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Friday, 28 September 2012

Canada Day Two- Shopping & CN Tower

Hi Girls,
Day two of my trip in Toronto was another  jam packed day! We spent the day shopping which was actually very tiring as we were walking around for ages to find the shopping centre and then got lost on the underground like true tourists! We then went for dinner up the CN tower which has the most incredible view as it moves around you get to see the whole of Toronto which is beautiful :) I got a few bits when shopping obviously had to stop in Sephora ;) keep your eyes peeled as they will be on the blog soon :)
Another day, another  Starbucks where I was always called Alley!

Yes that is me in the distance standing outside a chopped out Sephora,
you just can't get the staff these days!

My cousin and I had our make up done by Nars make up artists, I asked for smokey eyes and bronzed cheeks.

My boyfriend sent me these beautiful flowers to my hotel which made my week <3
The CN Tower
The view from the CN Tower, amazing!

L-R: Me, My cousin, Mum, Aunt and Aunt

I cant believe this is what I was doing exactly this time last week and now I am back in England to the usual day in and day crap! If I could go back tomorrow I would :) Have any of you been up the CN tower? what did you think?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Canada Day One- Niagara Falls

Honey I'm home! So in the space of a week I have gone to Toronto and back, the 5 days flew by but don't be fooled we got a lot packed in. I have fallen head over heels with Toronto we stayed near Yorkville the city is so clean and the people are so friendly and helpful. We were lost on the street one day trying desperately to read a map and a friendly local approached us and asked if they could help, I have never seen that happen in London! I thought I would show you day by day what I did the first being going to Niagara Falls which was breath taking. This post will be picture heavy!

Starting the day the same as the others with a hot chocolate from Starbucks where I kept being called Alley and the most amazing waffles ever!

Our snazzy tour van.
These amazing toffee apples in this cute quaint town near Niagara Falls and my cousin and I eating a rocky road treat from the shop it was very sickly!

My beautiful Mum and I & the American falls.
My true feelings about having to wear the blue poncho for the maid of the mist boat ride and the amazing Niagara Falls.

The Thursday was such a good day I am so glad we went has anyone else been to Niagara Falls? If so did you do the Maid of the Mist and get soaked?! haha.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sleek Au Naturel Palette 601

Hi Dolls,

I have just got to say I have fallen in love with this palette, I will put it out there and say I prefer this to my Naked Palette ( we never really got on but shh.) I only bought this as I saw one of the pixiwoo sisters using it in one of their videos and I mean they could see ice to eskimos so I was sold! It is really pigmented considering how in expensive it is and a couple of them like the bottom one in the above photo is really creamy. I have messed around with quite a few of the shades and it is great if you are starting out as you have a black, white, gold and a brown to achieve most basic looks. The packaging is sleek (pardon the pun) black and lightweight. My favourite combination from this palette is the second colour from the left on the top row and the second from right on the bottom row they look so pretty together! If you have this palette what is your favourite combo?

On another note today is the day I am off to Canada and you will finally not have to listen to my countdown haha! Packing was a nightmare but then again when isn't it?! I have packed for every season really and luckily at the last hour found a clutch bag to match my dress and fascinator :). As I wasn't organised there won't be any posts on my blog but I will be back Monday 24th so don't leave me I'll be back soon! See you in a week :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Outfit of the Weekend: Studded checked shirt

Hi Girls,

I hope you have all had a nice weekend how is it Monday already? Not that I should really be complaining as Monday is the only day I am working this week! I wore this outfit on Saturday after waiting ages to wear this denim shirt as I struggle feeling confident wearing these sort of shirts as sometimes I feel a bit boyish if that makes any sense? But I felt tucked in and teamed with these boots with a slight heel it still felt feminine :) However Saturday turned out to be boiling hot and I was scorching in boots and a plaid shirt it was a bit of a fail on my part really haha. I have also fallen back in love with the lipstick Monte Carlo by chanel which I am wearing in the above photo it is such a nice berry shade for Autumn. 

