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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Skin heroes: Origins Spot Remover pads & Gel

About a week ago I had the most hideous break out of spots on my cheek and chin. My usual cleansers were not cutting it and these bad boys were angry and were not going anywhere. I think I can say this on behalf of everyone that spots really make you feel down about yourself I know I feel very self conscious and try to keep my cheek in particular covered by having my hair in my face.

Now I have heard of origins before I know it has been doing the rounds on the bloggersphere but sometimes I feel it is just a hype that suck people in which is why I never rushed out and bought anything from them. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I could kick myself for not listening to everyone and guying Origins products sooner. I went to Origins with the intention of only buy the Origins Spot remover gel I did my research so I could be in and out of the store quickly as I find skin counters fairly intimidating ( anyone else feel like this) but the lady was so lovely on the counter in the House of Fraser City branch that I also came out with the Origins Spot Remover blemish treatment pads. These two combined have done wonders for my skin and I don’t think it has looked this good in a long time as my skin is quite prone to spots especially those pesky under the skin ones.

The Origins spot remover blemish treatment pads are really meant to prevent breakouts and one of side is slightly rough so they gently exfoliate your skin. I use these once a day in the evening after I have taken my make off just to get rid of the extra dirt and I really feel they have made a difference to my skin it seems brighter and cleaner. The only thing about these pads is the smell, it reminds me of that pink water you get at the dentist and as I hate the dentist it isn’t a fond smell! Haha. You get 60 of these so they should last you 2 months and priced at £22 I think this is a fair amount to pay for the amount of product.

The spot remover gel is very effective within two days my angry spots had been reduced and the redness has more or less disappeared. For best results I apply a small amount on the problem area with a cue tip so not to infect them. There is a slight burning sensation which only lasts a few minutes but in my eyes I just see it as telling me that it is working. This is now a holy grail in my skin care routine it really does work miracles and at £13 it is well worth it. I know the bottle looks teeny tiny but as you only need a small amount at a time it will last ages.

Sorry for the very long post but I had to express my love for these products with you in case some of you are struggling with your skin at the moment like me. Have any of you tried origins products? If so what should I get next?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Outfit of the weekend: Girly Lace and Studs

Long time no speak it feels! I have had a mare of a weekend regarding technology. The new place doesn't have internet until the beginning of September so I have been struggling to blog properly but I did get a lot of photos taken. I also had a £150 phone bill lord knows how and was cut off for 3 days which meant no twitter WAH it was horrific how did we live without the internet before?!

Anyway this is an outfit I wore on Sunday as we had a couple of friends round for a bbq. My boyfriend kindly bought this top for me as I saw it on the Saturday and fell in love with it so the Sunday we were in central London and saw that Debenhams were having 20% off so it would of been silly not to get it, as the original price is £42 which I think is really expensive for what it is. I never normally shop in Warehouse but they really have some nice bits in and this top is such a nice fit and makes me feel smart and grown up a look which is very much welcomed at the moment :).  On a different note I am getting my hair cut finally on Thursday it has been about 3 months *cough 4 cough* and it has got thick and out of hand. I am thinking I might get some highlights as well to give it some texture and warmth what do you think?

Do any of you shop in warehouse? how was your weekend?

●Top- Warehouse ● Leggings- Topshop ●Heels- New look ● Clutch - Primark ● Lip combo- Mac please me & Mac fresh air lipglass (love this combo atm) ●

Friday, 24 August 2012

Video: A Short summer OOTN

Hi guys,

This is a really short video of an OOTN that I wore at the weekend as it was nice and hot! The filming isn't wonderful I asked my brother to do it and he doesn't understand how important the filming side is Gaah can't get the staff these days! haha. Let me know what you think and if you would like more of these videos as I'm not sure if they are a bit pointless as they are so short?

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday I get half a day at work due to the bank holiday woo!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Minx Mani

Just a really quick post today to show you my nails at the moment. I got a manicure on Wednesday at Powder Beauty in Brighton and on my ring finger I had this lovely floral minx wrap and my other nails are painted with OPI's 'Otherwise Engaged.' I love this natural pink colour It is the perfect every day pink I will be buying this next time I am in John Lewis Oxford Street!

I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine :)


Friday, 10 August 2012

What's in my new make up bag

Hi Lovelies,

I know I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front but if you follow me on twitter you will know that I have moved out of my house and I was really sad about it and moving is very very stressful!! I never want to move again haha.

