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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

An Autumn Afternoon

Happy Halloween!
This post has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween as I completely forgot all about it so I never got into the spirit of pumpkin carving and painting my face, but still it seems the right spooky thing to do! Maybe I will watch a scary movie tonight, any recommendations? Saying that I am a complete wuss and even watched paranormal activity with the lights on and the volume down low haha.

As it has been getting colder recently I was convinced that winter must be near but according to google winter doesn't start til 22nd December, did you know that?! I always thought it begun in November. But this does mean we hopefully get more gorgeous Autumn days like the one in these photos, there really is nothing better than going for a walk snuggled up, drinking a hot chocolate and looking at all the pretty colours from the leaves on the ground. I always think there is something magical feeling about walking through a park when the golden leaves on the ground, with the trees running along both sides of the path. Ah bliss. This is something I wore on Sunday for a little walk around the park drinking a salted caramel hot chocolate, keeping to my usual Autumn uniform of black and burgundy I also had a leopard print scarf in my bag, typical me. I have only worn this playsuit twice both times in the evening, so trying to get more wear out of it I thought I could wear it in the day as well, keeping everything simple and I like how it looks I did change the original belt to this rose gold bow which I also got on another playsuit from topshop!

Have you got any halloween plans for tonight? What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

•Jacket- Zara •Playsuit- Topshop (last year) • Boots- New look 

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