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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Autumn Nail Polish Pick: Nails Inc Saville Row

One thing I really love about Autumn is ditching the pastel colour polishes and wearing the rich dark shades. I personally find light shades of polish look odd on me when it is cold out, even Essie Fiji   has been pushed to the back of my nail polish collection for now. I had a total love affair with this nail polish last year so as soon as I saw the leaves dropping I whipped it out and the love affair started again. This photo doesn't really do it justice but it is probably due to my lack of painting skill these days  I suddenly seem to get shakey every time I try to steady my hand haha Fail!. I think it is really obvious to you by now why I love this shade it close to my favourite burgundy/oxblood colour  and if I could add a leopard print accent nail then It would be everything I loved in one mani!

What are your favourite nail polishes for fall? I really want a deep purple colour are there any you can recommend?

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  1. Love this super rich, versatile color! Great blog by the way!
    Meganne from The Vanity Theory

  2. Love the colour! I've been wearing a similar colour for ages now, the Barry M Raspberry. I love deep reds.
    Lovely blog!
    Daniella x