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Monday, 13 May 2013

Welcome Back

Hey Lovelies,

Remember me?! I have had a little break from blogging recently. As my blog is a hobby I never want to force myself to do it because the enjoyment is then sucked out of it. It has been quite nice taking a step back and being 'normal' i.e not searching the streets for a pretty background and waiting for the right lighting to take pictures, if you are a fellow blogger I'm sure you know exactly what I mean! 

Due to my little break I now feel nervous about taking outfit pictures (hence the awkward photos) and posting again, which sounds so silly but I have lost my mojo a little bit so please bare with me. Quite a lot has happened to me the past couple of weeks I have finally got my large tush in gear and started to exercise properly as in stepping out of the house! I have started going to Pilates which is a lot more difficult than it seems and running in Hyde Park, so if you see a bright pink lump on the floor than that it is me but do come and say Hi ... or just call 999 whichever seems more appropriate at the time! haha. Hopefully I will have thin thighs and be bikini ready in time for the summer. I wore this yesterday a very relaxed outfit, but I was a little chilly and there may of been a couple Marilyn Monroe moments minus the graceful bit!

How was your weekend? I completely forgot that it was Monday today but luckily I have Tuesday and Wednesday off to go shopping with my mum for birthday presents :) Also does anyone know how to reduce redness in skin? I am really suffering with mine at the moment so any tips would be a great help.

 • Dress- H&M • Shoes- Topshop • Bag-Mulberry • Sunglasses- D&G • Jacket-Topshop • Earrings- H&M 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

New in my Wardrobe

Just a quick post today to share with you a couple of things I bought when I went shopping with Beautyholic Romy who is a complete enabler! Can these shoes get anymore me?! I am in love with them- leopard print and coral are right up my street, I am planning on wearing them on my birthday... god knows what with yet! Please tell me I am not the only one who plans outfits around shoes haha. I also bought this necklace which was pretty pricey at £15 but I have been after a gold chain necklace which I know everyone has at the moment, but I felt this one was a little bit different and would look really great with a grey t-shirt.

Have you bought any treats recently? I am trying to be good this month so considering I have been paid for a week this is very restrained haha. Everyone been enjoying the sunshine?

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