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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

An Autumn Afternoon

Happy Halloween!
This post has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween as I completely forgot all about it so I never got into the spirit of pumpkin carving and painting my face, but still it seems the right spooky thing to do! Maybe I will watch a scary movie tonight, any recommendations? Saying that I am a complete wuss and even watched paranormal activity with the lights on and the volume down low haha.

As it has been getting colder recently I was convinced that winter must be near but according to google winter doesn't start til 22nd December, did you know that?! I always thought it begun in November. But this does mean we hopefully get more gorgeous Autumn days like the one in these photos, there really is nothing better than going for a walk snuggled up, drinking a hot chocolate and looking at all the pretty colours from the leaves on the ground. I always think there is something magical feeling about walking through a park when the golden leaves on the ground, with the trees running along both sides of the path. Ah bliss. This is something I wore on Sunday for a little walk around the park drinking a salted caramel hot chocolate, keeping to my usual Autumn uniform of black and burgundy I also had a leopard print scarf in my bag, typical me. I have only worn this playsuit twice both times in the evening, so trying to get more wear out of it I thought I could wear it in the day as well, keeping everything simple and I like how it looks I did change the original belt to this rose gold bow which I also got on another playsuit from topshop!

Have you got any halloween plans for tonight? What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

•Jacket- Zara •Playsuit- Topshop (last year) • Boots- New look 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick-111 Kiss of Life

Hi Dolls,

It is very rare you will see me in a red lip, let alone a bright red lip. This buy was purely because Tanya Burr used it on Millie Mackintosh in her tutorial and I mean Tanya can sell ice to eskimo, and as I am weak I was instantly sold, so the next day I popped out and snapped it up. I have been looking for a red lipstick for Autumn and the christmas season, but it is actually a lot harder than it seems to find the perfect one. 

I'll start with the packaging, I think it is actually pretty nice for the price. Plain red with Kate's signature on it I mean it isn't offence and seems pretty sturdy but I made the massive fail of buying mine in superdrug where they put those hideous stickers all over them, so now I have part of a bar code stuck on the tube grr. This lipstick is what I would call as true 'ruby red' and the more I look at these photos the more I realise how perfect it will be nearer to Christmas. This lipstick is surprisingly creamy considering it is supposed to be matte, I was expecting it to be like Mac's Ruby Woo and Please me both of which I find too matte on me and always need a bit of gloss on top. I would actually classify this as semi-matte but I really like the formula I personally think red lipsticks always look better with a slight glossy sheen to them. One thing that bugs me about this lipstick the over powering powdery smell, it smells very similar to L'oreal's scent and is a little granny. 

Over all I really like this lipstick and for the price I really can't complain. As with all red lipsticks it does smudge and bleed a little after a while so I will probably buy Mac's brick lipliner to help this. I literally can't wait for the christmas reason to arrive so I can wear this with a smokey gold eye and big eyelashes! Have you got this? What do you think of the colour?

P.s my skin isn't looking great in these photos it had been a stressful week and my skin suffered sorry for subjecting you to this haha!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Outfit of the Weekend- Two of my favourite things

Hi Lovelies,

Long time no speak again, life is so busy at the moment and due to it being so dark all the time my blog seems to have taken a bit of a back seat :(. But I am back with an outfit including my two favourite things at the moment leopard print and burgundy hence the post title.

This weekend has been really nice I went back to sussex on Friday and spent the evening with my best friend we went and watched Ruby Sparks, which is an interesting movie not one I would watch again but I still enjoyed it. We then went to bluewater on the Saturday which was absolutely packed it was ridiculous and the leopard print collar shirt was the only purchase I made as I saw nothing in the shops boo. However I have wanted a shirt with a leopard print collar for ages for the exact way I am wearing it above, layering. This shirt is all black with leopard cuffs and collar with the cute stud as the top bottom, now by itself I find this shirt isn't very flattering but with a jumper layered over the top I love it, and it was cheap at £16 something from Forever 21. I have also been itiching to wear my favourite shorts again from topshop I love the rose gold detailing and just because it is Autumn I see no reason not to wear them! I am always wearing THE jumper again, I think I am wearing it far too much are you guys getting sick of seeing it?!

