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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Channeling my inner RiRi

On Saturday night I went out to Brighton with the girls and thought I would let my inner Ri Ri be released, I know you have one too. Now clubbing really isn’t my thing I do it a handful of times a year purely for the getting ready bit. I can never get my head around why strangers think it is acceptable to touch you on a night out I mean I wouldn't start stroking your hair on the tube. That is my main problem with going out people touching you and being forceful *shudders*

Anyway when I saw these temporary tattoo’s in boots I just had to have them. I’m not a massive tattoo fan don’t get me wrong I appreciate the art behind them and on some people they look good but me just no. I am too indecisive to get one, there isn’t really a spot on my body I would want it on for life and my mum would probably kill me! So these were the perfect middle ground, I can have the Shhh tattoo for a night so people think I am really cool then come Monday I can wash it off for work (Y) They are really easy to apply you just pull off the plastic put it wherever you want it than hold a damp cotton wool bud on the tattoo transfer. They do actually look pretty real all my friends thought I had got it done (result) but in the pack I bought some of the sayings are a little dodgy and make little sense but you can cut them up however you want them. What do you think of temporary tattoos? Cool or lame?

If you are curious at all the eyeshadow I have on is Mac Woodwinked with Satin Taupe in the crease, I have the Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole eyelashes on and Mac Girl about town on the lips.


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  1. I completely agree about going out! It knocks me sick how men can get away with sexual harassment just because they're in a club - they don't know what harm they're doing to a girl who just doesn't want their attention. I still go out to have a good time and dance, just have to know where to go! My hometown is awful for it, guys squeeze your arse to move past you on the dance floor :/ but if I go to other places outside of my town the guys are a bit more respectful!

    The temporary tattoo is awesome :) I want one next time I go out! xxx

  2. I remember the temporary tattoos when I was about eight were all very glittery and when you transferred them onto the skin, half would come off. Unsurprisingly, these are a lot better! It looks really realistic! x