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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Throwback to the 90s lip- Mac Faux

Unless you have been living under a rock I am sure you are aware of the Kylie Jenner lip phenomenon which has hit the beauty world and made the 90s brown lip have a major comeback! Now I love a trend but now as I am a bit older *ahem 22* I feel I have become a little wiser with my money and won't buy something which does not suit me. I tried Teddy and Honey Love on at the Mac counter as I know these have been really popular but sadly because I have pink lips and a red undone to my skin they did not suit me. If this sounds like you than I may just have found you the shade that will suit you!

Max Faux is a Satin finish lipstick and drags slightly so a lip scrub on those lips is essential ladies! On me this comes up as pinky brown and is the closest to a nude brown I will ever be able to rock and I find it lasts on me around 3 hours before the colour starts to fade. I personally think it is such a lovely colour for the day time and is the only lipstick I have been reaching for recently, even to work, to try and help with my January blues! 

As bizarre as it sounds this lipstick makes me feel like I have got my 'business together,' and that I should be heading to work on Wall Street. Wolf of Wall Street anyone?! haha.

Have you tried this lipstick? Any of you given in to the Kylie Jenner tidal wave?

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour on you! xx

  2. This is lovely, the shade really suits you. I hadn't really fancied going for this sort of colour until I read your post, but I'm now planning on testing this out at my local Mac counter at the weekend - I could do with a pared down shade for those days where I haven't got the energy to rock a bright lip!xx

  3. Oh wow, this is really an overlooked mac lipstick.
    The colour is so lovely and it looks beautiful on you. Totally agree with you on the whole more mature lipstick :) I'm currently 23 and have been using more muted toned colours. Right now I am loving MAC plumful~

    Have a nice day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  4. Wow this looks like such a gorgeous colour, I'm popping to MAC tomorrow so this will definitely be on tomorrows lipstick wishlist :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  5. I love mac - I've got an obsession! That lipstick suits you beautifully! X x x

  6. Gotta say you've got the most kissable lips I've ever seen💋 Mwaaaah💏

    1. Haha Hi Boo! Nice to know you do read my blog :P :) xxxx

  7. Got to love when a lipstick makes you feel this way! And gorgeous colour, gone right onto my list!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. This is a gorgeous shade! Although it is more nude, there still is a hint of colour which we love! We've been looking for nude lip products for the last few weeks, so we might have to make a naughty purchase and pick this one up!

    M + K

  9. That colour looks so flattering on you!! :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  10. You look beautiful! I love the lipstick.

  11. Looks lush! I'm feeling the more brown lipsticks now but need to find something suitable that won't look silly. Know of anything? xx

  12. This shade looks gorgeous on you, really compliments your skin tone! I'm not brave enough for a nude lip, I daren't go near the Kylie Jenner look as my skin is far too pale ha x

    Always, Alice x

  13. I haven't tried this but it look so beautiful on you, would be great as an everyday lipstick :)

    Rebecca Coco

  14. Love the look of this lipstick! xx

  15. Absolutely gorgeous colour on you! Will try it next time I'm in a MAC! x

  16. I really like Faux, it's great for everyday. I too don't look really good with brown-nude colours and this is as close I can get.

    Beauty Inside Art

  17. This looks amazing on you! xx


  18. Usually I use Chanel 'Satisfaction' but it just doesn't seem to stay out, I'll defo try this one. Thanks!!


  19. You're so pretty :') lovely lipstick shade xx

  20. This lipstick looks amazing on you, it really suits you. Thanks for sharing ;) xx

    Danielle ||Miss Sunshine & Sparkle