I have had such a nice sunday we went for a stroll through the park admiring the Autumn colours and then came back and watched 4 yes FOUR episodes of Suits haha, we have just got into it and love it! Anyone else watch it?! Hows your sunday been?

•Shirt- Forever 21•Jumper- H&M •Hat- H&M • Shorts- Topshop•Boots- New Look 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fall Nail Polish Picks

Hi Lovelies,

Feels like I haven't posted for ages! This weekend was so busy so I didn't get any time to take blog pictures so hence why this photo isn't as good because it was taken in artificial lighting damn you darker days! My recent phase has been nail polishes every so often I get obsessed with one item a few month ago it was lip products and now it is nail.  love getting seasonal with nail varnish, being able to wear rich jewel colours on your nails makes me feel cosy and festive, is that odd? These are my current top 6 go too polishes and ones I know I will wear over and over again this fall/winter.

Nails Inc Saville Row- This polish has a blog post all to itself here. It is a firm favourite for fall I wore it a lot last year it is in my favourite colour and goes with so much, it graces my toe nails basically all fall obviously being touched up and I love it!

Essie Eternal Optimist- I bought this at the beginning of the year and it is a gorgeous dusty pink shade. The perfect in between a nude and pink and is a hint more of colour on your nails compared to a milky pink. This is basically my fall/winter Essie Figi, the perfect shade of pink for winter.

Essie Chinchilly- All I can say about this polish is I do actually wear it all year round so it is a slight cheat. Its a lovely grey with a hint of lilac it is hard to explain but really pretty. I wear this a fair bit to work as it is sophisticated but still neutral enough to go with most outfits.

OPI A thrill in Brazil- Ok I have only had this for a week as a present from my boyfriend for my blogs 1st birthday and it is beautiful! It has taken me a while to find the perfect classic red shade and finally after a lot of searching I have found it. It has a blue undertone so on my skin it is very flattering especially as I am more pale in the winter than summer. Application is brilliant it is smooth and is opaque after one coat but I always apply two out of habit. I am surprised as well at how little it chips I have had it on for 3 days now and not one chip.

OPI Tomorrow never dies - This one really caught my eye from the collection it is a dark grape colour with blue shimmer running through it. It looks more blue in the bottle than it does on your nails. Seriously stunning I had something that looked similar in the bottle from Mac last year but it applied way to dark and you couldn't see the pretty blue/purple shades. This one wipes that out of the water and I know I will wear it a lot. I can see this being really popular from the 007 collection it is different from any other shade I have personally seen.

Models Own-Jack Frost- Another newbie to the race but it is such a nice glitter polish I couldn't miss it out just because it was new. This looks so pretty with OPI tomorrow never dies, the blue glitter in it really compliments the polish. I personally love that this isn't chunky glitter, I get a bit bored of those it is more subtle and looks like little ice flakes are on your nails due to the colours. It is a clear base with iridescent flecks of glitter, one thing that is nice is it is so versatile the colours will look different depending on the base of your nail.

Those are my top 5 I hope it is helpful maybe you have a few of these you have forgotten about? What is your one favourite polish for fall? Any you could recommend?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Video: Fall October 2012 Haul

Hi Dolls,

So finally I filmed a new youtube video I must get into some sort of routine as I am leaving it way to long and I do actually enjoy doing videos! I look really tired in this video but I only have 20 minutes in my weekend to film this with decent lighting so I sacrificed doing my eye make up so I could get it done! Just a few pieces I have picked up this month, if you have any video suggests please let me know and if you like my videos you can subscribe here.

What is your favourite piece? Have you seen the new James Bond OPI collection? It is amazing!

Friday, 19 October 2012

How to wear Leopard print trousers in the day

Hi Lovelies,

Surprise surprise I am wearing leopard print again! haha I am literally obsessed with leopard print at the moment I just find it goes with a lot that I like to wear and adds a nice pop to a simple outfit. I am looking out of my office window while writing this at the miserable rain and wishing the sunshine would come back like in the photographs! I love these trousers, they are completely out of my comfort zone so I am surprised at how comfortable I feel in them and how much my boyfriend likes them but they are a lot easier to style for a night out then the day. This is why I set myself the challenge to wear these in the daytime with flats so that they are a more diverse piece in my wardrobe. I personally really like this outfit and know I will wear it a lot, I am trying to make a more conscious effort to wear my clothes more and I am wearing this jumper and shirt so much they are very well loved!

