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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mac Star Wonder Mineralize Skin Finish

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry for the lack of posts this week sadly real life has got in the way and it has been a bit of a whirlwind week, with some big decisions needed to me mad. Anyway on Thursday I rushed straight to the Mac counter as I knew the Heavenly collection was being released that day and a few pieces had caught my eye. I haven't been excited about a Mac collection for a long time but this one seems to have changed that!

The mineralized skin finishes are so pretty with a swirly pattern on them and really I can never refuse a skin finish ;) This is described on the Mac website as a 'plumy pink with multi-dimensional pearl,' I feel in the one I got it is a light plumy pink but it is more pink as the pink is the more dominant colour in the one I received. Obviously this will change on whatever one you get as all the swirls are different. When swatched it is a lovely light plum pink colour and I personally have nothing in my collection which is similar to it. Something which is nice about this skin finish is that it is not over the top glittery even though it is shimmer based, so I feel I would wear this as both a blusher and a highlighter. I have only worn this for a couple of days but so far I like it and it lasts about 5 hours on me , I will keep you updated on this though :)

Has anyone else bought Star Wonder? Or any of the other skin finishes in this collection?


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  1. such a gorgeous colour!! the packaging is so beautiful too!

  2. Ahhh, I really want this! I posted about the collection last week, and in it I said that I loved the look of all the mineralize blushes and skinfinishes, but that I'd need to go in and swatch them in order to know which ones would be up my street, as it's hard to tell with the swirly ones. So far, I've been avoiding it, as I know I'm going to want several of them! Having seen this post and swatch, I'm pretty sold on this one.
    Mel x

  3. The packaging really swayed this purchase! haha

  4. I really recommend swatching them as I went in there thinking I would buy light year but then I preferred this one it is hard to be restrained though! haha x