On Saturday my boyfriend and I spent a day at Harrods cooing over the puppies and doing some window shopping then we went for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Piccolino in Heddon Street yum yum. My boyfriend bought me this new make up bag as one of my anniversary gifts and I love it, its so girly and vintage feeling but it also fits a lot in! So as I am moving around a fair bit at the moment I am trying to travel light so I am only bringing things I actually wear on a day to day bases and this make up bag fits the bill. So this is a combined whats in my new make up/ my every day make up at the moment :) I have noticed I am missing blusher in this photo not sure how but my current favourite is Benefit's coralista the most gorgeous coral colour for the summer time.

(l-R) Make up bag- Ted baker ● Eyeshadow brush- Primark (one of my favs!) ●Mac 187 ● Mac 217 (new and I love it ) ● Real Techniques Blush brush ● Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation shade 53● Mac Sheen supreme- Blossom culture ● Mac paint point- bare Study ● Eyelash curlers- Superdrug ●Mac eyeshadow- Cranberry ● Sleek Au natural palette ● L'oreal telescopic mascara● Bourjois Paris eyeliner ● Mac lipstick- cut a caper ● eye brow powder- The brow studio ●

It seems like a lot of products when I write it out but putting it on it doesn't seem so as it is quick and easy! What is your favourite eyeshadow palette? I am really enjoying this sleek one much more than my urban decay naked palette but it would be interesting to hear your favourites :)

Have a good Friday!


New Video: August Small Haul

I have finally uploaded a new video, it is a fairly small haul of a few pieces I have recently picked up. I am going to try to get into some sort of routine of making videos as I enjoy doing it and doing the geeky editing side :P If you like my videos you can subscribe to my channel here :)


Friday, 3 August 2012

Country Girl in the City

As some as you may know I am moving out of my current flat this weekend, and I will miss it a lot as the location is perfect right on the Southbank. So last night I told the boy to put his best clothes on as we are going out and making the most of our last few days here! I love the Southbank it is so pretty on a sunny evening and there is always something going on such as pop up restaurants or people performing. We had a lovely evening and went to Strada which was delicious I highly recommend the Rossa pizza and I am not sure why I hadn’t gone there sooner.

For some unknown reason last night I was feeling a bit confident, so I put on my new lacy white dress with my new brown mighty topshop boots. Now this is something I never ever do without tights but I see other people wearing this look and it looks amazing but me on the other hand, NO as I have short legs I always think boots will make them look even more stumpy. Oh boy how wrong I was looking back at these photos I think it actually works really well and I like this outfit it even got the ultimate seal of approval from the boy! I did feel very country girl (Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazard is in my head) but I’m not sure why maybe it was the brown boots and denim jacket.

One maybe obvious to some but not me thing to point out is if you buy the mighty boots from topshop wear normal socks as the top of the boot was rubbing on my leg and really hurt so I had to do a sexy sock change with my boyfriend half way through the night haha. It is true what they say when you love someone you share everything!!

P.s I have just noticed this outfit is practically a walking advertisement for Topshop haha I think I have a problem! Have you got anything from Topshop recently?

Dress- Topshop ● Denim Jacket (old) - Topshop similar here ●Brown Boots- Topshop ● Necklace- Topshop ● Studded Clutch- Primark ● Sunglasses- Boyfriend's ●


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New Kicks- All White Converse

It’s not often I am this excited about shoes especially trainers but I am in love!! I was like a child yesterday when I got them as soon as I got home I frantically tipped them out of the box put them on and rocked them around my house in my pjs right up until bed time when the boyfriend told me I had to take them off BOO. I have wanted a new pair of trainer type of shoes for a while it has been a close tossup between converse or vans but after seeing a lot of my favourite fashion bloggers making converse look so effortless and laid back I was sold. I was going to get the normal white ones everyone has with the red and blue stripe until I saw these babies in all white, they are just perfect! I have lots of outfits in my head that they will look amazing with I can’t wait for the weekend to roll around so I can wear them properly :)

Are you a fan of converse? If so what colour have you got? I quite like the look of black ones as well ;) You can buy them here from office and they cost £42.99 :)

P.s The union Jack cushion just seemed appropriate as it is the Olympic's at the moment haha


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