I am so excited for this evening, Jack and I are having a date night,we are going to Shepherds Bush for a wander around then dinner and drinks. Since we have moved we don't go out as much in the evening as we would rather be inside watching a movie haha also as we used to have the southbank on our doorstep I think we felt we had to go out more.

Anyone else got plans for this evening? What do you think about leopard prints a yay or nay?

•Shirt-Forever 21-•Necklace H&M•Jumper-H&M • Cross Ring-Topshop • Trousers-Zara • Shoes-Primark 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Autumn Nail Polish Pick: Nails Inc Saville Row

One thing I really love about Autumn is ditching the pastel colour polishes and wearing the rich dark shades. I personally find light shades of polish look odd on me when it is cold out, even Essie Fiji   has been pushed to the back of my nail polish collection for now. I had a total love affair with this nail polish last year so as soon as I saw the leaves dropping I whipped it out and the love affair started again. This photo doesn't really do it justice but it is probably due to my lack of painting skill these days  I suddenly seem to get shakey every time I try to steady my hand haha Fail!. I think it is really obvious to you by now why I love this shade it close to my favourite burgundy/oxblood colour  and if I could add a leopard print accent nail then It would be everything I loved in one mani!

What are your favourite nail polishes for fall? I really want a deep purple colour are there any you can recommend?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Outfit of the Weekend: Leather skirt and Neon

Hey Girls,

Another day another outfit! I really wanted an outfit which incorporated my neon necklace, sad that I plan an outfit around a necklace I know! I really love this necklace and it pulls together such a simple outfit so easily. While roaming pinterest,one of my favourite places to get inspiration I saw a photo of someone wearing a neon necklace with a sheer blouse both of which I have so voila here is the outfit! When it gets cold I can just add some black tights.

I am really struggling to function today I keep thinking it is Thursday and dreaming of chanel bags and gorgeous homes, anyone else have days like this? I just want one good idea which can make me enough money to travel the world and live in my dream world for forever haha! 

Hows is your day going? Anyone else loving pops of neon in their Autumn outfits?

•Necklace-H&M•Sheer Blouse-Topshop•Skirt-River Island •Shoes-New Look

Monday, 15 October 2012

Outfit of the Weekend- Jewels & Fur

Hi Dolls,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend the weather was gorgeous! I had the nicest Sunday my boyfriend suprised me and bought me a pumpkin spice latte and bacon roll in bed, we then went to feed the squirrels in Hyde Park, looked for a dress for a friend's 21st and finally rode the bikes back to Bayswater. So being at work today is a bit hard!

Most of this outfit is new, naughty me, but my mum is just an enabler. I have been looking for a fur gillet for a while now but I am SO fussy when it comes to faux fur some of them look matted and like the fur of a gorilla which is just not for me. So when I saw this one in topshop, with the soft fur and dangly bits it was love at first sight but I will admit looking at it now it probably looks more like gorilla fur then the ones I am talking about like this one. It fits really nice and is surprisingly warm, also as it is so versatile I knew I would get a lot of wear out of it. This outfit was quite Millie Mackintosh inspired, I absolutely love her style and she has been seen on a couple of occasions wearing fur gillets and a floppy hat. As for the top what can I say it is everything I could want, baggy, comfy and with a load of jewels! I would say if you are going to buy this stay to your usual size or go a size down as it is HUGE, I tried a size 10 as that was the only size they had and it honestly looked I had put on my dads t shirt it was just hung and swamped me. 

Who are your style inspirations? Anyone else bought a fur gillet recently?

