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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Lipgloss be Poppin' my Lipgloss be Cool

This has to be the most cringe title I have ever written but come on hands up who remembers this song?! I remember listening to this on my old ipod classic by the lockers putting on my NYC gloss with the girls before class, oh yeah I was cool. But back to the gloss in question I can't believe I am typing these words but I think I have fallen head over heels for a nude yes you read that right NUDE gloss. For me this is so big I feel it should be a friggin' holiday but no one else in 'RL' seems to understand how exciting this so I turn to you guys to share my excitement ( please don't burst my bubble.)

This purchase was the ultimate impulse buy. Picture the scene I'm mooching around Brighton picking up last minute essentials for my night out (fake tan & eyelashes) I packed in a hurry, I'm hungover from the night before, then disaster strikes I have a red dress but I have packed a red, orange,baby pink and bright pink lipstick but none of these will go with with my dress. Marching straight to Mac I stared at the lipsticks in my hungover daze feeling very confused and unsure. I already own creme cup and just don't get on with it at all, maybe nude lipsticks just aren't for me besides Nars cruising as a base colour. The nicest SA works in the Brighton store she is really helpful and friendly she over heard me moaning about what to wear and handed me Boy Bait. The applicator is really nice, it isn't sticky and lasts around 3 hours. This looks so pretty by itself which is how I am wearing it in the above photo, its a gorgeous milky pink/nude basically my lips but better and sun kissed slightly. I'll let the photo do the talking better basically it is so pretty! I also layered this over my beloved mac lovelorn and it also looked good. I seem to be drawn to lipglosses at the moment for years I didn't bothered as I hated the dreaded hair on lip situation but I think I have sort of mastered it and you will see me regularly rocking a glossed lip.

Any of you got this lipgloss? What are your thoughts? Let me know your favourite nude lip products i'm dipping my toe into this pool now.

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  1. I just can't wear lipglosses, idk what it is but I can't. This one looks great on you though! The colour really suits you. And yes, I do remember this song

  2. This is such a lovely nude, and it looks great on you. I'm not really a fan of lipglosses, but I'm kind of tempted my this! xx

  3. the shade looks great..really suits you

  4. It looks so simple, but gorgeous!
    Megan xxx

  5. Haha I still quote that part of the song to my friend and she hates it. Anyway, I never ever buy nude glosses but I really want to, yours is so pretty!

  6. You are so beautiful! And love your lipgloss haha. kisses!

    Mónica <3

  7. i love mac lipproducts and i will start collecting them soon. the nude gloss looks so good eventhough i'm not a gloss person.

  8. This colour looks lovely on you :)


  9. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! <3 Love the colour, it looks amazing on you! :) x

  10. Ooh gorgeous color! I love anything that's my lips but better. Looks good on you. :)

    P.S. thanks for the blog visit doll! ;)