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Monday, 13 October 2014

Out there Autumn Accessories

Hi Lovelies,

As my boyfriend so kindly pointed out I decided to dress like a present at the weekend ( he is referring to the hat... i hope) men aye fashion is wasted on them ;). Personally I love this hat some may view it as ridiculous but I personally love that it glams up a fairly bland beanie. Mixed with my faux fur scarf all I can say is that I'm glad I live near Brighton where these accessories are viewed as plain and boring haha!

This jacket was a total bargain at £19.99 from H&M it is in my favourite colour and I can tell I will be wearing this a lot in Autumn it goes with so much! I was after a bomber jacket recently but I couldn't part with £70 on something that is essentially a fashion item, if you fancy yourself one of these jackets I advise you run to your nearest H&M and snap one up asap. I'm not sure what has got into me recently but I have really been quite wild and risk-taking in my accessories, are my plain monochrome days finally behind me?! Watch this space.....

What do you think about faux fur for this autumn? Anyone else taking a fashion risk with their accessories this season? 

Hat- Missguided
Jacket- H&M
Leggings- Zara
Faux Fur- Asos
Trainers- Nike

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  1. You look adorable in that hat! Absolutely love that jacket though, such a baragain!

  2. Pretty, you are so cute!!!

  3. The hat is quirky! I think it really suits you and gives your outfit a great feel. Punch your boyfriend in the face and tell him to STFU :D

    I love your phone case too. A puppy in a crown? Woo!

    Corinne x

  4. Amazing Blog !


  5. The hat is so cool! I'm not very adventurous with accessories or clothes x

    Josie’s Journal