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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Canada Purchase: Physicians Happy Booster Blusher

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Natural Light
Hi Lovelies,

I think we all know how popular this blusher is in the blogging world, so it is probably no surprise to you that I had this at the top of my shopping list when I went to Canada. I was quite surprised that it was $22, I thought it would cheaper than that as it is about £14, but saying that it is good quality. First things first isn't this the cutest blusher you have ever seen! I am really impressed that the hearts are actually raised I thought they had just been sprayed on and would disappear after one swipe. I picked this up in the colour Natural which was by total accident as I was in a rush and just grabbed what I could.  The claim on the packet is that due to the natural ingredients in the blusher it is supposed to promote the feeling of happiness, something which I can’t really comment on as I am a bit skeptical that something on my cheeks can make me happy!

The packaging is surprisingly nice, it is sturdy with a bottom compact which has a mirror and two toned brush. I wouldn't ever use the brush but it is nice colours and might be useful In emergencies! It is really light and compact so can go in your make up bag easily, but I do worry if I was to drop it the plastic clear top would break as it has no packaging around it like the Mac ones. I’ll be honest I cannot be faffed with applying each individual heart to a particular place on my face like I know some people do I use whip my real techniques blush brush in it a couple of times and apply. The pigmentation is good, not amazing I did find after 4 hours I had nothing left and had to reapply but it is nice subtle brush of colour on your cheeks. 

I do like this blusher but I feel I was really won over by the packaging and design on the blusher rather than the blusher itself, there are others which I favor more. Does anyone else own this? If so how long does it last on your cheeks? Did I just pick up the wrong colour?

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  2. this blush is super cute! love the hearts <3
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  3. Love the packaging, it's so cute!

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  5. ohh lovely !

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