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Monday, 5 November 2012

Sunday Dim Sum Trip

Hi Lovelies,

Another weekend has just flown by! If you follow me on twitter you probably see me tweet nearly every Sunday how I am going to China Town for Dim sum. On a Sunday it is part of our routine to go for Dim sum, my boyfriend is from Hong Kong so he knows all the good things to order! Chinese is probably my favourite type of food shortly followed by Japanese but nothing beats going for Dim sum, so for once I actually remembered my camera and I thought I would take some pics of our favourite things to order. However, this was tricky I struggled a bit to get in there first before my boyfriend wolfed it down, as you can see in the dumpling photo those chop sticks were going in for a swift grab haha! Something else I also love is pork buns they are delicious and if you want the best I recommend going to China Garden in Brighton as they are out of this world!

I kept my outfit simple, keeping the top half the same as I wore last weekend but putting some jeans on rather than shorts and tights as it was freezing!

What is your Sunday tradition/routine? What's your favourite dim sum?

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  1. your outfit is so cute you look so pretty babe! i love how you always add that perfect amount of edge with a leather jacket! i had no idea your bf was from hong kong that's so cool! my husbands family is from hong kong too :)

    i miss dim sum sooooooooooooooo much there's no dimsum in germany! we use to eat it every sunday when we lived in san francisco. we actually had dimsum in london when we were there last christmas.. you guys have some of the best dimsum in the world!!

  2. Cute outfit girl!

    X Jenny

  3. OMG I loveeeee dim sum!! I just had some yesterday and now I want more after looking at your yummy pics! That's hilarious how you had to snap it fast before your boyfriend took it. That sounds like my husband. lol! My favs has to be pork shumai and pan fried turnip cake with chinese sausage. Delish!

    You look great my dear! I love your burgundy sweater with the leather jacket. :)

    xo - Sheila

  4. Is that Imperial China in chinatown? I go there all the time, been there since I was tiny! :) Nx

    1. Yeah it is love it there! What a small world might see you in there one Sunday :) xo

    2. Haha, maybe, maybe :) Too bad they don't do steak ;) haha.