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Sunday, 29 July 2012

The simple grey maxi

Hi guys,

I hope you are having a great weekend and watching some of the Olympics! I wore this for date night this week and I see it as one of those simple chuck on outfits but when I instagrammed a photo (elliemaydoll) of the dress people really liked it. So here I am doing an outfit post with me strutting towards you wearing it, I knew I watched every season of ANTM for a reason haha I kid! I love this maxi dress as it is the perfect  length for my 5ft 2  body, it isn't sweeping the floors of London and it shapes you nicely so isn't baggy at the bottom and looking like it is swamping my body. I love the shade of grey and I personally think this is quite slimming it seems to cling to all the right areas. I put this rose gold belt on just to clench in my waist to break up the grey, this belt actually came free with a Topshop playsuit but I wear it all the time.

What is your view on Maxi's? For so long I didn't wear them as I thought I was too short  but how wrong I am! Any of you going to the games as well? I'm not but now it has started I kind of wish I was.

●Sunglasses- Chanel ● Necklace-Topshop ● Dress- H&M ●Belt- Topshop ( was free with playsuit ) ●Sandals- Primark ● Bag- Vintage Gucci ●


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Outfit of the weekend: Scalloped shorts & Denim

Hi Lovelies,

Isn’t this weather glorious! I have just got back to my desk after a lovely walk along the river and by the Tower of London getting a cheeky ice cream and topping up my tan. I have another outfit post for you today that I wore this weekend while it was a little cooler as I would not recommend wearing pleather shorts (if you own any) in this heat, I had to peel these off of me as it is, attractive I know.

I love how simple and easy this outfit is and what with the British weather the layers are perfect, as you can put the denim shirt on in the evening if you are cold. I have come to the conclusion that fashion wise I am a simple outfit kind of gal, why over crowd something aye? You could easily wear this in the day with some flip flops or converse and then in the evening jazz it up with some shoes like I have done here. Now I have a confession I cannot take credit for these shoes or the gorgeous trendy necklace as they are in fact my Mum’s, she has better taste in clothes and accessories than I do I think! Haha. One plus side to having a cool Mum is I can raid her wardrobe and we are conveniently the same size feet ;)  Anyone else wear their Mum’s stuff or is it just me?! I really think I need to buy these shoes for myself as looking at these photos they have made my chunky legs look a lot better and as if they do have some shape to them!

I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine a bit!

●Denim Shirt- Topshop ● Necklace- Topshop (similar here) ● White T-shirt- Zara ● Pleather shorts- Primark ● Shoes- Next (not on website :( ) ● Watch-Michael Kors ●


Monday, 23 July 2012

Pjammy Partay

I think you must know by now that I absolutely love Pj's! They are the one piece of clothing that I feel comfortable enough to have some bold pattern on (such as rabbits) and I feel cool. Most of my Pj's have puppies or some reference to dogs on them as I love dogs and it is the only acceptable time to be head to toe in pug's (my boyfriend is so lucky haha.) Anyway one of my favourite places to get Pjammy's from is Primark they are dead cheap, they always have great designs on them and you can buy 4 pairs for the price of 1 la senza pair. These are the ones I picked up and my favourite has to be the one with the dog face its just soo cute!

Rabbit bottoms - £6, Pink top- £3. I love the rabbit with the round glasses the most.

I loved this playsuit as soon as I saw it as it is a little smarter so you can wear it lounging round the house and the colours are so pretty, it was a bit more expensive at £6 but still worth it.

My personal favourite, the puppy dog face t shirt which was a bargain at £3 and I thought these shorts went quite well with the bow, they are the same pattern as the playsuit which I'm sure you noticed and were £3.

So that is my little Pjammy haul, if you like these and don't find it odd me showing you my nightwear than I will do them more often as I buy a fair few Pj's! I think I might have a PJ party, watching movies and pop corn in your most random and loud pj's! haha. Which of these are your favourite? Let me know where else is good to get pj's from!


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Channeling my inner RiRi

On Saturday night I went out to Brighton with the girls and thought I would let my inner Ri Ri be released, I know you have one too. Now clubbing really isn’t my thing I do it a handful of times a year purely for the getting ready bit. I can never get my head around why strangers think it is acceptable to touch you on a night out I mean I wouldn't start stroking your hair on the tube. That is my main problem with going out people touching you and being forceful *shudders*

Anyway when I saw these temporary tattoo’s in boots I just had to have them. I’m not a massive tattoo fan don’t get me wrong I appreciate the art behind them and on some people they look good but me just no. I am too indecisive to get one, there isn’t really a spot on my body I would want it on for life and my mum would probably kill me! So these were the perfect middle ground, I can have the Shhh tattoo for a night so people think I am really cool then come Monday I can wash it off for work (Y) They are really easy to apply you just pull off the plastic put it wherever you want it than hold a damp cotton wool bud on the tattoo transfer. They do actually look pretty real all my friends thought I had got it done (result) but in the pack I bought some of the sayings are a little dodgy and make little sense but you can cut them up however you want them. What do you think of temporary tattoos? Cool or lame?

