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Monday, 29 April 2013

Dior My Lady Healthy Glow Complexion Enhancing Palette

Can we just please take a minute and admire the beauty of the palette..... *swoon*

Anyway onto the review itself. As you can see this palette is absolutely gorgeous it quite honestly looks too good to use and it took me a few days to build up the courage to use it! I first saw this palette at the Dior exhibition in Harrods, I could not stop eyeing it up but in the end I forced myself to walk away due to the eye watering £48 price tag it was lumped with. I have been looking for a powder for about a month now and as this has been compared to the Chanel Healthy glow sheer powder a lot so I was tempted to buy that due to it being £10 cheaper. As the exhibition ended on the 14th April and the products were LE I assumed they were no longer there, I have no idea how but Jack managed to get hold of this one and surprised me with it I can not explain how happy I was!

The palette itself is housed in a heavy weighted case which I personally love- it gives it that extra feel of sophistication and lets be honest looks pretty when I want to whip it out for touch ups ;). It also comes with this cute little kabuki brush, which is also of very good quality. I have only worn this a couple of times as I received it Thursday but so far I have been lightly sweeping it across my face and found it translucently powders the skin but adds a finely milled shimmer which gives you such a nice healthy glow. This powder suits me as I don't like matte finishes on my skin but depending on what finish you like the Chanel one may be best for you anyway.

I am so happy with this powder I am always really impressed with Dior products but if you are after one I would make a dash to Harrods asap to see if they have any left! What is your favourite powder?

Friday, 26 April 2013

Three Ways To Wear- Elephant print trousers

Hi Lovelies,

I am so excited to finally start and share this new series on my blog! I have had this idea for a while but felt it was best to start it once my blog had had its new look so what do you think?! I am biased but I LOVE it and am so happy with how it has turned out.  As some of you might know one of my New Year’s resolutions (anyone remember those past January 2nd?!) was that I wanted to wear the things in my wardrobe more, I felt there were certain items I loved to pieces but could only think of one way to wear them so they went pretty much unloved. In an attempt to wear my clothes more and get my monies worth out of them I have stepped out of my comfort zone with pairings and been very selective over the new pieces I buy. Before I part ways with my hard earnt cash I try to make three outfits in my head which include the item in question, if I am able to do that then I happily sprint to the check out.

Without further ado my first item in my three ways to wear series are these gorgeous elephant trousers from Topshop. Now I love elephants it probably has something to do with the fact every elephant is called Ellie or Nelly (why is this?!) so I feel I have an instant bond with elephants! I wanted to show how these trousers can be worn casually in the day and then smart/casual for the evening.

Outfit 1- Perfect for shopping and lunch.
Cami-Topshop, Shoes-Topshop, Necklace-H&M

Outfit 2- Keeping the basics from the first outfit, & just transforming it quickly with a jacket and heels to make you ready for some cocktails and dinner.
Jacket-Topshop, Necklace-Violet Darkling, Heels-Matalan

Outfit 3- A Smart/Casual outfit for a late lunch or dinner.
Jumper-Topshop, Necklace-H&M, Heels- Daisystreet.

These outfits are just to help you and give you ideas if you want/have these particular trousers or something similar. I am in no way saying you need these items (unless you feel you do obviously!) but you can use them as rough outlines and tailor them to what you have in your wardrobes.  If there is any item of clothing you have seen online and are unsure what to wear with it please email me the link at and I will do my best to make three versatile outfits for you :)

Which is your favourite outfit? Anyone got these trousers?

P.s Sorry about the yellow wall the next series won't have this background!

Monday, 22 April 2013

OOTW: Number 43

Happy Monday lovelies! Today I leapt out of bed at 5.30am for an early morning meeting and surprisingly I am in a really good mood. Now I know some get up this early all the time but compared to my usual 7.15am crawl out of bed this was a shock to my system, but I have to say it was really nice. London seems so calm and tranquil at 6.30am, saying that I doubt 5.30am wake ups are going to be a common occurrence!