•Hat-H&M• Earrings-H&M• T-shirt-Topshop•Gillet-Topshop•Leggings-Zara •Boots-New Look• Watch- Michael Kors 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Canada Purchase: Physicians Happy Booster Blusher

Taken with Flash
Natural Light
Hi Lovelies,

I think we all know how popular this blusher is in the blogging world, so it is probably no surprise to you that I had this at the top of my shopping list when I went to Canada. I was quite surprised that it was $22, I thought it would cheaper than that as it is about £14, but saying that it is good quality. First things first isn't this the cutest blusher you have ever seen! I am really impressed that the hearts are actually raised I thought they had just been sprayed on and would disappear after one swipe. I picked this up in the colour Natural which was by total accident as I was in a rush and just grabbed what I could.  The claim on the packet is that due to the natural ingredients in the blusher it is supposed to promote the feeling of happiness, something which I can’t really comment on as I am a bit skeptical that something on my cheeks can make me happy!

The packaging is surprisingly nice, it is sturdy with a bottom compact which has a mirror and two toned brush. I wouldn't ever use the brush but it is nice colours and might be useful In emergencies! It is really light and compact so can go in your make up bag easily, but I do worry if I was to drop it the plastic clear top would break as it has no packaging around it like the Mac ones. I’ll be honest I cannot be faffed with applying each individual heart to a particular place on my face like I know some people do I use whip my real techniques blush brush in it a couple of times and apply. The pigmentation is good, not amazing I did find after 4 hours I had nothing left and had to reapply but it is nice subtle brush of colour on your cheeks. 

I do like this blusher but I feel I was really won over by the packaging and design on the blusher rather than the blusher itself, there are others which I favor more. Does anyone else own this? If so how long does it last on your cheeks? Did I just pick up the wrong colour?

Monday, 8 October 2012

Outfit of the Weekend- The statement Hat

Hi Girls,

This is going to be a quick post as I am currently in the middle of painting my nails (mac rain of flowers if you wanted to know) and waiting for gossip girl to load I am well and truly addicted!! I am just about to finish season 1 and I am hooked i'm second from last episode and if anyone else watches it you will know how intense this bit is!

Not much to report for me really I watched my cousin run the half marathon in Hyde Park on Sunday he did so well, finishing in 1hr 53 minutes we were all very proud. :) I'm wearing a few new purchases in this outfit but  I am trying to be good this month however I thought these are such winter staples and I needed them obviously :P. I love hats but for some reason I get a little shy about wearing them just as I'm about to head out of the door but this one feels different I feel fashionable in it for once haha. I also love the colour of my new jumper it is my favourite colour ever for Autumn and the quality of it is pretty good it looks a lot like my Ralph Lauren I have and it is pretty thick like it as well. 

Have any of you bought a hat for winter? I'm looking for a chunky knitted beanie hat anyone seen any nice ones?

•Jumper- H&M •Shirt-Forever 21• Jeans-Topshop Leigh •Necklace- Topshop •Hat- H&M • Boots- New Look • Watch Michael Kors • Lips- Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon •

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Outfit of the Weekend: A Pop of Leopard Print

I am so glad that the weekend if finally here! Yesterday I had such a lovely day compared to my horrific Friday! haha. As it was a gorgeous day my boyfriend and I decided to go for a stroll around South Kensington a place we both love and wish to live one day it's so pretty you forget you are in London. After our little wander we stopped off at Shepherd's Bush on the way home and watched Taken 2 which Is really meh it's not as good as the first.

My style recently has really changed I'm most comfortable wearing an all black outfit like the above and then adding a pop of pattern/ colour or a statement Jacket. Some might find my style boring but I personally think it looks simple and smart. I always wear these sort of outfits shopping as they are so plain underneath whatever you are trying on has a neutral palette to work with :) I am currently on the tube to Hyde Park to cheer on my cousin who is running a half marathon for charity! Anyone else goin to be there today? You a fan of leopard print? I know you either love it or hate it!

•Cardigan-Zara•Top-Zara•Jeans-topshop Leigh•Boots-New Look•

Friday, 5 October 2012

OOTD- Berry Colours & Leather

Hi Lovelies,

So today is a crappy day. It is one of those days I wish I never got out of bed for, I failed one of my insurance exams as the paper was ridiculously hard, I then went to buy the Marilyn Monroe lipstick in Love Goddess which was released yesterday to cheer myself up and it was already sold out. Finally to top it all off when I went to buy lunch my card got 'declined' it didn't, of course I have money for a £4 lunch but the woman still insisted in saying it loud enough for the whole store to here. So yes I am feeling a little sorry for myself! I would go shopping but then something inside me kicks in and tells I don't deserve it as I haven't done well does anyone get that? It can really be annoying.

