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Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Chanel Flower Stall

Happy Mothers day, I hope you are all pampering your mums letting her rummage through your make up and topping up her glass, or in my case going for an early morning run and now having blisters on your feet now that is love haha!. I know this is a teeny bit too late but better late than never aye, plus I could not pass on sharing the gorgeous Chanel flower display in covent garden. This flower stall is for Mothers day, when you bought one of their perfumes you got given a lovely boutique of flowers to give to your mum's, one stop shop really! I can't get over how pretty this display is, I was in a foul mood but seeing this really cheered me up, there is just something about fresh flowers and of course Chanel that changes a girls mood!

A Chanel cart?! I want this just to park in my back yard and admire every day, doesn't this wheel remind you of the massive Chanel bag that was all over fashion week. While admiring the stall I obviously had to pop into the pop up Chanel store, and it would be rude not to buy something wouldn't it! When I went yesterday it was pretty quiet for once and after much deliberation I decided on this gorgeous nail polish- the blogger's favourite Holiday. WOW why have I not crumbled sooner?! I bloomin love this polish I am chuffed that I listened to my fellow bloggers and took the plunge. After this little trip putting me in a much better mood I skipped off to China Town, bag flying in the wind with a cheesy grin on my face for a pearl milk bubble tea, the perfect way to end a lovely day :)

What is your favourite Chanel polish?

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  1. I saw this Chanel cart bing advertised in a magazine, I was loyally in awe!! Can't believe I haven't even popped down to see it- it's gorgeous. I wanna take the cart home aswell haha! Lovely nail varnish colour x x

  2. I heard about the cart, it's so beautiful! And Holiday is definitely a top shade of polish if you're going for the rouge =)


  3. This chanel cart is possibly the most beautiful thing ever!

    A little bit Unique


  4. Oh wow, how beautiful!? I don't own any Chanel polish :(


  5. Oh wow this flower stall is so lovely! :) x Laura

  6. Such a gorge cart! Love the imagery :p can imagine u skipping w that precious bag in tow! xx

  7. Uhh could this be any more perfect?! A Chanel flower stall?! And yay for getting 'Holiday.' I own it too, it's such a gorgeous shade.

  8. Oh my god that's so awesome! Chanel is one of my favorite brands, i love it! :) xx

  9. I nominated you for the "Liebster Award"! :)
    Lots of love,

  10. So gorgeous! I want a Chanel perfume bottle that size x

  11. Wow gorgeous, I would love to try a Chanel polish eventually I'm just working up to parting with the cash :-)

  12. hello there! :) thank you so much for stopping by! this is such a great post haha I've never seen something like this, but I want to so badly!

    Andrea xx

  13. Ohh this is incredible! Love it; it's so beautiful and unique! <33 Great pictures dear and thanks for sharing! :))


  14. Those flowers are SO pretty and make me excited for Spring!

    The Other Side of Gray