On Sunday the boyfriend and I went for a lovely walk around Notting Hill and Holland Park area. A walk on a Sunday has become part of our weekly routine; Jack thinks I was a puppy in a past life due to needing a walk every day haha. I would have been a golden retriever, I've always wanted to be a blonde! We came across a colourful street in Notting Hill with some gorgeous houses; I call dibs on number 43 as it is painted in my favourite colour. I am easily swayed. If I had all the money in the world I would buy it, decorate it all shabby chic inside and blog til my heart’s content. Sadly in the real world I doubt I will ever be able to afford the million pound price tag that comes along with it but a girl can dream right? For the walk I wore my new hot pink jacket which was featured in my previous post, I get a feeling now I have gone pink there is no going back it’s going to be hard to get me out of this little jacket! I kept the outfit really simple, wearing a black thin strappy cami fromTopshop which comes in an array of colours and a real staple for your wardrobe and paired it with this amazing Violet Darkling Necklace which I love; it makes this plain outfit more interesting. What do you think, simple is best sometimes right?

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the sunshine? Have any of you been to this street in Notting Hill? 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outfit of the weekend: I'm in hot pink!

This is another naughty new purchase, I just can' t help myself at the moment Topshop keeps getting it spot on! This jacket was again love at first sight with is bizzare as A) I only own one other pink item and B) I don't think pink suits me, so for me to pick this up is so unlike me! For its first outing out I decided to style it casually and was pleasantly surprised at how well it complimented my favourite neon necklace, what do you think?

I am currently working on a new series for my blog which I can't wait to share with you, it's an idea I have had for a while and this weekend I can finally put it into practise! I will also be filming a couple of videos for my YouTube video, I have a big haul to do with an exciting reveal -Oo such a tease ;) ,  but is there anything else you would like me to film?

P.S Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last lipstick post, I blushed at a couple i've never had so many compliments! Haha

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Illamasqua Immodest Lipstick

I'm my Mother's daughter give me a bright pink lipstick and I am happy. Illamasqua's Immodest £16* is a blue based matte pink lipstick, which in the bullet looks neon but I was pleasantly surprised that on it is very wearable.My initial thoughts when I saw this lipstick was that it was going to be like Nicki Minaj’s viva glam lipstick, it looks lovely in the bullet but on it will wash me out but I think it did the opposite it really made my lips pop and instantly made me feel summery. Even though it is a bright pink this is a shade I would wear in the day more than night/clubbing which is when I usually wear bright lipsticks…. If I ever pluck up the courage to spend my evening with sweaty strangers in a club,(I’m not really a clubbing sort of gal’ haha). The packaging is lovely and sleek, I like that the packaging is a shiny texture I personally think it makes it seem luxurious.

One thing I will say is : you need to prep those lips girrl. Due to this being a matte finish and a bit dryer than the Mac Matte finishes it shows up every imperfection on your lips. I have recently got in the habit of applying lip balm about 3 times a day while I am at my desk and I have noticed a huge difference in my lips they are a lot less dry. I found if you apply a basic lipbalm I am using Nivea honey and milk at the moment then apply the lipstick straight away it actually applies very easily. This lasted on my lips for about 4 hours until I had to top up. I am very happy with my first dabble in the Illamasaqua lipstick world :).

What do you think of bright pinks? You brave enough to wear this in the day? I’m getting there slowly!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Outfit of the weekend: Day at the Museum

Let me start off by saying if you follow me on twitter than this is the outfit in question with regards to this classic quote from the boy : 'you look like a 15 year old boy but with fake eyelashes,' charming aye! He obviously just doesn't get fashion as personally I think this has to be one of my favourite outfits I have worn in a long time, I am in love with this stripe baggy shirt from Topshop it is a little pajama'y but really was love at first sight. I know It is going to be hard to get me out of this so as much as the boy hates it he will just have to get used to it haha! 

