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Monday, 18 March 2013

Couture by Minaj & Pink Friday Perfume Launch

I never thought the day would come that I am squealing with excitement over a celebrity fragrance release, but Queen Nicki has taken the crown of my favourite celebrity fragrance.

On Friday 15th I got invited to a preview of the fragrance at 8.30am at the exclusive Selfridges, Pink Friday is the first celebrity perfume that Selfridges have accepted and offered a fabulous display like the one in the photos above. The other cool thing is that Nicki Minaj has got 4 couture outfits for the perfume bottles which are exclusive to Selfridges and there are only 100 each made, I was lucky enough to receive 'Whip it like Minaj' isn't it cool?! The outfits are all based on things Nicki Minaj herself has worn and she helped design them. Now I tried my best to act cool like being invited to Selfridges before working hours happens all the time but I failed miserably, I had a massive grin on my face the whole experience was amazing! We were offered Strawberry smoothies pink macaroons and pink croissants to line out stomachs so we don't pass out with the excitement! Now in true Nicki Minaj style everything was pink, and had that little touch to really wow you.

Moving onto the perfume itself, I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely this smelt, it is something you would expect Juicy Couture to release  a lovely floral musk where you can instantly smell the Italian mandarin and vanilla this is a smell which just screams summer to me. I can picture myself wearing this in the day, cute summer dress heading for lunch with friends and getting a sniff of this every time the wind blows, for some reason it just makes me think of Brighton! The bottle itself I think is great, I know some people don't like it but it is something I would personally put on display with my other perfumes, however there is something a bit odd about decapitating Nicki every time I want a squirt of her perfume but hey, beauty is pain right?! The bottle itself has a lot of weight to it, something I was not expecting you can tell it has been made well however I will say I wouldn't be throwing this in my bag as it would weigh it down to much, this is very much one to use at home and not on the go!

This is exclusive to Selfridges at the moment but as of 1st April this will go nationwide. If you get the chance have a squirt, it smells lovely and I think it will be the biggest celeb perfume since Britney Spears Fantasy.

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  1. Wow, what a bottle! I'm excited to smell it, I love Britney Spears Fantasy! x

  2. I'm not a massive nicki minaji fan, so the packaging isn't for me, but it sounds like it smells amazing and it sounds like a fun event

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  3. Haha I feel so out of place but is this her second scent or is it being released so late? I feel like I have seen this perfume before!
    The packaging looks so fun though! I'll definitely go and have a sniff of the scent when I get a chance :)

  4. So nice!! :)
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  5. That bottle is amazing, so dresser friendly! What a lovely opportunity for you too.
    Megan xxx

  6. I LOOOOOOOOVE Nicki! Everything looks so cool! She's a genius :)

  7. Lovely blog! I hope you had a lovely birthday. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)


  8. So jealous you got to go! I love nicki minaj so I might actually be tempted by a celebrity fragrance even though I'm not usually!.

    B x

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  9. WoW!*
    It all looks amazing!*


  10. I remember the first time I smelt this I thought it was really nice and very different to what I expected from Nicki Minaj "the brand". It was quite feminine in a unique way. I'm sure that it'll be a popular celeb fragrance :)

  11. Ahhhhhhmazing! We definitely want this, STAT. Love the Juicy & Britney perfumes so I'm sure I'll love this too!


  12. It looks super awesome! would u like to follow each other? xoxo