Anyway enough moaning and onto the outfit :) I bought this shirt when I got back from Canada I had been eyeing it up for so long but at £45 I wasn't ready to take the plunge. Then when I got back from Canada I just thought sod it I will buy it to find out it was in the sale for £25 woo!!! I love it when that happens :) I have worn it loads seriously this blouse is so versatile I'm sure you will see lots of outfit pictures with it and also it in my absolutely favourite colours at the moment. I also recently rushed out and bought this skirt after seeing Sammi from Beauty Crush wearing it but boy was it hard to track down. It does seem to look nicer in real life than photos for some reason I think it looks a bit frumpy in these snaps, I know it will be a real staple in my wardrobe this winter.  

How is your Friday today? Anyone picked up any good Sale Bargains recently? 

P.s my hair is not that copper and red in real life it was just the lighting! Another disaster to add to my list haha

 Shirt-Warehouse ●Skirt-River Island ●Bag- Primark ●Shoes- New Look (past season) ● Ring-Topshop

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Perfect Nude Lipstick: Nars Cruising

Hi Lovelies,

I have yet another lip product for you today. If you haven’t noticed by now it is lip products which are my weakness and while in Toronto the make-up artist was very good at selling me basically every lip product that she used on me!  Nars Cruising has officially converted me to the nude lip gang. Everyone knows that I never ever wear nude lipsticks I am a pink lip kind of gal, the nearest nude I have in my collection is Mac Crème Cup but that just collects dust and is left unloved purely as I don’t think there is enough pink in to do anything for my face.  Saying that this nude is an exception to the rule I am not sure why maybe as it pinker so it does more for my complexion, but this lifts my face and is a gorgeous my lips but better colour but still looks natural. This lipstick is one that I would of not looked twice at though if it wasn’t for the make-up artist picking it out as it really does look like nothing and in the first pictures it even seems a bit mauve, which it isn’t when applied!  I really enjoy wearing this lipstick and is one of those lipsticks which is perfect to have in your bag as it is versatile, it looks great alone for work and then add a bit of gloss on top and it is perfect for dinner.

When you are next at a Nars counter I highly recommend checking this lipstick out especially if like me you have naturally pinky lips and struggle to find a nude that doesn’t make it look like you have chucked concealer on your lips! Has anyone else got other Nars lipstick recommendations? I am really enjoying their products at the moment.   

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Perfect Berry Lipgloss: Nars Como

Following on nicely from yesterdays post meet a new member of my collection and a quick favourite Nars Lipgloss in Como. As of recently I am a changed woman, for the last couple of months I have been wearing lipgloss at least 4 days out of the week which is unheard of for me. The main reason I think I hated lipgloss was when experimenting at 14 with make up I always had the NYC lipglosses ( are they still around) and they were so sticky so everything got stuck to my lips which was never a good look. So while in Canada we went into a department store, which I can't for the life of me remember the name of, and we wondered over to the Nars counter where they were doing free make overs. Never one to shy away from trying new products and having my make up done I jumped at the opportunity, and I actually had my make up done twice as the Nars girls were so nice they insisted we can back the following day, the wedding day and get our make up done.

For the wedding I asked for a natural eye look and a berry lip to match my dress which is when this beauty was used . The colour payoff is amazing, in this photograph and the one from my previous post I only have the lipgloss on but you can obviously intensify the colour by wearing another lip product underneath, but for me it is the most beautiful and flattering berry colour. It has a very subtle shimmer to it and as if like magic this lip gloss makes my lips seem fuller, hello kissable lips! As I know very little about Nars products I didn't realise this is part of their larger than life lipgloss range, is there much difference from the originals? I personally like the small brush on this lipgloss it means I am a lot more accurate applying it and you can use a small amount to avoid the dreaded glooping!

 Overall this will be the only lipgloss I will finish in my life I love it that much and I really recommend it for Autumn!   

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg