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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Outfit of the Weekend: Peplum Top & Rose Gold

Hi guys,

I hope you are well. Yesterday my parents came up to London for my mum's birthday so I became their personal tour guide and showed them a few of my favourite places in London :) I showed them somerset house which is beautiful, and then it occurred to me I live so close to it yet I have never done an outfit post there what is wrong with me?! Haha so I enlisted my dad to take some snaps and I think he did a pretty good job he might just have knocked my boyfriend off as top photographer ;) We then went for a late lunch at my favourite Italian restaurant- Piccolino, the food there is so good and it has a really nice atmosphere.

On my lunch break on Friday I rushed to the nearest Topshop as I wanted to check out their sale but once arriving there a couple of things caught my eye but they were similar to things I already have and wear little of. So I wandered around the shop when this top caught my eye, I have been after a peplum top for a while as they seem to be really flattering and I love the pearl and bead detail on the collar so snapped it up! Obviously as it was new I wanted to wear it straight away so I dressed it down with flip flops but I think you could easily wear this top in the evening with these jeans and just a nice pair of heels. Finally my one sales purchase was the yellow studded bracelet I am wearing which was half price from topshop so was £3.25 it was the colour that caught my eye and I thought it would be great stacked with other plain gold ones. Also I tried to master the pineapple bun, and wore my hair up which is very rare for me but I do quite like how it looks :)

Have any of you been to Piccolino, if so let me know what you like to order as I always try to order something different!

●Sunglasses- Chanel  ● Peplum Top-Topshop  ● Jeans- Zara  ● Sandals- Primark  ● Watch- Michael Kors MK- 5128  ●Chain Bracelet- Accessorize  ● Spike Bracelet- Topshop  ●


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  1. You look lovely :) I have had my eye on that watch for ages, it's gorgeous.
    Where are your jeans from? I bought some coral ones off the Topshop site, but when they came they were neon bright, and I haven't really ended up wearing them as I wanted a duskier shade. Silly mistake not sending them back, really!
    Mel x

  2. Ah thank you Mel :) I think I know the topshop ones you mean as I was eyeing those up before I bought these ones from Zara! The neon ones would look great with black though! xo

  3. you look lovely, great day out fit and will look fab at night too. im so jealous of your watch! x

  4. wow i love the colour of your trousers! and the jewellery is gorgeous! great outfit :)

  5. Thank you, can't wait for a night out to wear this! Ah thank you think it is one of the best things I have bought as I use it every day :) xo

  6. Oh you look really lovely, and that top is just stunning! I love the pearl detailing on the collar! And thumbs up to your dad, he really is a great photographer :) You look fantastic!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  7. Thank you Ivana! Haha I know I think I will give him the job as top photographer ;)! xo