It is now only 2 days til I go away I am still trying to find a clutch bag to go with my dress for the wedding so if anyone has seen a berry shade bag in a store please let me know it is becoming desperate now haha!

●Shirt-Zara ●Jeans-Topshop ●Necklace- Topshop● Sunglasses- Mens D&G ● Belt- Primark ● Boots- Topshop 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Essie Watermelon

Hi Lovelies,

So today I just thought I'd blog about me eating a watermelon.. haha I kid but you do get a close up of my front teeth lucky you ;). I recently picked up this gorgeous colour after watching someones youtube video (can't remember who) recently and being mesermized through out by their nail colour. It is a gorgeous hot pink colour and for some reason I normally steer clear of bright pinks on my nails and stick to milky pinks but this pink seems less in your face and 'barbie'. It also the perfect shade to transition you from summer to Autumn and as you can see it is true to its name and very similar to the actual colour of watermelon :) I have worn it all week on my nails and found that suprisingly enough it goes with near to everything I wore. It isn't streaky when you put it on which is a plus so touch ups are easy and I found it only started to chip after around 3 days.

So have you got this nail polish? What other Essie polishes do you recommend as my collection of them is growing rapidly!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Video: Small September Haul

Finally a new video! I filmed this haul over 3 weeks ago but we had no internet for ages so it has been impossible to upload this video! It is only a few pieces I picked up recently I actually took the primark shirt back but now I think I might be regretting it hmm what do you think?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New season and a New Blog Home

Hi Lovelies,

Long time no speak! Some of you eagle eyes ( or those who follow me on twitter) will notice I have finally taken the plunge and moved my blog from wordpress to blogger! As with everything in my life it did not run smoothly and I am still waiting for my domain name to transfer but I couldn't leave it any longer without blogging its been nearly a week :(. The main reason I changed my blog is so that it became more interactive and easy to use there were bits with the wordpress platform I didn't like as a user and knew as a reader I'd find them a hassle too. You can now obviously follow me on GFC which lots of people used to ask me where mine was so now I have it :)

On a different note I feel like I am running around like a headless chicken this week it is exactly one week until I fly off to Canada and I have so much to do I don't even have a bag for the wedding yet!. To top it all off I am having a hair mare. For 2 years I have not coloured my hair after having several disastrous hair dying jobs. It takes a lot for me to rust someone with my hair it might sound lame but it is true and my hairdresser in London I 100% trust but it comes at a big price and it is hard to get an appointment. My friend and I were in Brighton and I got talked into getting my hair dyed I was SO nervous and I stressed a lot that I wanted chocolate brown with NO red. So of course they didn't listen and I have a red tinge to my hair which looks orange when I tie my hair up. I am stressing out I don't want to go to the wedding with this hair so do I fork out £120 for my good hairdresser to try and fix it without going black?! I hope you don't think I am being silly but I feel hair really effects how you feel about yourself.

Have any of you had the same problem with the hairdresser giving you red instead of brown? Oh and back to the main reason of the post I wore this outfit at the weekend as I love this dress it is my favourite autumn colour and such a pretty shape :) Let me know what you think of my blog being on blogger do you prefer it?

●Denim Shirt- Topshop ●Dress- Love concession in Topshop ● All white converse ● Sunglasses- Men D&G ● Belt Primark ●

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Stepping out of my comfort zone

This outfit is me well and truly stepping out of my comfort zone. I saw someone wearing these trousers on pinterest and they looked amazing and chic, then I saw them in Zara and the crazy lady inside me grabbed them, paid without trying them and before I even had time to think about what I was doing they were mine. Luckily I love them and I feel confident enough in them to wear them outside of the house, I know I'm not the only person who has pieces of clothing they love but never feel brave enough to wear outside the house!
This post is a bit of a cheat though as this is an outfit I am planning to wear on Saturday for cocktails in brighton with the girls, I'm so excited about it! But I really wanted your advice on the outfit so what do you think? Is it dressy enough or are they a bit PJ bottomish to wear to a cocktail bar? haha. If you hadn't noticed I am obsessed with studs at the moment ( well who isn't) I am so glad I found this clutch bag in Primark as it goes with everything :)

