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Monday, 23 July 2012

Pjammy Partay

I think you must know by now that I absolutely love Pj's! They are the one piece of clothing that I feel comfortable enough to have some bold pattern on (such as rabbits) and I feel cool. Most of my Pj's have puppies or some reference to dogs on them as I love dogs and it is the only acceptable time to be head to toe in pug's (my boyfriend is so lucky haha.) Anyway one of my favourite places to get Pjammy's from is Primark they are dead cheap, they always have great designs on them and you can buy 4 pairs for the price of 1 la senza pair. These are the ones I picked up and my favourite has to be the one with the dog face its just soo cute!

Rabbit bottoms - £6, Pink top- £3. I love the rabbit with the round glasses the most.

I loved this playsuit as soon as I saw it as it is a little smarter so you can wear it lounging round the house and the colours are so pretty, it was a bit more expensive at £6 but still worth it.

My personal favourite, the puppy dog face t shirt which was a bargain at £3 and I thought these shorts went quite well with the bow, they are the same pattern as the playsuit which I'm sure you noticed and were £3.

So that is my little Pjammy haul, if you like these and don't find it odd me showing you my nightwear than I will do them more often as I buy a fair few Pj's! I think I might have a PJ party, watching movies and pop corn in your most random and loud pj's! haha. Which of these are your favourite? Let me know where else is good to get pj's from!


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