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Monday, 25 March 2013

Mini Egg Lovin' - Illamasqua Mottle & Speckle

What doesn't scream easter more than mini eggs right?! Besides thinking of baby lambs and chicks mini eggs make me think easter and even better makes me think Spring, not that you know what Spring is living in the uk. As soon as I saw the release of Illamasqua's i'mperfection collection polishes aka the mini egg effect I knew I had to have them in my life. I'll be honest there aren't many nail polishes that make me feel like I need them in my life, I'm sure you have seen my nail polish jar in my bedroom and I am ashamed to say there is a draw to go along with that collection *hangs head*. However I swear I had a guardian angel looking out for me as the other week I got sent these babies, if you were in my house last Saturday morning you'd have thought I was crazy dancing around in my pug pjs bed hair and all ;), nice thought aye haha.

Mottle*(the green) and Speckle*(the lilac) are absolutely gorgeous colours, the perfect pastel shades not to bright and in your face understated enough to wear them to work and of course they look good enough to eat. Application wise they glide on really nicely opaque within one coat and not gloopy at all. One thing that is nice is the 'effect' i.e the speckled bit actually applies to your nails you haven't got the worry of the speckled bits and the nail polish itself separating like OPI's nothin mousie bout it which is a nightmare. I will tell you how much I love this polish especially Mottle I wore it to work which is major as I usually keep to neutrals purely because I hate having to answer questions from the men around me on why 'one of my fingers is a different colour' or 'why aren't your nails matching your top' (who does that anyway?!) but I was surprised that a couple even noticed that they looked like mini eggs, well done Illamasqua it worked!

I personally think these are completely worth having in your collection and are such a nice alternative for spring. I love this effect so much I am planning on buying Scarce come pay day as all the shades in this collection are my type of pastels, wearable and not in your face. Have you got any of these polishes? If so which is your favourite?

P.s Yes I did eat all of the mini eggs after I took these photos, yum!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Country Living in the big smoke

Hi Lovelies,

So yesterday I went to the Country living fair in London, and I will just start by saying I have fallen in love with Angel, it is such a nice area so if any of you live there I am very jealous! I didn't go to the fair with the intention of buying much as I don't currently own a gorgeous estate in the country, but I love looking at interior bits and bobs and just getting ideas. Isn't the stall above so cute and shabby chic?! I only got a couple of photos as it was busy and a few people were a bit odd with me taking snaps. I only bought one thing from the day which was another pug mug, I will instagram a picture soon it is so cute :). As with all of these places there was some stuff which I personally thought was really over priced but it was a great experience and there was gorgeous baby clothes it made me wish I had a baby.... that lasted all of about 30 second though don't worry Mum!

This is what I wore on the day, as some of you know since January I have been trying to wear the clothes I already own a bit more. Lets just say it hasn't been going amazingly well, but I have started sorting out my wardrobes to see what I don't wear and can sell on ebay when I rediscovered this gorgeous jumper. I love this jumper but would only wear it with my burgundy jeans until I got some pinterest inspiration and saw someone had a navy jumper with a stripe skirt. So I rummaged in my wardrobe found this old h&m skater dress and voila, a new way to wear a navy jumper. I really like this outfit it was a 'feel good' one if that makes sense.

 Anyone else got a navy jumper? If so how to you style it? I find it quite hard for some reason! Anyone else going to the Country Living fair?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Couture by Minaj & Pink Friday Perfume Launch

I never thought the day would come that I am squealing with excitement over a celebrity fragrance release, but Queen Nicki has taken the crown of my favourite celebrity fragrance.

On Friday 15th I got invited to a preview of the fragrance at 8.30am at the exclusive Selfridges, Pink Friday is the first celebrity perfume that Selfridges have accepted and offered a fabulous display like the one in the photos above. The other cool thing is that Nicki Minaj has got 4 couture outfits for the perfume bottles which are exclusive to Selfridges and there are only 100 each made, I was lucky enough to receive 'Whip it like Minaj' isn't it cool?! The outfits are all based on things Nicki Minaj herself has worn and she helped design them. Now I tried my best to act cool like being invited to Selfridges before working hours happens all the time but I failed miserably, I had a massive grin on my face the whole experience was amazing! We were offered Strawberry smoothies pink macaroons and pink croissants to line out stomachs so we don't pass out with the excitement! Now in true Nicki Minaj style everything was pink, and had that little touch to really wow you.