●Blazer- H&M ●Necklace- Topshop ● Top-Zara ● Trousers- Zara ● Shoes - New Look ● Clutch- Primark ● Ring- Topshop ●

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Outfit of the Weekend: Statement Jacket

This jacket was love at first sight *swoon*.  It is everything I have ever wanted in a jacket the tough (faux) leather sleeves, burgundy waterfall front and the fact it is warm. I love wearing basic outfits at the moment and then wearing one statement piece to pull it together which I can do with this jacket perfectly. This might well be my go to Autumn jacket over my leather jacket shock horror! I can tell that me leather jacket is weeping inside my wardrobe. I thought I would show you how easy it would be to change this outfit from day to night simply by changing the shoes. This is the sort of outfit that would be perfect if you are out shopping all day and then meeting friends for drinks or dinner. Personally I think I secretly prefer it with my red studded shoes but I might be bias as they are my current favourite shoe!

I also went out and bought the topshop leigh jeans in black. I have been putting it off for ages (not sure why) as I already own these jeans in a light blue and indigo shade but they just fit my height perfectly and are so comfy! But from this day I will be on a spending ban otherwise I will be going to Canada absolutely broke unable to afford food or see the sights!

Anyone else bought a statement jacket for Autumn recently? Or got a trusty old favourite?

●Jacket-River Island ●Top-Zara ●Necklace-Topshop ●Leigh Jeans-Topshop ●Red shoes- Topshop ●Studded High heels- New look ●Studded Clutch Bag-Primark ●Lipstick - Mac Craving ●

Monday, 3 September 2012

Mac Cranberry Eyeshadow Review

I finally caved and bought Mac cranberry 3 weeks ago. I have lusted over this eyeshadow for ages I just was never brave enough to buy it and think I would wear it. Something inside of me has shifted recently and I want to step out of my comfort zone more, my comfort zone of eyeshadow being golds and natural colours. I really think this colour is gorgeous it is really nice to make a smokey eye with it and I wore it in the evening which you can see here.

On me Cranberry is a rich berry pink with small silver shimmer running through it, in the picture above I have teamed it with No 17 Statuesque which is all over my lid then I have lightly put cranberry in my crease (baby steps people). I think when I get more confident wearing it I would love to do a real dark smokey eye for a dramatic look. As this is a frost finish I find that is it really easy to blend it and it is a really smooth and creamy eyeshadow. I am really pleased I bought this eyeshadow as it seems like it would go with a lot of different colours to create varied looks.

Have you got Mac Cranberry? If so what do you pair it with?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

First of the Autumn outfits

Hi Dolls,

First off how is it September already?! This year is well and truly flying by! Secretly I am a little pleased it is September due to having such a rubbish summer at least now it seems acceptable to wear chunky cardigans and boots. I bought this gorgeous grey speckled cardigan on Friday after seeing it mid week and not being able to forget about it it is from probably my favourite store at the moment- Topshop. I swear down most of my wardorbe is Topshop it is quite sad really haha. I love the length of it as you can wear it with leggings and you can't see too well in the photos but it has little flat studs on the shoulders which gives it that extra nice bit of detail. I know I should really stop spending but I justified it by saying it would be the perfect to fly to Canada in haha I mean of course you need a new outfit to fly out in ;) Please tell me I'm not the only person who does this?!

I wore this outfit as me and the boy went to China town for some lunch then went for a really nice bike around Hyde Park and Lancaster Gate area. It was soo much fun, I have always been hesistant about bike riding in the city due to being worried I'd be crushed by a bus but I really recommend you all do it! Plus you get to nose at all the gorgeous town houses in Lancaster Gate and Bayswater *sigh* how the other half live! I would love to live there one day :).

●Cardigan- Topshop ●T-Shirt- Zara ●Leggings-Topshop ●Shoes-Topshop ●Handbag- Karen Millen ●

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