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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dior at Harrods

Ok so as always I seem to stumble across these incredible pop up shows too late and sadly April 14th is the last day that the Dior exhibition is at Harrods so unless you have no plans today and can see it yourself I thought I would still show you guys it so it is like you were there with me. Let me just say the window displays are nose against the glass kind of stuff, large watches, beautiful bags and miniature couture dresses. Dior is one of those brands which I personally think gets over shadowed by the likes of Chanel and LV but their bags are absolutely gorgeous, classic and chic I would love to own a lady dior bag but the price is stopping that ever happening! 

I formed quite the que snapping away, the displays were amazing I mean moving miniature buses with shoes on top? If only that happened on Oxford Street! Something that really tempted me was the limited edition Lady Dior face powder in the photo above which is gorgeous and cased in a silver case, the only thing that stopped me was the price- £48 I need to think about how much I will use it. These limited edition pieces will be around for a bit longer so you can still snap those up once the display has gone.!

What do you think of Dior make up? Anyone have the chance to see this gorgeous display in person?

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  1. ah Im gutted I live so far away from London!! these photos look amazing!! I would quite happily see buses with shoes on the roof cruising around London ;) if only hey!! xx

  2. So sad I couldn't make this but these pictures are beautiful!

  3. Aaah so nice!! *emoticon with the hearts for eyes x 100000*