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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Beach Bag Essentials

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As I have previously mentioned I am an over packer when it comes to going on holiday. One thing I was determined to stream line this year was my beach bag, nothing worse than having to lug a suitcase size bag down to the beach with everything from knitwear to an umbrella in tow. These are my essentials, hopefully it may help some of you guys pack a bit lighter and not have a mangled back by the end of your holiday!

1. Reading material!! You have hours to past and what's better than feeling the sun on your skin and being immersed in a good book. I have my kindle and a magazine just incase I'm still a bit sleepy and just want pretty pictures to look at.

2.  Yes I know this is a sun visor something I sure you are likely to see your grandmother in but this one has a bow and I convinced myself that it makes it cool haha. Really its more practical for me as I always have my hair up in a bun so I can have my pineapple poking up while keeping my face and shoulders protected.

3. If I do ever venture into the sea and a miracle/accident happens and my face and hair go under ( I have an irrational fear of the sea) then a tangle teezer and this Charles Worthington sunshine protector  spray is essential. Bye bye knots and salty locks and hello L'oreal worthy hair..... well not quite but it is a vast improvement on my Hagrid like hair!

4. Sun protection! Now I am older I'm far more aware of how important it is to protect your skin from the sun and slather up escpecially on your face. I have sensitive skin so sunscream on my face is a no go and I come up with red like boils. I know I know boiled skin and Hagrid hair what a catch! haha. I could not recommend this Dermalogica SPF 30 Super sensitive shield enough, it is amazing and worth every penny.

5. These little Dermalogica pouches actually came free with my sunscream and a moisturiser I bought and they are perfect for storing my phone, headphones and some cash in they also can be attached to the inside of your bag or on yourself!

What are your beach bag essentials? Do you ever bring make up to the beach? I actually wear nothing on holiday in the day and I am sure my eyelashes have grown from the sunshine! Is that possible?

//Bag-Topshop// Sandals- Primark//

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Javea 15- Night 2


What would a holiday be without a bit of sparkle? I got this skirt for my birthday back in May with the soul idea that it would be perfect for a night out or holiday, as the latter happened first here it is! I also saw that this went into the River Island sale if anyone else fancies a bit of sparkle in their life!

The tan is a slight glow at the moment but I am determined that I will come back from this holiday with a decent tan so another beach day is a head. I swear doing nothing is so tiring my current day is tan,eat,tan,sleep,eat haha!!

Also how amazing is this bracelet/ring chain I know I am late to the bandwagon but when I saw this H&M one it screamed grecian to me so I had to have it. Would any of you wear this skirt in the day with a baggy grey tee? I'm tempted but not sure if it is too ott!

//Top- River Island//Skirt-River Island//Shoes- Next// Bracelet-H&M//

Friday, 17 July 2015

Javea 15- Night 1


Aloha from Spain! After 3 years without a holiday it feels like utter bliss to finally feel the sun on my skin! It also meant that I needed too ( well more wanted too) buy new pieces as my summer wardrobe was extremely lacking, but this also means that I did not pack lightly and have more shoes than days that I am away, eek! Anyway as I have some time away I thought I would share my holiday outfits to either give others inspiration for their up coming holiday and to semi justify my serious spending these past couple of months haha!

This skirt was a total bargain and extremely versatile however I do think I might need a safety pin at the top as you could lose your dignity very quickly with a slight gust of wind. A Marilyn Monroe moment this skirt is not! Also how amazing is this bangle?! Not something I would normally go for but it was in the Topshop sale for £4 and had my favourite animal on so really it was screaming out my name!

Any of you going away this year? Please tell me you over pack for a holiday as well? I never know why I suddenly panic pack, I can pack lightly for a city break but the thought of over a week away from I literally pack everything but the kitchen sink, I mean I bought a jumper on this holiday and its been 33C so far haha!

//Top- Zara// Skirt- Asos// Sandals- Topshop // Bangle- Topshop// Bag- Vintage Gucci//

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Am I having Deja Vu?


No you are not having Deja Vu it is more a case of a bad blogger who does not have enough content to pad out the fact that this outfit is pretty much the same as the outfit in the post before. As the old saying goes why fix something that isn't broke, who's with me? Seriously though there is a lot of pressure to constantly come up with a brand new outfit for every single day of the year when frankly that is ridiculous and not cost effective. I am not a celeb therefore I need to wear my £60 pair of shoes more than once as I work hard for my money and they have slotted into my material heart nicely! This is also something I do a lot when I go on city breaks I try to plan outfits which can be worn with jeans or a skirt (weather dependent) with layers making them perfect for any occasion.

If I ever had the time to do a cost per wear chart this jacket would pay for itself 1000 times over. Don't you love pieces like that in your wardrobe?. I fell in love with it back in February and hoped I would be able to style it but did worry slightly that it might just catch dust in my cupboard but my goodness everyone needs a pastel pink jacket! If like me your main clothing pallet is grey,white and black than a pale pink is the perfect feminine touch and perfect for all occasions.

Do any of you ever feel pressure to wear something new each day? What do you think about bloggers wearing similar outfits with slight tweaks? 

//Jacket- River Island (last season, similar)// Tank- Topshop // Skirt- Topshop // Shoes- Topshop // Bracelets- HRH Collection // Necklace- Not on the High Street// 

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