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Monday, 11 June 2012

Outfit of the Weekend- Baby Pink & Leopard Print

Two weekend outfits in a row oh I'm on a role :P actually in reality I just made a effort on both days! As with every Sunday I went to China town to have some delicious dim sum, Sunday's wouldn't be the same without it! If you go for dim sum in China town let me know which restaurant you go to as we go to the same one but I am up for trying some new places.

I went for a simple outfit as after filming a haul video this weekend ( it will be up this week) I realised I should wear this baby pink blazer casually instead of just for work, so I will admit it this outfit was planned around the blazer and not just 'chucked on.' Actually the one thing that was chucked on was my beloved Zara leopard print scarf which has to be the only scarf that I wear over and over again and it just happened to be in my bag but I think it looks really good against baby pink :) I love the ideas of scarfs but in reality most of them I buy and then barely wear. I also love this blazer I have been looking for a pale blazer for a while but the only ones I liked were from topshop and cost £65! This was expensive at £49.99 but the quality of it is much better than the topshop one it is more structured and tailored better for me. I think it is from their designer collection as I can't find it online anywhere. How was everyones weekend? How is it Monday already? Wah.

● Jeans- Hollister ●Top- New Look ●Blazer- H&M ●Scarf- Zara ●Studded shoes- Topshop (similar here) ● Bag- Karen Millen (past season) ●

P.s the random rose in the last picture is because we went to this little park near our house and they had a gorgeous rose garden! I thought they were far to pretty not to photograph :)


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