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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New Kicks- All White Converse

It’s not often I am this excited about shoes especially trainers but I am in love!! I was like a child yesterday when I got them as soon as I got home I frantically tipped them out of the box put them on and rocked them around my house in my pjs right up until bed time when the boyfriend told me I had to take them off BOO. I have wanted a new pair of trainer type of shoes for a while it has been a close tossup between converse or vans but after seeing a lot of my favourite fashion bloggers making converse look so effortless and laid back I was sold. I was going to get the normal white ones everyone has with the red and blue stripe until I saw these babies in all white, they are just perfect! I have lots of outfits in my head that they will look amazing with I can’t wait for the weekend to roll around so I can wear them properly :)

Are you a fan of converse? If so what colour have you got? I quite like the look of black ones as well ;) You can buy them here from office and they cost £42.99 :)

P.s The union Jack cushion just seemed appropriate as it is the Olympic's at the moment haha


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  1. I used to be in love with Vans but like you I turned to Converse and I'm in love! These plain white ones are particularly lovely, perfect for Summer (not that we've had or got much of one!)

  2. I love converse - luckily mine still fit me from when I had a few pairs as a teenager as I've noticed the price has gone up a bit! I love the all white ones you have, the low tops look great with anything! xx

  3. Nice shoes, love converse!

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  5. I know I hope we have some more sunshine I want them to stay white for a while! haha x

  6. I've noticed the same I got a pair about 3 years ago and I swear they were about £34 but now they're £42.99! Thank you :) xx

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