coming up soon but as I had 5 days off work last week it meant I got to wear a lot of my 'home' clothes and what with the lovely weather I thought I would show you some of the outfits. I have to say I do find dressing for summer a lot easier than winter, I hate putting a nice dress on and then having to put a bulky coat over the top and layering is just not my area of expertise!

I got this dress last week from Primark and it looks very similar to the Topshop skater dress that I know a lot of bloggers have and I did buy that one as well but returned it as the fit on it was horrible,it hung and the elastic around the waste was rubbish. I also though £25 for a plain grey dress was very expensive! So when I saw this dress for £8 in primark I grabbed it as it is such a basic piece that can be worn in so many ways, and actually preffered the shade of grey on this one as well. When I got to the til it was at the bargain price of £3!! I had to try and remain calm incase it was a mistake haha I always get too excited when something is less than expected at the til. I wore this really simple outfit for dinner on Sunday evening and teamed it with rose gold accessories such as my skull earrings that I love so much and I also wanted my new watch to tie in with the outfit. I am also wearing Mac Sail La Vie which I did a review on here, and I love his shade! I have worn it a lot more than I thought I would and feel at the moment orange looks fresher and classier than my usual bright pinks. A very rare sight in this picture is that my hair is up, I never wear my hair up I'm not cool enough to pull off the pineapple bun but it was so hot I didn't want it around my face!

What do you think of this primark dress? Do you prefer it to the Topshop one?


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  1. love the shape of the dress! wished we have primark in the US

  2. I think you look really chic in this picture you look like you should be in Paris! What a bargin at £3 you cannot get cheaper than that. I bet your mum would like one of these dresses too as it suits all ages!!

  3. Ah they should bring it to the US asap!

  4. Thank you Katie! Im sure you are right my mum probably would like one of those dresses I better make sure i hide mine! X