If you are curious at all the eyeshadow I have on is Mac Woodwinked with Satin Taupe in the crease, I have the Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole eyelashes on and Mac Girl about town on the lips.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Outfit of the weekend: Floral & Studs

Hi Guys,

Sorry I have been so MIA ( thats if you have noticed I have even been gone haha) recently the past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of bad news then mixed with good and sadly I have just neglected my blog but I have a few posts lined up so hopefully I can get back into a routine again :)

To take my mind off things this week I went and saw Magic Mike with my cousin and WOW what a movie, Channing deserves an Oscar for his role he really will have changed lives haha I kid but he has some serious moves I didn't realise he was a stripper before being an actor but it does all make sense! If you haven't seen it it is a must! I have also booked my flights to go to Canada in September for my cousins wedding and I am really excited, so if there any beauty bits I should get please let me know I am forming a list as we speak ;)

I wore this outfit this weekend for a few drinks, I love this shirt I had wanted it for ages but it was around £60 full price so when I saw it in the Zara sale for £40 I snapped it up and have worn it loads since. I love the floral pattern and the studs on the shoulders, it is a really easy shirt to just chuck on you and just look smart.

●Shirt-Zara ●Jeans- Topshop Leigh ●Wedges- Ted Baker ● Sunglasses- H&M ● Bag- H&M ●


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mac Cut a caper Lipstick

Cut a caper is one of those limited edition Mac lipsticks that people go crazy over and want to get their hands on.. No? Okay just me then! As soon as I heard this was being realised in the Heavenly collection I knew that it was going to be mine, I mean it is totally necessary to have about 6 similar sheer peach lip products in a collection right?

On the mac website it is described as a mid-tone peachy pink which I agree with and is a Lustre finish. I know people find this finish quite drying but usually I find it ok as long as I put a bit of lip balm on first however with Cut A Caper I did find it drying you can see in the photos it clings to dryness and it felt like I had a matte lipstick on ( not my favourite finish) but I’m going to put this down to the HORRENDOUS weather we are having as my lips don’t know if its summer or winter. One thing I did not realise with this lipstick before buying it is how sheer it is, to achieve the colour pay off in this photo I had to put about 3 layers on but once on it is a lovely colour. Overall if I am being totally honest with myself I did not need this lipstick and I prefer Mac’s Blossom Culture if I am going for a peach lip. I will wear this lipstick obviously as it is a gorgeous colour but I think there are ones very similar and less drying on the market :) Surprisingly it is still available on the website as this was tipped as a sell out but Mac have increased their prices to £14, cheeky sausages!

Have any of you been sucked into the Cut a Caper hype? What do you think of it?

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Outfit of the Weekend- Simple White T

I hope you have had a nice weekend, even though the weather has been so over the place, I have an umbrella and sunglasses in my bag ready for any occasion ;) I wore this Friday night for some drinks on the south bank, sorry I look so bedraggled in the photos it had been a long week and cocktails were needed but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share my new shorts again. This outfit is really basic and simple but sometimes the simpler the outfit the better It looks I feel. I had searched for ages for the perfect white tee, as I wanted one of a good quality but not skin type which is when I found this Zara one which I love to pieces I have 2 of them and it in a grey colour! What is your favourite place to buy white t-shirts? I'm always looking out for good ones!

●T shirt- Zara ●Necklace- H&M ●Shorts- Topshop ● Bag- H&M ● Shoes- Daisystreet ● Lipstick- Mac Blossom Culture ●


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mac Star Wonder Mineralize Skin Finish

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry for the lack of posts this week sadly real life has got in the way and it has been a bit of a whirlwind week, with some big decisions needed to me mad. Anyway on Thursday I rushed straight to the Mac counter as I knew the Heavenly collection was being released that day and a few pieces had caught my eye. I haven't been excited about a Mac collection for a long time but this one seems to have changed that!

The mineralized skin finishes are so pretty with a swirly pattern on them and really I can never refuse a skin finish ;) This is described on the Mac website as a 'plumy pink with multi-dimensional pearl,' I feel in the one I got it is a light plumy pink but it is more pink as the pink is the more dominant colour in the one I received. Obviously this will change on whatever one you get as all the swirls are different. When swatched it is a lovely light plum pink colour and I personally have nothing in my collection which is similar to it. Something which is nice about this skin finish is that it is not over the top glittery even though it is shimmer based, so I feel I would wear this as both a blusher and a highlighter. I have only worn this for a couple of days but so far I like it and it lasts about 5 hours on me , I will keep you updated on this though :)

Has anyone else bought Star Wonder? Or any of the other skin finishes in this collection?


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Outfit of the Weekend: Rose gold studs

If you read my blog regularly you will know that last month I was on a spending ban and I have to say I personally think I did very well. But after 2 trips to the dentist in the space of two weeks ( if you hadn't noticed I HATE the dentist) I felt I needed some retail therapy to cheer myself up so off I plodded off with my trout pout to Brighton with my friend. Now whenever Hannah and I go shopping we are complete enablers and she made me realise that my life was in fact in complete without these shorts haha! I had eyed these shorts a few weeks ago as I loved he rose gold style studding on them and mentally planned loads of outfits in my head based around these shorts. Now I think many people are aware that topshop shorts sizes are horrific, I mean you have to go up about 2 sizes just to keep your modesty and not have your booty handing out in Waitrose. I have a big bum I can admit this, Kimmy K watch out, I kid I kid its not quite there but I do struggle to find shorts which cover everything. But these are perfect I did get a 12 even though I am usually an 8 as I wanted them a bit bagger around my legs and personally I think they fit like a glove I don't care what the label says :)

I also bought this jumper the same day it was a complete impulse buy but I am totally in love with it. I don't really own any jumpers, and this one is so soft and the perfect thickness for this sort of weather. I love the colour speckled effect and the diamante shoulders it adds a little something to the jumper. I can see me wearing this into winter with a floral dress, tights and boots all snug :)

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, mine has flown by I wish there were more hours in the day!

●Shorts- Topshop ●Jumper- Topshop ● Bag- H&M ● Sandals- Primark ●Watch- Michael Kors ● Ring- Topshop ● Nails- MAC little girl type LE ●


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