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Monday, 25 March 2013

Mini Egg Lovin' - Illamasqua Mottle & Speckle

What doesn't scream easter more than mini eggs right?! Besides thinking of baby lambs and chicks mini eggs make me think easter and even better makes me think Spring, not that you know what Spring is living in the uk. As soon as I saw the release of Illamasqua's i'mperfection collection polishes aka the mini egg effect I knew I had to have them in my life. I'll be honest there aren't many nail polishes that make me feel like I need them in my life, I'm sure you have seen my nail polish jar in my bedroom and I am ashamed to say there is a draw to go along with that collection *hangs head*. However I swear I had a guardian angel looking out for me as the other week I got sent these babies, if you were in my house last Saturday morning you'd have thought I was crazy dancing around in my pug pjs bed hair and all ;), nice thought aye haha.

Mottle*(the green) and Speckle*(the lilac) are absolutely gorgeous colours, the perfect pastel shades not to bright and in your face understated enough to wear them to work and of course they look good enough to eat. Application wise they glide on really nicely opaque within one coat and not gloopy at all. One thing that is nice is the 'effect' i.e the speckled bit actually applies to your nails you haven't got the worry of the speckled bits and the nail polish itself separating like OPI's nothin mousie bout it which is a nightmare. I will tell you how much I love this polish especially Mottle I wore it to work which is major as I usually keep to neutrals purely because I hate having to answer questions from the men around me on why 'one of my fingers is a different colour' or 'why aren't your nails matching your top' (who does that anyway?!) but I was surprised that a couple even noticed that they looked like mini eggs, well done Illamasqua it worked!

I personally think these are completely worth having in your collection and are such a nice alternative for spring. I love this effect so much I am planning on buying Scarce come pay day as all the shades in this collection are my type of pastels, wearable and not in your face. Have you got any of these polishes? If so which is your favourite?

P.s Yes I did eat all of the mini eggs after I took these photos, yum!

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  1. I love the look of these! <3 My favourite colours are Scarce and Freckle but unfortunately I haven't tried them yet.
    Lovely post!


  2. I need these polishes in my life! I just can't justify the price, waiting for superdrug to bring out a rip off!

  3. These look amazing!!
    Exactly like mini eggs! xx
    Hayley x

  4. These colours and effects are gorgeous! Mmm - mini eggs!
    Megan xxx

  5. Really want to try this polish, the effect is amazing

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  6. Love the pictures, very creative :)

  7. Amazing colors dear! They are so beautiful and perfect for spring! <33 Just found your blog and I instantly loved it! It's amazing and the photos are lovely!

    I am having an International Giveaway on my blog and I'd love it if you enter! :))


  8. These are so gorgeous I can't wait to try them!! Great post :) - I'm now following xx

  9. These look so pretty ! xx

  10. I've been lusting after these for far too long! love the colours you picked and agree they make me want to go out and buy a pack of mini eggs ha! love your blog, thanks for visiting mine and for your tweet :)

    B xxx

  11. Wow I love your nails, so original for Easter! You made me hungry with those eggs haha :)

    Mónica <3

  12. Wow these look amazing! I've seen so many pretty nail styles with these nail varnishes I really want some! Love the colours you've chose! thanks for following, following back followed you on bloglovin too :) x

  13. that's genius!!!
    i'll have to try that next year LOL
    but seriously you did your nails very well