Moving onto the perfume itself, I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely this smelt, it is something you would expect Juicy Couture to release  a lovely floral musk where you can instantly smell the Italian mandarin and vanilla this is a smell which just screams summer to me. I can picture myself wearing this in the day, cute summer dress heading for lunch with friends and getting a sniff of this every time the wind blows, for some reason it just makes me think of Brighton! The bottle itself I think is great, I know some people don't like it but it is something I would personally put on display with my other perfumes, however there is something a bit odd about decapitating Nicki every time I want a squirt of her perfume but hey, beauty is pain right?! The bottle itself has a lot of weight to it, something I was not expecting you can tell it has been made well however I will say I wouldn't be throwing this in my bag as it would weigh it down to much, this is very much one to use at home and not on the go!

This is exclusive to Selfridges at the moment but as of 1st April this will go nationwide. If you get the chance have a squirt, it smells lovely and I think it will be the biggest celeb perfume since Britney Spears Fantasy.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Outfit of the weekend: Milk Bubble Tea Time

Another weekend another trip to China Town, my weekend wouldn't be the same without it! This is a whole topshop outfit, I knew this would happen some time soon considering the amount I buy in there! I was wearing my new Topshop coat, which I am so pleased I got I have been excited about it arriving for a while and my new Topshop jumper which I found hidden on a rack in my size so it was obviously meant to be! Don't you just love this ring?! I got it from this great up and coming brand called Violet Darkling you seriously need to check their pieces out they are so different and are mini pieces of art. This brand is really popular with celebs- Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea wore some of their pieces and Rihanna also has been seen wearing it. If it is good enough for RiRi it is good enough for me haha. What is your favourite piece? 

For you camera whizz's out there I am thinking of getting the canon 650d, is this camera easy to use for a simpleton like me?! Or if there a newer camera coming out which I am best waiting for? Please let me know I just feel the time has come for better quality photos and I have started taking a real interest in photography. Now I am off to go and meet my Mum in central and no doubt get another Milk bubble tea, bottle of Aloe Vera and a bun as I am not feeing my best today! What have you got planned?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bedroom Details

Hi Lovlies, I thought I would share some of my room details with you.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Chanel Flower Stall

Happy Mothers day, I hope you are all pampering your mums letting her rummage through your make up and topping up her glass, or in my case going for an early morning run and now having blisters on your feet now that is love haha!. I know this is a teeny bit too late but better late than never aye, plus I could not pass on sharing the gorgeous Chanel flower display in covent garden. This flower stall is for Mothers day, when you bought one of their perfumes you got given a lovely boutique of flowers to give to your mum's, one stop shop really! I can't get over how pretty this display is, I was in a foul mood but seeing this really cheered me up, there is just something about fresh flowers and of course Chanel that changes a girls mood!

A Chanel cart?! I want this just to park in my back yard and admire every day, doesn't this wheel remind you of the massive Chanel bag that was all over fashion week. While admiring the stall I obviously had to pop into the pop up Chanel store, and it would be rude not to buy something wouldn't it! When I went yesterday it was pretty quiet for once and after much deliberation I decided on this gorgeous nail polish- the blogger's favourite Holiday. WOW why have I not crumbled sooner?! I bloomin love this polish I am chuffed that I listened to my fellow bloggers and took the plunge. After this little trip putting me in a much better mood I skipped off to China Town, bag flying in the wind with a cheesy grin on my face for a pearl milk bubble tea, the perfect way to end a lovely day :)

What is your favourite Chanel polish?

Friday, 8 March 2013

Life through my iphone #3

  My new bedroom <3  favourite mug  summer outfit planning  selfie moment   flowers from my Grandad to my Nan   New shoes   New skirt from Topshop  rediscovering shoes  

Hey Ladies,

Sorry I have been rubbish at blogging this week, the week has flown by! I am really pleased this week as finally my bedroom has been decorated my dad did it all he is like a super dad! :) I am in love with it! It now feels like my bedroom again, really reflecting my personality and my own little sanctuary :) How has your week been? I went to a lovely blog event on Wednesday and met the lovely beautyholicromy who I have been speaking to on twitter for ages, please go and check her blog out as it is really great and she deserves a lot more followers! 

What have you got planned for the weekend? I will be planning some posts this weekend so should have more than 1 up next week haha I sucked this week! My instagram name is elliemaydoll if you would like to follow me and as always leave your names in the comments as I love finding new people to follow and pictures to admire!

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