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Friday, 3 August 2012

Country Girl in the City

As some as you may know I am moving out of my current flat this weekend, and I will miss it a lot as the location is perfect right on the Southbank. So last night I told the boy to put his best clothes on as we are going out and making the most of our last few days here! I love the Southbank it is so pretty on a sunny evening and there is always something going on such as pop up restaurants or people performing. We had a lovely evening and went to Strada which was delicious I highly recommend the Rossa pizza and I am not sure why I hadn’t gone there sooner.

For some unknown reason last night I was feeling a bit confident, so I put on my new lacy white dress with my new brown mighty topshop boots. Now this is something I never ever do without tights but I see other people wearing this look and it looks amazing but me on the other hand, NO as I have short legs I always think boots will make them look even more stumpy. Oh boy how wrong I was looking back at these photos I think it actually works really well and I like this outfit it even got the ultimate seal of approval from the boy! I did feel very country girl (Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazard is in my head) but I’m not sure why maybe it was the brown boots and denim jacket.

One maybe obvious to some but not me thing to point out is if you buy the mighty boots from topshop wear normal socks as the top of the boot was rubbing on my leg and really hurt so I had to do a sexy sock change with my boyfriend half way through the night haha. It is true what they say when you love someone you share everything!!

P.s I have just noticed this outfit is practically a walking advertisement for Topshop haha I think I have a problem! Have you got anything from Topshop recently?

Dress- Topshop ● Denim Jacket (old) - Topshop similar here ●Brown Boots- Topshop ● Necklace- Topshop ● Studded Clutch- Primark ● Sunglasses- Boyfriend's ●


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  1. this is such a cute outfit!! i love that dress on you with the jean jacket!! so pretty you look fabulous hon!

  2. Thank you Lisa so nice of you :)

  3. Nice outfit! Love the denim & dress combination!

  4. I've just bought some very similar boots from Schuh which I absolutely adore, but haven't been able to figure out what Summer outfits I can wear them with. Your post has really inspired me! x

  5. Ohh yey I'm glad it has helped :) I never thought it would look right but I love the look, boots look so cute with girly dresses :) x