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Sunday, 2 September 2012

First of the Autumn outfits

Hi Dolls,

First off how is it September already?! This year is well and truly flying by! Secretly I am a little pleased it is September due to having such a rubbish summer at least now it seems acceptable to wear chunky cardigans and boots. I bought this gorgeous grey speckled cardigan on Friday after seeing it mid week and not being able to forget about it it is from probably my favourite store at the moment- Topshop. I swear down most of my wardorbe is Topshop it is quite sad really haha. I love the length of it as you can wear it with leggings and you can't see too well in the photos but it has little flat studs on the shoulders which gives it that extra nice bit of detail. I know I should really stop spending but I justified it by saying it would be the perfect to fly to Canada in haha I mean of course you need a new outfit to fly out in ;) Please tell me I'm not the only person who does this?!

I wore this outfit as me and the boy went to China town for some lunch then went for a really nice bike around Hyde Park and Lancaster Gate area. It was soo much fun, I have always been hesistant about bike riding in the city due to being worried I'd be crushed by a bus but I really recommend you all do it! Plus you get to nose at all the gorgeous town houses in Lancaster Gate and Bayswater *sigh* how the other half live! I would love to live there one day :).

●Cardigan- Topshop ●T-Shirt- Zara ●Leggings-Topshop ●Shoes-Topshop ●Handbag- Karen Millen ●

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  1. gorgeous cardi ! i looove it :D
    im scared of cylcing too for the same reason but i am so tempted to take it up at uni as my mode of transport - much cheaper than the bus!


  2. Such a lovely cardi, great buy! Ohh so jealous you're off to Canada! Love your shoes too

  3. Thank you! You should its actually a lot of fun once you get over the fear or thinking you'll be squashed! If your uni is London too it would be good :) xo

  4. Thank you! I can't believe how quickly Canada has come around! xx