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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fall Nail Polish Picks

Hi Lovelies,

Feels like I haven't posted for ages! This weekend was so busy so I didn't get any time to take blog pictures so hence why this photo isn't as good because it was taken in artificial lighting damn you darker days! My recent phase has been nail polishes every so often I get obsessed with one item a few month ago it was lip products and now it is nail.  love getting seasonal with nail varnish, being able to wear rich jewel colours on your nails makes me feel cosy and festive, is that odd? These are my current top 6 go too polishes and ones I know I will wear over and over again this fall/winter.

Nails Inc Saville Row- This polish has a blog post all to itself here. It is a firm favourite for fall I wore it a lot last year it is in my favourite colour and goes with so much, it graces my toe nails basically all fall obviously being touched up and I love it!

Essie Eternal Optimist- I bought this at the beginning of the year and it is a gorgeous dusty pink shade. The perfect in between a nude and pink and is a hint more of colour on your nails compared to a milky pink. This is basically my fall/winter Essie Figi, the perfect shade of pink for winter.

Essie Chinchilly- All I can say about this polish is I do actually wear it all year round so it is a slight cheat. Its a lovely grey with a hint of lilac it is hard to explain but really pretty. I wear this a fair bit to work as it is sophisticated but still neutral enough to go with most outfits.

OPI A thrill in Brazil- Ok I have only had this for a week as a present from my boyfriend for my blogs 1st birthday and it is beautiful! It has taken me a while to find the perfect classic red shade and finally after a lot of searching I have found it. It has a blue undertone so on my skin it is very flattering especially as I am more pale in the winter than summer. Application is brilliant it is smooth and is opaque after one coat but I always apply two out of habit. I am surprised as well at how little it chips I have had it on for 3 days now and not one chip.

OPI Tomorrow never dies - This one really caught my eye from the collection it is a dark grape colour with blue shimmer running through it. It looks more blue in the bottle than it does on your nails. Seriously stunning I had something that looked similar in the bottle from Mac last year but it applied way to dark and you couldn't see the pretty blue/purple shades. This one wipes that out of the water and I know I will wear it a lot. I can see this being really popular from the 007 collection it is different from any other shade I have personally seen.

Models Own-Jack Frost- Another newbie to the race but it is such a nice glitter polish I couldn't miss it out just because it was new. This looks so pretty with OPI tomorrow never dies, the blue glitter in it really compliments the polish. I personally love that this isn't chunky glitter, I get a bit bored of those it is more subtle and looks like little ice flakes are on your nails due to the colours. It is a clear base with iridescent flecks of glitter, one thing that is nice is it is so versatile the colours will look different depending on the base of your nail.

Those are my top 5 I hope it is helpful maybe you have a few of these you have forgotten about? What is your one favourite polish for fall? Any you could recommend?

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  1. The OPI Tomorrow never dies is from the 007 collection right? It looks so pretty. I might have to pick that one up.

    1. It is! I'm so silly I should of said wil update now :) its so pretty defo worth checking out! X

  2. such a nice selection! great choice- so pretty!!

  3. I have models own jack frost! Its gunna be an absolute fave during december :) x

  4. Ohhh this makes me want to go out and buy new nailpolishes!!! I love the look of the OPI one, sounds good too as it doesn't chip easily!

    Robyn Mayday

  5. Love the Nails Inc colour! And I have an Essie polish really similar to Eternal Optimist: A crewed interest?
    Daniella x

  6. Amazing colours!
    new follower by the way :)
    Check out my blog!