At the weekend I had my heart set on going to the Natural History Museum, a little fun fact  I love history I find it fascinating I love picturing how things used to be & I would love a time machine to see in particular how London used to be. BUT my god did I make a mistake going this weekend silly me forgot that it was the bloomin last weekend of easter half term so the world, his wife AND child decided to go to the museum and to top it off it was pouring with rain and we had to que outside for 30 minutes *sigh*. Thankfully after much sulking from being forced to wear a jacket I was secretly pleased as this coat has a hood and kept me very dry (obviously I didn't admit I was pleased as I am stubborn haha.) This Museum is seriously stunning the architecture was beautiful (sorry geeking out again) look at all the arch ways and the light that pours in, I particularly like that this is free I hate being ripped off with a £30 ticket to see things in your own city!

What are your thoughts on this shirt? Maybe it is a love/hate item but I have my rose tinted glasses on and am completely blind sighted by its beauty and potential.... anyone would think I was describing a house not a piece of clothing. I really do think I need help!

P.s How the heck is it Monday already?! WAAAH :(

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dior at Harrods

Ok so as always I seem to stumble across these incredible pop up shows too late and sadly April 14th is the last day that the Dior exhibition is at Harrods so unless you have no plans today and can see it yourself I thought I would still show you guys it so it is like you were there with me. Let me just say the window displays are nose against the glass kind of stuff, large watches, beautiful bags and miniature couture dresses. Dior is one of those brands which I personally think gets over shadowed by the likes of Chanel and LV but their bags are absolutely gorgeous, classic and chic I would love to own a lady dior bag but the price is stopping that ever happening! 

I formed quite the que snapping away, the displays were amazing I mean moving miniature buses with shoes on top? If only that happened on Oxford Street! Something that really tempted me was the limited edition Lady Dior face powder in the photo above which is gorgeous and cased in a silver case, the only thing that stopped me was the price- £48 I need to think about how much I will use it. These limited edition pieces will be around for a bit longer so you can still snap those up once the display has gone.!

What do you think of Dior make up? Anyone have the chance to see this gorgeous display in person?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mac Brave lipstick review

I bought this lipstick on a whim as I had some time to kill after work the other week before meeting someone so this shade caught my eye and before I knew it I had checked out. I seem to be doing pretty well with impulse make up items at the moment I have worn this most days for the past 3 weeks and boy bait another impulse purchase is a real favourite of mine now.

I am currently wearing this as my day time lipstick it is a gorgeous pinky nude with a strong brown tone which shows through really nicely on my lips. I feel it is probably one of those lipsticks that will look different on everyone, some might find the brown tone too much but on me it still looks fairly natural. It was a toss up between this one and creme in my coffee but that lipstick was way to dark and brown for my complexion, one thing I love about this lipstick is it can easily take you through to evening, it is that shade which is very versatile. One thing I will say is that due to it being a satin finish I find this lipstick very drying especially as it has been so cold recently. This is the only reservation I had about this lipstick as the satin finishes from Mac has to be one of my least favourite finishes as on me I find them drying. I also bought my first lip liner to go with it in morning coffee which I mainly wear in the evening, it is amazing how much it defines my lips and makes them look really sharp. I'm not a pro at lip liner but this one has converted me it makes such a difference you just have to be careful not to over do it as you could look a bit 90's haha!

Have you got brave? Does it look natural on you? Let me know your favourite mac lipsticks I am always interested :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

OOTW- New Camera & Polka Dots

So you will have to bare with me for the next few outfit posts as I am currently getting to grips with my new camera, I took the plunge and purchased a Canon 650D eeek. I have wanted one for ages and actually went to buy it in December but they sold out then I chickened out, but the time has come where I have taken more of an interest in photography and want to be semi good at it. However the first outfit picture isn't the best quality so back to the drawing board on the setting front!

