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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

All Maydoll'd up for work

Remember me? I wouldn't be surprised if you don't! I thought I would show you an OOTD of what I wear for work. I work in the city so the dress code is corporate/smart and I realised I actually wear things like this more than I do all my 'weekend' clothes which I show the most on my blog. I also thought it might be good for any of you lot who are taking their first leap into the working world after Uni and need a little inspiration, as lets be honest I think we would all rather be in our jeans and t shirts than a retraining dress! Big tip to any of you starting work do not and I repeat DO NOT wear a tight dress if you have a lunch booked in, the train journey home can be pretty hideous and uncomfortable!

I got this dress recently from Oasis, who do lovely work clothes FYI, and it was a total bargain, £60 down to £40 on the tag then when I got to the checkout it was a mere £30!! It is also one of the very few items of clothing in my working wardrobe ( well wardrobe in general) which isn't black, or a navy and white pattern. My shoes are from Karen Millen another bargain.

While we are on the subject of working I thought I would also mention a favourite lunch joint of mine, Tortilla. This place has been a favourite hang out of mine for many years so when I got offered a free coupon for the place I snapped up the chance, let it be know I also have 9 burrito loyalty stamps on my card as well! There are a few scattered around London, and recently I noticed they have expanded into Brighton ( thank you gods) but there is one very conveniently on my office doorstep in the city and they do hands down the best Burrito's ever!! They are perfect on a cold day, but be warned fellow city workers if you are hungry get there early otherwise you will be queuing into Leadenhall Market with the wafts of Tortilla tormenting your rumbly tummy!

  This is the I'm so hungry so quickly take a picture face! :P The decor inside is pretty cool as well, anyone needed an invented way to reuse their empty bottles?!
If you do head along to the Leadenhall Market one I am sure you will see me there doing my utter most to eat my Burrito in a lady like manner!

Any of you got any favourite stores for work clothes? I do find it a struggle to find smart but pretty dresses for work!

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  1. You look so gorgeous! I love your heels, and your handbag is beyond beautiful xx

    Gemma |

  2. I usually get my work dresses from Dorothy Perkins but I do see some lovely things in Oasis. I got a nice tweed skirt from there which looks great with a blouse tucked in.x

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