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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Outfit of the weekend: Girly Lace and Studs

Long time no speak it feels! I have had a mare of a weekend regarding technology. The new place doesn't have internet until the beginning of September so I have been struggling to blog properly but I did get a lot of photos taken. I also had a £150 phone bill lord knows how and was cut off for 3 days which meant no twitter WAH it was horrific how did we live without the internet before?!

Anyway this is an outfit I wore on Sunday as we had a couple of friends round for a bbq. My boyfriend kindly bought this top for me as I saw it on the Saturday and fell in love with it so the Sunday we were in central London and saw that Debenhams were having 20% off so it would of been silly not to get it, as the original price is £42 which I think is really expensive for what it is. I never normally shop in Warehouse but they really have some nice bits in and this top is such a nice fit and makes me feel smart and grown up a look which is very much welcomed at the moment :).  On a different note I am getting my hair cut finally on Thursday it has been about 3 months *cough 4 cough* and it has got thick and out of hand. I am thinking I might get some highlights as well to give it some texture and warmth what do you think?

Do any of you shop in warehouse? how was your weekend?

●Top- Warehouse ● Leggings- Topshop ●Heels- New look ● Clutch - Primark ● Lip combo- Mac please me & Mac fresh air lipglass (love this combo atm) ●

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  1. I love the clutch really want one but my primarks ages away!
    I do love rain mac and floral playsuit are from there and got 25% off both which was even better:) So cute that your boyfriend treated you to the top its lovely x

  2. Oh that sucks it is such a nice clutch i couldn't believe it was primark! Ah amazing was that Debenhams day or do they do discount days? I really like warehouse they have such nice pieces :) x

  3. Ur so pretty, love ur clutch <3


  4. Must have a look in Primark for this clutch! Love it! Would love to see your hair when it's done :)!

  5. It is such a bargain! :) Will do getting coloured next week hopefully it looks nice!! xx