I have actually been in bed all day today, I have a fever and cold boo :( But I ventured out yesterday as I am one of these people even if I am ill I don't want to stop as I feel like I am missing out on something, (FOMO yep that's me) so we went to China town then for a lovely walk through St James's park and Hyde Park where I got to practice taking pictures. I do apologise for my puffy face in the first photo and tangled hair haha I wouldn't usually upload such a hideous photo but I really wanted to show you my new monochrome polka dot top, I mean can this top be anymore me?! I got it last weekend and already worn it 3 times haha woops but finally I have bought something where I am getting my moneys worth!. I actually feel very proud of the photo of the little purple flower, to me it looks pretty good I'm sure to you professionals it is rubbish but we all start somewhere right! Finally we stopped at Tinseltown in Bayswater and had a massive ice cream which are fit for 2 people (there was 4 of us FYI) it looks amazing but I was slightly disappointed the majority was whipped cream we thought there was going to be brownie chunks at the bottom like the TGI ones but no :(. 

Any of you been to Tinseltown? Is the food good? Oh also my necklace is a new purchase as well from Topshop is was really pricey at £16 I think but I fell in love as I am drawn to orange at the moment and felt I would wear it a lot. Anyone else noticed Topshop jewellery is really getting pricey these days I mean £20 for some of these necklaces is crazy!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Date Night Essentials

Hi Lovelies,

What lovely weather we are now having, it puts me in such a good mood and makes me want to actually do things! So Saturday night was date night and I don't think it matters if you are going on your first day or hundredth date with someone you always want to look your best and touch ups will be required. So here is the break down of what made it into my lovely new make up bag

 Lets start with the nail polish first as I am sure to most people this looks odd but trust me if you own a Chanel polish you know they are notorious for chipping, and there is nothing worst when one nail is smudged and you're having to clench your fist all night in the hope they don't notice! I wore the colour Holiday as I was feeling summary on Saturday. Next up my lipstick of choice for the night which is Illamasqua Immodest* a gorgeous pink which I will be doing a full review on soon. I'm not sure about you but I always have about 3 different lipsticks that collect in my bags so for me to only bring one out if pretty good going! Finally I packed Nars southbeach multiple I have had this a while but only started using it this week and really like it, it adds such a gorgeous sunkissed glow to the skin and it I know Millie Mackintosh really likes it! 

Now the biggest date night essential for me is the necklace, I think there is something so romantic about wearing your loved ones initials on a necklace it makes me think it is something that would of happened in the olden days! Plus at least with a necklace if you argue you can just take it off, haha I kid! Now I have wanted a necklace like this for such a long time and have dropped hints here there and everyone, sadly the boy did not get them at all but thankfully notonthehighstreet had my back and sent me this gorgeous necklace. I love it so much if something was to happen to it I would replace it in a heart beat, It looks good by itself and as a layering piece. Can I just say this is my honest opinion but notonthehighstreet is such a great idea, I spent hours trawling through it whatever key word I had in mind it had something relating to it, if anyone has a baby/needs baby gifts you should check out this website so many different and cute ideas!

I'm off to China town now for dim sum, what are you doing today? Also let me know what your date night essentials are :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Story of my week through my iphone #4

As I have mentioned about a billion few times I am currently camera-less and as my photos are bad enough I don't want to inflict rubbish iphone pictures on you guys of my outfits so I thought I would share the snaps which are good enough for instagram! As always my name on instagram is elliemaydoll I'd love it if you would follow me and leave your names below, I am always looking for new people to follow! Also some exciting news I am currently having a blog make over so fingers crossed when I am able to get back in the swing of posts as I have my camera back, Maydoll will of had its make over too :) 

 Wearing my friends Ray Bans which are now on my wish list   OOTD   Pug top in UO that I NEED   New necklace   Denim and Neon combo   Another pair of shoes I have re discovered  

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg